Wild Animus

Wild Animus After graduating from college Sam Altman finds himself subject to an urge he doesn t understand an urge drawing him away from civilization Altman s unleashed and increasingly unhinged imagination ta

  • Title: Wild Animus
  • Author: Rich Shapero
  • ISBN: 9780971880108
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After graduating from college, Sam Altman finds himself subject to an urge he doesn t understand, an urge drawing him away from civilization Altman s unleashed and increasingly unhinged imagination takes him first to Seattle and then farther north, to the remote Alaskan wilderness Sam has fallen deeply in love with the mysterious and powerful Lindy, a young woman whoAfter graduating from college, Sam Altman finds himself subject to an urge he doesn t understand, an urge drawing him away from civilization Altman s unleashed and increasingly unhinged imagination takes him first to Seattle and then farther north, to the remote Alaskan wilderness Sam has fallen deeply in love with the mysterious and powerful Lindy, a young woman who will do anything to help him realize his quest, no matter how dangerous Alone with a driving need to uncover his innermost self, Sam gradually transforms himself into a ram prey to a pack of strangely familiar wolves The mad pursuit leads from the wilds to civilization and back again And when Sam and Lindy return to the perilous mountain together, the truth behind his imagined transformation emerges.
    Wild Animus by Rich Shapero Wild Animus Book App Wild Animus is a search for the primordial and a journey to the breaking point It is a story of love and surrender, of monomania of striving, at all costs, for a bliss beyond fear The complete storytelling experiment contains a novel, Wild Animus, and three CDs, The Ram, The Wolves and Animus Experienced as a whole, the music expresses the emotional core of the story and the novel serves as Wild Animus by Rich Shapero Jan , He published his debut novel, Wild Animus in and in the mid s founded TooFar Media to produce and distribute his multimedia stories and future works He is the recipient of the Digital Book World Award for Best Adult Fiction App for The Hope We Seek. Wild Animus Shapero, Rich, Coyote, Peter Wild Animus by Rich Shapero is a story of one man s journey through the sixties and into adulthood Sam, the main character has not had the best of childhoods It has led to a strange journey first spiritually with the use of psychotropic s then in reality traveling starting in San Francisco and ending in middle of nowhere Alaska. What The Hell Is Wild Animus LitReactor Mar , In terms of copies floating in the wild, it would appear Wild Animus is competing with the big boys, falling somewhere between a book that sold million and another that sold million And it was one of the most ubiquitous audiobooks held by libraries in . Wild Animus by Rich Shapero Wild Animus Book App Wild Animus by author Rich Shapero is a story in which the quest for bliss beyond fear drives a young idealist to the Alaskan wilderness Use this website to learn about Wild Animus in both book and app format including the music and art of the book as well as musicians and artist collaborators. Wild Animus Kindle edition by Shapero, Rich Literature Wild Animus is a search for the primordial and a journey to the breaking point It is a story of love and surrender, of monomania of striving, at all costs, for a bliss Fiction Book Review WILD ANIMUS by Rich Shapero, Author WILD ANIMUS Rich Shapero, Author Too Far . p ISBN Buy this book Shapero unwisely uses the prologue of his debut novel to divulge the ending, so the remaining Wild Animals Animal Planet Watch video of wild animal footage on an encyclopedic level, from the plight of endangered species to the hope of adorable baby animals. Animus RangerWiki Fandom Rich Shapero Too Far

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    About Author

    1. Rich Shapero is a writer and musician whose multimedia storytelling projects pioneer unseen worlds At the heart of his stories are vast wildernesses, populated by mercurial private gods who promise deliverance to truer, profound states of being But transcendence demands sacrifice, and the paths of his protagonists are fraught with danger, dread and violence Combining lucid prose with entrancing music, Rich conjures immersive visionary landscapes and characters who struggle to achieve summits of personal fulfillment.Editorial Review Rich Shapero s new novel, THE HOPE WE SEEK, is an elegantly written, epic story of gold, adventure, and love in one of America s last frontiers There s just the right touch of magical realism in Shapero s Far North wilderness Two thumbs up for THE HOPE WE SEEK Rich Shapero is a spellbinding storyteller Howard Frank Mosher


    Wild Animus Comment

    1. sarcasm alert I don t actually think this book deserves five stars All you people who ve been trashing Wild Animus, the fine and revealing work by Mr Rick Shapero, have been looking at everything the wrong way Just look at it positively, and you ll feel better about it.For example, you could think about all the good things about it, like It s shorter than Atlas Shrugged If a genetically modified polar bear attacks you with a flamethrower, you can distract it by throwing the book at its face, the [...]

