The Secrets of Peaches

The Secrets of Peaches As the hot sun sets on the orchards in a farming town in Georgia a group of girls manages their romantic lives in the cool of the night as relationships come together and fall apart over the course o

  • Title: The Secrets of Peaches
  • Author: Jodi Lynn Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780060733100
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Paperback
  • As the hot sun sets on the orchards in a farming town in Georgia, a group of girls manages their romantic lives in the cool of the night as relationships come together and fall apart over the course of one magical summer.

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      Jodi Lynn Anderson

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    1. I write strange and mythical stories about young people.


    The Secrets of Peaches Comment

    1. So this went from okay to super heartbreaking I m still not here for Leeda s antics and there were times when I wanted to shake all of them, but Murphy Rex crushed my heart a little and Murphy Birdie still have the strongest of friendships.

    2. The second book, showed a different side the the girls, than the first The first brought them together and created a strong friendship but the second shows how much this friendship can take and gets tested throughout the book overall showing how much the girls really care for eachother There was a lot of drama, break ups and make up and ups and downs but I really liked it I feel like I get very attached to each character, so when something sad happened or the drama going on it hurt mebut it was [...]

    3. The Secrets of Peaches is so much better than its predecessor I can t even handle it The storyline in Peaches was terribly boring, the characters horribly cliche, and in the end, wasn t very satisfying at all In the Secrets of Peaches, all the characters suddenly turn into real people Everyone has real problems and real emotions that are easily felt by the reader The three girls become much relatable Murphy is no longer this haughty sexpot with a stone cold heart, but rather an attractive girl [...]

    4. It s the girls last year of school, and they have some choices to make Murphy is going to NYU after making the tough desision of leaving the love of her life Rex behind Birdie went down to Mexico to spend some time with Enrico after having a little fun in the cider house She also has to start running things around the orchard since she s going to inherit it And Leeda is this years pecan queen and is fed up with her mother, she s going to Columbia in New York and has promised her that she is not [...]

    5. It s been so long since I read Peaches that I didn t know how much I ve missed these three girls This book was much heart breaking than I anticipated I thought it was going to be I cute summer read I never expected it to have me tearing up through most of it and crying at the end of it Can t wait to read Love and Peaches and see how everything turns out for Murphy, Birdie and Leeda as well as all the other characters I have come to know and love in this series.

    6. 3 ou 3,5 5 je ne sais pas encore.1 Je n tais pas du tout dans le mood pour lire a et du coup a m a soul e 2 les filles m ont vraiment agac e par moments 3 quelques r p titions Je lirai cela dit le tome 3 parce que je veux savoir comment l histoire finit Mais j attendrai une ou deux lectures, peut tre parce que je dois rendre le livre la m diath que

    7. So, the drama that I said was missing from the first Peaches book It s here, in the second This book was really melancholy and while the first made me feel good, this one made me feel a little bummed out.

    8. The Secret of Peaches is a book full of discoveries, the coming of age blooming once Jodi Lynn Anderson s voice and characters captivated the essence of the seasons and turmoil that went along with the fading tendrils of things that could have been or could possibly be Very touching a thumbs good read.

    9. Sequel to Peaches so all the characters were familiar, but didn t do what I expected them to do This is the kind of chick lit I actually feel comfortable recommending it s not all clean and nice, it s got a little scandal, but isn t all trashy ala gossip girls.

    10. Ah, blir s irriterad p b de Leeda och Murphy f r hur de agerar ibland Men det r en okej bok och jag kommer definitivt att ta mig an sista delen i serien direkt.

    11. Took a while to pick this book up after I bought it, but I love how the author crafts this book by slowly revealing the characters and keeping you hanging The ending was perfect.

    12. If you liked the first book in the trilogy, this one won t disappoint, though the friendships are fractured here and the girls are dealing with some heavier choices and losses.This one mostly takes place in autumn and winter as the girls are in their last year of high school figuring out what s next though most scenes still happen at the orchard Each girl is struggling and for the most part, rather than reach out to one another, they pull away and don t necessarily deal well on their own.Murphy [...]

    13. I really wanted to like this book, but everything just felt so slow to me Maybe that s why it took me longer than usual to read it I like the fact that the story delves into deeper feelings of the changing lives of the three girls However, at the same time, I thought the girls were being a little whiny I don t understand how Enrico keeps coming back to Birdie I feel like she kind of just strings him along If my significant other went weeks without talking to me or didn t want me to touch them, I [...]

    14. The fictional book Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson is about three teenage girls In the book a girl named Murphy McGowen who had the wildest girl in school reputacion who always had a way of getting out of trouble finally got caught stealing from Darlington Orchard and ended up picking peaches to repay her debt But she wasn t alone, there were two other girls working with her on the Orchard.There was Birdie who was shy and home schooled also the daughter of the Orchard owner Birdie feels alone sinc [...]

