Extinction: A Novel

Extinction A Novel Thomas Bernhard is one of the greatest twentieth century writers in the German language Extinction his last novel takes the form of the autobiographical testimony of Franz Josef Murau The intellectu

  • Title: Extinction: A Novel
  • Author: Thomas Bernhard David McLintock
  • ISBN: 9780226043838
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thomas Bernhard is one of the greatest twentieth century writers in the German language Extinction, his last novel, takes the form of the autobiographical testimony of Franz Josef Murau The intellectual black sheep of a powerful Austrian land owning family, Murau lives in Rome in self exile Obsessed and angry with his identity as an Austrian, he resolves never to returnThomas Bernhard is one of the greatest twentieth century writers in the German language Extinction, his last novel, takes the form of the autobiographical testimony of Franz Josef Murau The intellectual black sheep of a powerful Austrian land owning family, Murau lives in Rome in self exile Obsessed and angry with his identity as an Austrian, he resolves never to return to the family estate of Wolfsegg But when news comes of his parents deaths, he finds himself master of Wolfsegg and must decide its fate.Written in Bernhard s seamless style, Extinction is the ultimate proof of his extraordinary literary genius Strangely gripping The glue that holds his remarkable novel together is the unique virtuosity of his imaginative prose, a highly original kind of writing that resembles musical patterns of theme, variations and recapitulation Steve Dowden, Washington Times With a breathtaking sustained intensity Bernhard assaults through the voice of Murau the modern world as exemplified by his birthplace, Austria Thomas McGonigle, Chicago Tribune Books Perfectly balanced and continually interesting The particular fineness of Extinction lies in its depiction of a consciousness in action Michael Dirda, Washington Post Book World Bernhard s distinctive style is caught with quite remarkable fidelity in David McLintock s excellent translation The work of a master W.E Yates, New York Times Book Review When Thomas Bernhard died, Austria lost one of its bravest authors David McLintock s translation is exquisite It presents an English far richer than most English language books Fresh, disturbed and punchy Benjamin Weissman, Los Angeles Times
    Extinction A Novel Vintage International Extinction A Novel Vintage International and millions of other books are available for Kindle Enter your mobile number or email address below and we ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer Extinction A Novel by Thomas Bernhard Extinction A Novel Thomas Bernhard is one of the greatest twentieth century writers in the German language Extinction, his last novel, takes the form of the autobiographical testimony of Franz Josef Murau The intellectual black sheep of a powerful Austrian land owning family, Murau lives in Extinction A Novel Walmart An extinction A relentless dissection of the fictional writer s life, his parents, his brother and his sister Very little happens in this page novel In the first part the narrator stands at his window in Rome reading the telegram announcing his parents and his brother s death in a car accident a marvelous opening sentence. Extinction Bernhard novel Extinction takes the form of the autobiographical testimony of Franz Josef Murau, the intellectual black sheep of a powerful Austrian land owning family Murau lives in Rome in self exile, obsessed and angry with his identity as an Austrian, and resolves never to return to the family estate of Wolfsegg. De extinction a novel and remarkable case of bio De extinction is a novel case for illustrating the process of bio objectification, ie, process by which life is made an object by human beings De extinction can be taken as an instance of bio objectification because the wild species, its preserved tissues, or produced organisms are turned into objects used for human purposes, from knowledge enhancement, species conservation, and scientific discoveries to The th Extinction A Sigma Force Novel James Rollins Fill out the form below to create a review for the th extinction a sigma force novel Your review will have to be approved first before it will show up on the site Your review will have to be approved first before it will show up on the site.

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      Thomas Bernhard David McLintock

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    1. Thomas Bernhard was an Austrian author, who ranges among the most distinguished German speaking writers of the second half of the 20th century.Although internationally he s most acclaimed because of his novels, he was also a prolific playwright His characters were oftenly working in a lifetime and never ending major work while they deal with themes such as suicide, madness and obsession and, as Bernhard did, they use to have a love hate relation with Austria His prose was tumultuous but sober at the same time, philosophic in the background, with a musical cadency and plenty of black humor.He started publishing in the year 1963, with the title Frost His last published work, appeared in the year 1986, was Extinction Some of his most well known works include The loser where he ficitionalizes about Glenn Gould , Correction and Woodcutters.