    2. Someone handed me a free copy of this book they were giving away tons, I m not special as I was walking on the quad of the college I attend I have not read it I have tried to start it, but I was bored by it Sorry, freebook Even you being free doesn t make me like you.

    3. Please note that before you read any of this review that it does contain a spoiler this is done for a very good reason to save you the effort of reading this book all together This book is about a man who gets high on drugs then he dresses like a Mountain Goat from head to foot yes I said Mountain Goat and goes into the wilderness where he gets eaten by a pack of wolves From what I can tell the author of this book was trying to portray the power of the wilderness but it was lost in the stupor o [...]

    4. Was handed this book while walking through a Bay Area SF CA street fair I think they were trying to drum up word of mouth business, but really, with a book this lame, I think they were misguided Perhaps, if you re into drug fueled hippie shamanistic naturalism, you ll enjoy the book I did force myself to read the whole novel, but it was poorly written and painful to get through The first clue it was going to be bad was that the prologue reveals the ending That removed all tension or suspense It [...]

    5. This was one of the wierdest books I have ever read I ll tell you the ending A column of lava erupts from beneath his feet while he is dressed in a goat costume and wolves are in mid air tearing him apart Yeah

    6. The copy I read, being an advance reading copy, doesn t have this cover.I sort of sought this book out, knowing a little of its Bookcrossing history, but not, at the time, just how bad many people thought it was I m sorry to say that I didn t think it was great either I didn t think it was awful per se I could see a certain fascination in the shamanistic blurring of identity but it too coarse in its mysticism for my taste and with too little to counteract that I could not empathise at all with t [...]

    7. Worst book ever As many others have stated, it was also given to me Got mine in Chicago outside the Art Institute They had boxes of them I didn t have anything else to read at the time Honestly, I didn t finish it I made it 1 2 way and just didn t care any about acid trips, wolves, or goat costumes hallucinations of wolves in goat costumes or whatever I wanted to find the person that gave it to me and give it back I actually went out and looked for them They were gone.I have kept books, sold bo [...]

    8. This is an Advance Reading Copy ARC , received free as the result of a partnership between BookCrossing and the publisher of the book.Read on the plane from Denver to Newark for a business trip Unfortunately, I didn t enjoy the subject matter OR the way it was written.This book was probably written sometime between the 60 s and 70 s although not published till recently , as it happily discusses drug use and doesn t refer in any way to current conveniences such as mobile phones.Summary an LSD usi [...]

    9. I really thought this book was going to fall into the so bad it s good category I mean, come on, the tagline is basically guy takes tons of drugs and thinks he s a sheep, it doesn t get better than that I prepared myself for a twisted romp I could discuss with my friends and they would shake their heads, saying gosh, Dorothy, you read the strangest things Instead I found the disheartening tale of a mentally unstable, drug addicted sociopath who abuses and manipulates a damaged young girl btw we [...]

    10. One of the absolute worst books I ve ever read I do not know why it s still being read Oh, that s right, our book group got a bunch of copies for FREE from the publisher along with smoked fish I don t think any of us liked it the book, but the smoked fish was good Most of us still refer to it as that book Kind of like that woman regarding an obnoxious woman I saw a bunch of copies in the Friends of the Library saleroom I take that as a sign we were not the only ones who found it icky.

    11. Disclaimer If I were to recommend this book to a spiritual Shaman, I would give it 5 stars HoweverI found the book somewhat ridiculous It showcased stereotypical male self centerdness even in the midst of a sacrificial relationship The story was a complete disappointment without any overarching philosophical take aways.

    12. This is a weird book My thoughts in the first 3rd of the book LSD meets Extreme Sports , Farley Mowatt on Acid and Gone Mad , and I Am Ram, See Me Leap In the second 3rd of the book I became very concerned for and creeped out by Lindy In some way she seemed the core of this book than Ransom Sam and the wolf gang connection had me feeling spooked In the last 3rd of the book I was really wondering if I knew what was going on at all and I spent as much time wondering about the author as I did his [...]

    13. This perhaps is the most pathetic and corniest book that I have ever read I thought this was the worst book I have ever encountered, and I pondered on whether it even deserves a review or not, but hey, if I didn t like it, I better review it to save other people from the 315 pages of corny pretentious prose that it contains.This novel tells the tale of Sam, a Berkeley student who suddenly gets a fascination about rams As the novel progresses, he and his girlfriend Lindy decide to leave Berkeley [...]

    14. I want to say something nice about this book, but I m having trouble I will admit that heavy drug usage and self centered obsession with finding oneself are not things I can relate to, but that was the least of my complaints The prose was overwrought with awkward metaphors and obscure adjectives, so bad that I could just see the author congratulating himself on his cleverness and originality The dialogue was so forced that it made soap operas sound Oscar worthy The description was so flowery tha [...]

