The Sweetest Star

The Sweetest Star Eric Ronson used to be a superstar now he s only cooking up trouble He needs a fake boyfriend and fast As a former member of the boy band Star Eric never imagined he d be starting a new gig as a h

  • Title: The Sweetest Star
  • Author: Raleigh Ruebins
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Eric Ronson used to be a superstar now he s only cooking up trouble He needs a fake boyfriend, and fast As a former member of the boy band 5 Star, Eric never imagined he d be starting a new gig as a host on a live cooking show much less that he d need a co host to really help his star shine Dash Thompson loved his quiet life as a food writer until a horrible breakup rEric Ronson used to be a superstar now he s only cooking up trouble He needs a fake boyfriend, and fast As a former member of the boy band 5 Star, Eric never imagined he d be starting a new gig as a host on a live cooking show much less that he d need a co host to really help his star shine Dash Thompson loved his quiet life as a food writer until a horrible breakup really stirred things up The offer to be on a TV show with Eric might give his life the spice it so desperately needs to get him out of his funk, but there s only one problem ok, maybe two He has to pretend to be Eric s boyfriend and he kind of hates Eric The idea of being Eric s fake boyfriend really puts a hair in Dash s biscuit, because Eric is everything that Dash isn t loud and unpredictable, wild and fun loving so why does he want sleep with him so bad As the cameras roll, the line between what s fake and what s real quickly blurs when Eric and Dash realize they have better chemistry than sugar and spice Can Eric give up his playboy ways and rise to the occasion Will Dash s heart crumble like a cookie The Sweetest Star is a 65,000 word gay romance novel where enemies become lovers, with plenty of cheesy food jokes along the way It s sweet and steamy, with a happily ever after ending It is the second book in the Under the Stars series, featuring the former members of the boy band 5 Star, but each book can be read alone or as part of the series.

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    1. Raleigh Ruebins Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Sweetest Star book, this is one of the most wanted Raleigh Ruebins author readers around the world.


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    1. 3.5 The Sweetest Star isn t quite as sexy or full of feels as the first book in the series, but it s still an enjoyable read with the, um, sweetest ending What I loved about Leo and Jamie, the MCs from book 1, is that they were willing to be vulnerable together I didn t get the same vibe from Eric and Dash Even though Eric, like Leo, is a former member of 90s boy band 5 Star, this book does not have a broken dreams kind of vibe Eric has carved a niche for himself in the food business and is abou [...]

    2. It was nice enough, but this whole I like him but I m not worth it and all this I can t tell him my true feelings got tiring pretty soon On top of that yes they were supposed to be on a cooking show, but honestly It could have been anything as it wasn t really part of the book, besides some sentences here and there about today we were cooking

    3. I like this one slightly less than the first book, Your Fallen Star, probably because of Eric I didn t mind a player character It s always great to see them reformed However, to me Eric is a bit uhm flighty Okay I m not sure if it s the correct term, but at one point Dash described Eric like a dejected puppy and I immediately remembered Dug from the movie, Up, and I thought that was an apt description Like he is easily distracted with something shiny I mean Eric just finishes begging and crying [...]

    4. Didn t work as well as book one for meI m not sure just what it was but something was off with this one and it didn t have the same sweetness to it as the first in the series.But that s not to say this one was bad, it wasn t, but it took a while to warm up to both Eric and Dash, especially Dash, who was a bit of an arse for a lot of the time.There was also a bit of telling but no real depth given to Eric s supposed past as a bit of a player and the whole throwing a party bit just didn t work at [...]

    5. Wow really did not like the second book of this series In my opinion, I Found Both MC s frustrating and unlikable I was expecting a lot for Eric and his character but i got nothing I mostly skimmed through mid way as i got bored and found both MC s whinny idiots sad as I enjoyed the first book a lot Would most likely not continue the series s Im definitely in the minority on this.

    6. The Sweetest Star is the second book in the Under the Stars series, but can definitely be read as a standalone I haven t read the first book in the series, Your Fallen Star, as this was my first book by Raleigh Ruebins, but I didn t feel lost or like I was missing some major back stories, even though a few characters from the first book made appearances here Raleigh presents the reader with just enough info on everyone for this book to stand on its own.This is a very sweet and endearing read, an [...]