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    1. Thomas Bernhard the dentist s drill of modern literature When you are having such an entirely miserable, entirely lonely, entirely teeth grinding time reading a novel, when groans and hisses and yelps issue involuntarily from you as you turn the page, you know you are in the presence of a master and that this is great literature It was just the same with Beckett Molloy , and yes, pretty much the same with Hubert Selby The Room and Saramago Blindness In all of these great works what we have is th [...]

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    3. There are days when I see the world with the eyes of Thomas Bernhard, and I feel like filling a whole novel with a long, breathless rant against the incredible stupidity, the horrific narrow mindedness, the scary Nazi propaganda of mainstream, small town mentality in the post World War Two Western Hemisphere, and I take a deep breath, only to choke on the poisoned air filled with the evil of self righteous white nationalists basking in the publicity they receive when they endorse each other agai [...]

    4. In my opinion once you get used to the writing style of Thomas Bernhard and his literary challenges and peculiarities, you have to immerse yourself into his person to enjoy his literature His cold humor and style are certainly not for everybody This novel his last greatest prose work is his attempt to manage the traumatically liberated misfortune of his childhood and early years as he represents his family in the environment of the Austrian nobility and put it in all its facets and accuses Wir m [...]

    5. msarki.tumblr post 5179587There is nobody I have ever read who speaks to me clearly and like minded than Thomas Bernhard does From the very first sentence Bernhard had me hooked on the book I could have just said the first paragraph but there is only one in the entire book so that would have been a little bit too much tongue in cheek But don t let that stop you from reading this Extinction A flowing single paragraph is a Bernhard trademark At least he has proper sentences It is so life affirmin [...]

    6. His final novel, Extinction, is, put simply, Bernhard s masterpiece, a masterpiece among any number of masterpieces An astonishing output After starting with Concrete which astonished me I read Bernhard s novels chronologically, and would recommend anyone who wants to delve into his works, to read, in the following order The Lime WorksCorrectionConcreteThe Loser about Glenn Gould andExtinctionI found Woodcutters, Old Masters, and even Wittgenstein s Nephew to be somewhat inferior.I have not read [...]

    7. Pur di provare sollievo non esitiamo a camminare sui cadaveri Per quasi 500 pagine seguiamo i pensieri di un uomo che, appena appresa la notizia della morte improvvisa dei genitori e del fratello, non fa altro che sputare veleno sulla propria famiglia persone realmente abiette in effetti, con cui ha sempre avuto rapporti altamente conflittuali e sulle proprie origini E in definitiva, su se stesso Uno sfacelo, per l appunto, come recita il sottotitolo.Lo stile di Bernhard, in questa sorta di mono [...]

    8. This book is 326 pages of rabid, unrelenting misanthropy that is all ONE PARAGRAPH, from the perspective of a hateful, very rich Austrian expatriate who despises his family, Austria, and everything else.It is totally impossible for me to explain why I loved reading this, but it had an intoxicating, addictive quality and I really could not put it down However, I wouldn t in good conscience recommend it to my worst enemy.Looking forward to reading something else by Bernhard suggestions, Dieter , t [...]

    9. Like Correction, this one is twice as long as the average Bernhard book and therefore it does twice the damage as the average 150 page Bernhard book, damage mitigated by the introduction of self conscious acknowledgment about the narrator s abominable pronouncements, also direct attack on Austria s Nazi past, also two sympathetic idealized characters to counterbalance all the imbeciles and insincere simulators As always, there s nothing as good, no approach as viral, nothing as unbearable to rea [...]

    10. The funny thing about Bernhard s style is that because you have no stopping points, no denouements, you consequently just sort of pop in and out of Bernhard land And what a land it is Hey, do you know what sucks Everything Do you know what sucks Everything IN AUSTRIA Especially your Mom She s a child destroying, anti intellectual, priest fucking Nazi HO BAG This kind of whinging is a grown up, cultivated Holden Caulfield mentality, but fuck it, I worshipped at the altar of Catcher in the Rye [...]