    15. I tried I really tried But I gave up on Wild Animus at page 189.The story starts out with some promise, and even has one or two well constructed sentences here and there, which leads me to believe that author Rich Shapero may learn to write someday But the multitude of awfulness by far outweighed the few good bits Execrable writing for the most part plus the gaping holes in the plot pushed the generous leeway I allow a first time author past its outermost limit.Ultimately I did not like Ransom a [...]

    16. I had never heard of this book when I picked it up, but as one who s always been intrigued by hippie culture, it seemed interesting After reading he other reviews here on I m actually quite shocked that people didn t like it I barely noticed the drug use in this book, because to me that was not the author s intent To me, this book was about finding yourself and exploring whatever strange routes that journey may lead you upon Yes, there happened to be some drugs But overall the feel I got from t [...]

    17. This book was self indulgent dribble It was just interesting enough for me to actually finish, but I really disliked most of the characters, and felt no sympathy for their story or their struggles In essence I thought they were all tragically stupid, and it s people like this that waste most of the resources of the world Essentially the story is about a young man who is convinced that he s tapped into God through acid, of course , and he does get a number of people including a dependent personal [...]

    18. It had so much potential with topics like disillusionment, relationships, nature, emotions, running away from it all, a gorgeous setting in the Alaskan wilderness And then it just went way beyond odd when the main character evolved into a wolf.This was no tale of the macabre, instead what it was likely supposed to be was a story full of hidden meaning and messages Unfortunately it became instead simply a novel that was lost when the writer hurled us over the edge Disappointment was my overall fe [...]

    19. I understand why this is the worst rated book on Good Reads that is also why I read it, but that is a different story What starts out as indulgent hippie drivel turns into ridiculous nonsense The main characters are an acid dropping mentally ill man who is convinced he is becoming a ram and a submissive pathetic enabling girlfriend who blindly follows him, sex being to be the only thing that holds their relationship together in any way shape or form I seriously don t even know why this book exis [...]

    20. The main character is often taking drugs to induce visions Throughout the book, I felt the author was also heavily involved with drugs during the conceptualization and writing I did not become attached to any characters I never comprehended any sort of overall message, lesson, or value to the story I only finished reading it because I couldn t believe the book could be as bad as it was, and I convinced myself there must be some twist before the end of the story that would make it all better, but [...]

    21. OMG, this was truly awful I can t say anything good about the actual story it consists of one long acid trip that ends, naturally, in disaster But since Shapero uses the prologue of his novel to divulge the ending, the remaining 300 pages are totally not worth the trouble Don t waste your time The one redeeming aspect of the audio version is that Peter Coyote is doing the reading I only got to page 85.

    22. I couldn t stand this book The descriptions of the scenes were way too detailed and the main character s thoughts and writings were tedious and not interesting I couldn t relate to the what he was saying I found the entire book tedious and painful to read and ended up skimming to actually finish it.

    23. I barely read it I mean, it doesn t seem like it s for me Way too mystical.I DID write a pretty long column about just what the hell this book is and why it shows up EVERYWHERE.The Legend of Zelda A Link To My Column

    24. The poorly told story of a self absorbed, girlfriend dragging down with him narcissist, and the people that fall in love with him.

    25. I picked up this book from a University Book Exchange shelf solely because I thought the name and the cover of the book were cool I also was intrigued by the shamanistic mystic journey of self discovery that the back cover of the book promised.In the end that promise fell several steps short While the basic idea, attempting to get closer to nature and your true self via drug induced trance isn t a bad plot, its execution didn t work for me at all The parts where Sam Ransom was transformed were s [...]

    26. While this book is not bad, I m just not feeling this right now DNF on page 100A Actually the I think about it, I actually didn t like it that much It had potential, but all I can think about is how the main female character needs therapy and an anti depressant The main character definitely needs therapy and psychiatric medication I like fucked up characters to a degree but let s be real This isn t one of them.Also spirituality insanity, thank you very much I mean I m a mentally ill witch and p [...]

    27. I picked up this book hoping it would be something along the lines of Hatchet or Into the Wild, and since the reader was the same as the one who read for Hatchet, I thought I was on the right track The back of the book made me think it was going to be about wilderness survival adventure Well, this book was really disapointing and I could not wait for it to be over The main character in the book was a sefish, self absorbed jerk He practically forced his girlfriend to take the acid tabs he was add [...]

    28. I did finish this listen, but was not a huge fan Watching this kid view spoiler descend into madness wasn t fun hide spoiler

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