    7. This was okayI did like Eric and I thought he and Dash made a good couple t here was a solid, sweet ending but so much unnecessary angst from Dash.I understand his hesitation with starting a new relationship, especially with a former player like Eric, but he was so passive aggressive He willfully ignored what Eric was telling him and the fake boyfriend trope was another completely necessary thing to throw in to the mix.I was also perplexed as to why this is tagged as a former boy band series Oth [...]

    8. I received a ARC copy from the author in exchange for an honest review I had wanted to continue with the Under the Stars series because the first book in this series, Your Fallen Star, was so good And while The Sweetest Star was good, and the concept was interesting, I didn t become engrossed in either of the characters and really didn t care about the issues they came up with that stopped them from being together.In Your Fallen Star, Eric was my favorite minor character to read about and I genu [...]

    9. Book 2 in the Under the Star series by Raleigh Ruebins, and we were so excited to the follow up for a good first book, but although we really enjoyed the story it didn t have that spark that we loved in the first of the series The good Dual POV This dual POV really works for The Sweetest Star Both characters have very clear voices and we didn t have to flip backward to remind ourselves who was speaking Such a plus Story flow This is an easy story to read, it flows and it really well written It i [...]

    10. Raleigh Ruebins did it again I loved this story The writing is so captivating and riveting It is flowing and natural I was pulled into the story right from the start and I couldn t put the book down It has everything I look for in a great romance story.Dash and Eric wormed their way into my heart Both are fairly complex characters, but they supplement each other perfectly They are so sweet and adorable together Just perfect, although the guys had to see for themselves I just kept rooting for the [...]

    11. I only had one gripe with this story I got really tired of Dash assuming that Eric didn t mean what he said There were multiple times that Eric laid his heart out and Dash didn t trust that he was being truthful In doing so, he repeatedly hurt Eric, saw that he hurt Eric, and then convinced himself that he was in the right While I understood that Dash had been hurt in his relationship with Caleb, I thought that he came off as cruel to Eric rather than just gun shy Basically I felt that his actio [...]

    12. I missed the first book in this series I didn t have to read it to understand and enjoy this one, but I will go back and buy it because I enjoyed this book Of course, I don t believe I ve ever read anything from Raleigh Ruebins that I didn t like.The characters are real They are happy, sad, confused, angry at nothing, befuddled when they should be angry and just too freaking lovable when they take the time to really see each other All and all just an up and down ride of emotion They both waffle [...]

    13. This is such a beautiful story.Eric meets Dash but thinks he is a bit of an asshole so when he finds they are presenting the same tv show he is surprised When he finds himself attracted to Dash he knows he is not good enough for him and pushes him away.When Dash medts Eric he has not long broken up from his boyfriend of ten years so when he realises that Eric is the member of the group 5 Star who slept around he decides straight away that he will not let himself like him He is shocked to find th [...]

    14. what a roller coaster to find their HEA.Eric a free spirit and former boy band member Now all he wants is a food show too be successful.Dash loves food and cooking After breaking up with his long term boyfriend he moves from New York and looking to experience his dream He s been writing a cooking blog and to some extent that helps him land a job as co host with Eric.Dash is attracted to him from the start, but Eric comes with a reputation, he is a player.Eric thinks Dash is attractive and they h [...]

    15. This is an honest review from an ARC given me by the authorOh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh you ve done it againThis is a GREAT read I need to be emphatic THIS IS A GREAT READ Now that I ve gotten my point across I have to say this is a very predictable plot line you can see the end coming from the first page or so but that said you have NO IDEA how it s gonna there and that is the fun of this story these boys are so damn lovable honest, funny, stupid, neurotic, idiotic, crazy, loving, fun, r [...]

    16. I m a big fan of enemies to lovers so as soon as I saw this, I devoured it The only thing better than the antagonistic bickering is how sweet Eric and Dash are in private I really liked the development of the relationship between the two and how them falling into bed, btw literally the hottest scene I ve read this year, did not mean they were already in love and HEA The gradual nature was realistic and I appreciated that I think Eric and Dash are perfect for each other and they just had to figur [...]

    17. WOW Raleigh Ruebins has yet again done a brilliant job with this second in a series Endearing, HOT, emotional, and oh so loving Storyline is strong The characters are well developed and amazing Eric used to be a member of a well known boy band in the 90 s and now has moved into the food TV arena As the producer and him interview a food blogger, Dash, they are definitely impressed Dash is not ready for a new relationship so he tries to ignore Eric as much as possibleEric is known as a player so D [...]