    11. This was my introduction to Bernhard, and what a powerful introduction it was I became obsessed with his obsessive, discursive writing style, the way his sentences loop back on themselves to describe something several different ways You have to give yourself to it and stop expecting the usual plot or character mechanics of most conventional fiction, but once you do, it s an exhilarating ride.

    12. Ovo je delo koje bi svako trebalo da pro ita nekad, posebno kad vam se u ini da ste besni na svaki koren u sebi i svaku kategoriju pripadnosti porodici, ljudima, prijateljima, odnosima, institucijama, dr avi, zemlji, konvencijama pristojnosti i me uljudskih odnosa, jer Brisanje raspad je upravo to jedno veliko brisanje identiteta u sumanutom naletu pripoveda evog besa, ali ubrzo ete shvatiti da jednostavna mr nja nikad nije jednostavna, i da bes prema malogra anstvu neminovno onog koji ga usmera [...]

    13. No one else writes quite like Thomas Bernhard, certainly one of the most distinctive stylists of the second half of the twentieth century His novels typically are constructed of rants addressed by a first person narrator to a silent listener These rants are always exaggerated, as Franz Josef Murau, the narrator of Extinction realizes Without the art of exaggeration, I told him, we d be condemned to an awfully tedious life, a life not worth living And I ve developed this art to an incredible pitc [...]

    14. Lovac u itu za nihiliste KnjigE da, po to sam pro itala za sada svega dve, pa mogu sebi kvarno da dopustim mno inu Tomasa Bernharda su kao retroaktivna izjava ljubavi jedina vrsta na koju sam pretpla ena poslednjih godina, sa svojim armantnim emotivnim asinhronicitetom Kad ih zavr im, dobijem potvrdu svojih davno pro ivljenih ose anja, potvrdu da nisam bila jedina u tom stanju izgaranja, preterivanja, ali tada to nisam znala udan je to spokoj, saznanje da su moje emocije imale validaciju tada, a [...]

    15. Roman je svojevrsni obra un Bernharda sa celim svojim bi em, svojom dr avom, nacijom, ali mora se priznati sa mnogim lo im stvarima koji ti nazovi entiteti nose u sebi u ovom slu aju Tautologija koja slu i da opi e sopstveni paroksizam, preovladava knjigom, a taj opis dodatno poja ava time to je pisan u prvom licu.Pisac secira sebe, svoju porodicu, dr avu, a na ostatku tog le a je kontroverzna pri a, koja u nekim trenucima dobija tragikomi an karakter Kriti ka aoka romana je usmerena na malogra [...]

    16. Bernhard can be expressly difficult, and way too bitter for some readers taste, but his swansong novel, despite its bleakness, is SO funny It s like reading music, really leitmotifs, long stretches of prose as gorgeous as the best of melodies, plus a heady mixture of sarcasm and self sarcasm that cuts so deep it takes a while for the startled blood to ooze It can be scary, such genius and a burden But we re lucky blessed, really that writers like Bernhard bore it so bravely and generously.

    17. certainly does not need another review of a Thomas Bernhard novel However, having now completed my reading of his novels, I will shamelessly debase myself by dribbling out a few meager comments This book was not what I expected, though going into it my expectations were admittedly vague I figured it would present itself as Bernhard s masterwork Perhaps it is that, and I am unable to see it My current disinterest in fiction smears any perspective beyond recognition There are a few elements of met [...]

    18. Bernhard still at the top of his game at the end of his life But this one went for a bit too long, I think his books should hover around the 100 page mark The humor is a little different in this one too, and his hatred towards Austria is pronounced here than the other 2 I read of his When I read him, I always wonder how much his narrator s voice is an exaggeration of himself and how much is just made up An interesting blog post about this book waggish 2005 07 07 tho

    19. We all succumb to megalomania, I told Gambetti, in order to avoid having to pay the price for our constant ineffectuality One of the most difficult things to learn about appreciating fiction is that when an author or director, playwright, etc shows you something, it doesn t necessarily mean that they re advocating or endorsing it You would think that this would be obvious, but I catch myself all the time wanting to write something off, only to think about it for a while and deciding that somethi [...]

    20. J accuse bernhardiano contro tutto e tutti Un libro che parla di morte e dell incapacit impossibilit di accettare lo status quo Una lettura a tratti faticosa, un monologo torrenziale dove il protagonista, Franz Josef Murau Thomas Bernhard, con una prosa ossessiva, fatta di reiterazioni continue quasi fosse lingua parlata, lancia i suoi strali di volta in volta contro la famiglia, l Austria, la Chiesa, il nazionalsocialismo ma anche il socialismo per come stato applicato e in genere contro tutto [...]

    21. This seems to be Bernhard s creative apogee, in what is already a relentlessly iconoclastic and unique body of work Although Bernhard s most imposing novel in terms of sheer proportion, a few brief sentences could easily describe the physical action within it the action, as it were, of a living dead people both those complicit and those scarred by Austria s shameful past Extinction brings together and seamlessly blends practically all Bernhardian motifs and preoccupations and manages to further [...]

    22. Possibly my favourite Bernhard novel, the whole book takes place over a few days but the narrator covers a much longer expanse of time The narrator is the black sheep of the family, an intellectual who feels at home in cities, likes to read philosophy and prefers the company of gardeners and lives in exile in Rome After the tragic deaths of his parents and brother he has to return to Wolfsegg, whilst waiting for the funeral we get an insight into the narrator s relationship with the rest of the [...]

    23. This was a far from easy book to read The style is unusual, but one soon gets used to that It is the relentless attack on all that so many of us have been brought up to revere that makes it such a challenge Family, church, politicians, clergy all come in for a drubbing And I m afraid much of it rings so true to me, which makes it doubly difficult The fascists, the Nazis, the National Socialists are attacked right through, but that is quite expected But the nations that supported them too, come i [...]

    24. Dostoyevsky Kafka Wittgenstein Huysman something camp and hysterical in the misanthropy.Am I not supposed to find this deeply, outrageously funny Humor of the blackest, sootiest sort.

    25. Rozumiem wk ad Bernharda w austriackie rozliczenie z nazizmem, ale z tej ksi ki dowiadujemy si nie tylko, e wszyscy kolaborowali, ale te , e Bernhard jest wyj tkowo antypatycznym i zadufanym w sobie bucem a dok adniej by Tym niemniej Wymazywanie naturalnie warto przeczyta , bo rzeczywi cie z pope nionych przez niego dzie jest najpe niejsze, je li chodzi o obraz wiata z kt rym zmaga si w swojej tw rczo ci.

    26. The artist in conflict with society National Socialism, Catholicisim, bad taste and hypocrisy are all condemned by the narrator in the form of accusations and diatribe He tells us these things are so, and we believe him, not because he is telling us something arcane, but because he is recounting a state of political and historical reality Bernhard doesn t compose a story with any specific narrative episodes that give insight into the effects of National Socialism in present day Austria He condem [...]

    27. Bernhard s last book is sort of an apotheosis of his favorite themes some might say obsessions we have an intellectual, alienated from his family, planning a book where we wonder whether it will get written except that in this case, it is called Extinction The only really important plot events happen on the first page and the last page the rest is, mostly, a dense 300 page rant by a person of questionable sanity, though the meta angle of this book includes the narrator than once extolling exagg [...]

    28. Najhutnej Bernhard Ak m te chu znen vidie cel svet, ten o je naokolo a aj ten, ktor m te vo vn tri pre tajte si Vyhlazen Jeden dlh hejt, nekone n pir la smerom dolu A e te ni ie Kniha v ktorej je ve mi c ti sp , ktor autor sledoval zo svojho u iaku v M cen Tu v ak zobral na pa k l v etko a v etk ch Aj seba Seba ako s as toho voltairovsk ho osamotenia, v ktorom rad ej by s m ako by s as ou sveta, ktor nechce zm drie A pr ve preto nem e nikto kritizova text, ktor ide pod ko u Pod ko u Rak ska, kto [...]

    29. Like a member of the Spanish Inquisition Thomas Bernhard relentlessly eviscerates his countrymen Austrian society page after page after page The sustained inventiveness and obvious intelligence of his scorn keeps the reader going One remains in doubt until the very end as to what is the author s ultimate aim and whether or not it has all been worthwhile The conclusion removes every concern and raises the whole from a remarkable indictment to a complete and satisfying annihilation or extinction o [...]

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