    18. Eric and Dash meet when their lives collide professionally but the meeting is the start of their personal lives changing too.Eric and Dash have had very different relationship histories due to their different temperaments, Dash is intense and kinda broody whilst Eric lives in the moment and is always looking for fun.Despite the initial impression of Eric being that he was shallow it was touching to see as he revealed his vulnerabilities, particularly in making emotional connections Dash on the o [...]

    19. Ahhhh Eric I loved him SO much So much than I thought I would and way than I loved Leo, and I loved Leo Dash and Eric meet by chance, one day, in a restaurant Dash can t get away quick enough, and Eric, well, I guess he just takes it all with a grain of salt Then, fate steps in and these two are thrown together for work purposes Of course, Eric is attracted to Dash, and vice versa But Dash, tries his hardest to fight off the attraction But the clash of these two is basically inevitable Because [...]

    20. I really loved this book.Eric has the reputation of the party boy Dash is let s say recently out of a terrible break up Dash is kind of an ass at first but I still liked himThese two have chemistry off the charts They blow each other away with their show, they make the perfect team I loved watching their friendship and relationship develop until they realize they are in love.Of course there are obstacles as neither feels they are worthy of the other and afraid of being hurt again Once they get t [...]

    21. Dash and Eric Eric is a past member of the 5 star band Now he is into the world of food He will have his own TV show with his boyfriend until that boyfriend left They find a new co host on one shy food blogger named Dash They start as enemies but soon they won t be able to hide their attraction Their show is a hit but personally they are at odds with each other Eric a player and Dash had been in a steady relationship for 10 years I really enjoyed their way to love but at times they appeared to b [...]

    22. 3 1 2 stars this one wasn t as good for me actually these dudes annoyed me sometimes the entire fake relationship situation never does it for me They were cute and I shouldn t have been offended by the NYC stereotype but it s true we are standoffish assholes hahaha but we are soft and gooey once you break our exterior Not a lot of sex in this one but i felt this moved along to quickly it was ok Also is there an actual live cooking show like theirs I d like to watch it On to the next I m excited [...]

    23. Dash had a reason for acting like he did Eric seemed unformed, still Like he was still a kid Which is hard to believe considering his age and the fact that he d already held down at least 3 jobs by then One in a band which actually takes a lot of work.However, the writing was good and the series is interesting and I m interested in finding out about these 5 Star boys, so I shall keep reading on Plus, this author hasn t let me down further than 4 stars yet.

    24. Very weak story Horrible main characters Lots of depressing whining, self loathing and pointless going around in circles The main couple was weak, presumptuous and tragically lame I found the story depressing than anything else For most of the second half I kept fantasising about just dropping it and doing a DNF.If you liked the first novel of the series, stop there, keep the nice experience and pleasant read, don t ruin it by picking up the second book too

    25. 3 stars Like many of the other reviewers, I was underwhelmed by this one The prologue was a glimpse into their first time together, and I felt like that took away some of the UST potential The story itself felt rushed and I didn t really connect with the MC s With that being said, it did have some redeeming qualities There were some very sweet moments and I loved Eric s silly jokes Hopefully Adam s story will have a bit depth.

    26. This is just a sweet story Dash and Eric both feel that they are not ready for a real relationship So they decide to fake it for their cooking show However, feelings and emotions have a way of changing things I enjoyed the corny jokes, the sweetness of both MC s and that they were able to realize that they were deserving to be loved.I received a copy for an honest review.

    27. This is a great book I think I even enjoyed it a bit better than the first It s a sweet story of two people who don t think they re ready for a relationship Loved Dash and Eric, with all of their insecurities I thought the ending was perfect Great story I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

    28. I really really like this book Enemies, lovers, friends, coworkers Where will these two incredible people end up It was a great ride I tend to get annoyed with characters that don t know what or fight against what they want but I totally understood why these two acted and reacted the way they did It made all the difference I decided to review an ARC of this book.

    29. So good I love it This was just to good I mean coming over a lot over issues and knowing that every relationship is different and not always the same and that s what I got from this the story was beautiful understanding each other and knowing that they still love each other is a beautiful thing

    30. This book had me hooked from the very first page with its beautifully written storyline and likeable characters that kept me totally in the moment as I turned the very last page I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

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