    15. I accidentally deleted my first review because it was on my favorites shelf but I wanted to take it off and I didn t realize it deletes everything Anyways, I loved the book It was amazing I loved how the characters really unfolded and I could actually say it s better than the first book I m going to start the third one soon because the series has been extremely good so far I read this about a week ago and I was pleasantly surprised at how much better it was than the first book I loved how the ch [...]

    16. I am addicted to Jodi Lynn Anderson s writing Her books are character driven, deeply so, and she writes of their strengths and flaws in a way that allows for compassion without excuses I am currently working through all of her stuff after starting reading her last year.For the Peaches series, I think the second is better than the first because the series goes into depth with the lead characters and how what happens to them impacts their relationships The writing rips you, but also gives you hop [...]

    17. Nowhere near as good as the first in the series It wasn t bad, but a lot of what I loved so much about Peaches was absent Again, this wasn t terrible but in my opinion, Peaches should ve been a standalone This felt unnecessary and just wasn t as enjoyable to read I didn t like how our characters were pulled apart and didn t appreciate some of the writing choices made Still going to see how the trilogy wraps up and I hope that the third book brings back all of the elements I fell so in love with [...]

    18. i give this a solid 3.75 4 stars 5 my opinion this book is just as a good as the first it s just as cute and funny this book did have some sadder moments as well though i still love these characters so i ll definitely finish up the series when i can get my hands on the last book

    19. The Secrets of Peaches had complex and empathetic portrayals Murphy, Birdie, and Leeda all grew as individuals The story ends full of hope and possibilities.

    20. A marvelous sequel to Peaches , the journey of the three girls continues and they continue to find love, joy and heartbreak.

    21. the sequel to Peaches is heartfelt and starting to develop, not as a summer book, but a coming of age story everything in Bridgewater, GA, is somewhat manageable and difficult to comprehend, but understandable This summer everything changes for our 3 georgia peaches.Leeda has been named the Pecan Queen and feels even resentment and anger towards her mother, but as you read in the story, you can see that she is the way she was when she was little and how everyone around her considered her as a [...]

    22. Juliet SmallThe Secrets of Peaches by Jodi Lynn AndersonI thought this book was very good and I liked the plot of it The characters all were very unique, which made the book interesting I think that the characters changed throughout the book, which made the characters interesting also I liked how the setting was in high school This made the book relatable to life today and made it seem like it was real life In the book, there were real life situations which made the book funny and interesting t [...]

    23. Murphy, Leeda, and Birdie try to hold on to their friendship while navigating their last year of high school Murphy is determined to get herself into New York University and leave Bridgewater behind her In the process of cutting her ties with the small town, she pushes her boyfriend away and hurts her friends Leeda is undecided on her future, and still trying to gain her mother s approval As her mother pushes her into being Pecan Queen, she also begins to push Leeda out of her life Birdie isn t [...]

    24. from inside flap Last summer, three very different girls wild Murphy, perfect Leeda, and shy Birdie etched their initials on a magnolia tree at Darlington Peach Orchard to symbolize that their friendship would last forever But can it survive the less than peachy year ahead Murphy, in love with Rex than ever, is torn between her big city dreams and following her heart.l the way across the railroad tracks and into Rex s arms.Leeda, nominated to be Bridgewater s Pecan Queen, basks in the rose scen [...]

    25. On retrouve les h roines de Peaches L intr pide Murphy, Leeda qui peine trouver sa place face une m re si parfaite en apparence et si froide, et enfin Birdie, qui est perdue entre l entretien de son verger de p chers et son amour pour Enrico, reparti au Mexique la fin de la saisonC tait mal parti pour cette lecture, je peinais retrouver l ambiance du premier tome, sa fraicheur et son insouciance Je l ai mis de c t , repris, remis de c t.J ai donc pein pendant un tiers voire la moiti , avant que [...]

    26. Birdie est amoureuse d Enrico Mais celui ci habite au Mexique et la jeune fille ne se voit pas quitter la plantation.Murphy est amoureuse de Rex Mais son r ve est de quitter Bridgewater pour New York et rien ne doit se mettre en travers de son chemin.Leeda a bien du mal dire non sa m re Elle se retrouve embarqu e dans l aventure Reine des Pacanes bien malgr elle.Fini le travail au verger, le deuxi me tome des aventures des filles se d roule sur l ann e scolaire suivant leur premier t ensemble.J [...]

    27. So much happens in the secret of peaches With murphy she really wants to go to college in New York Rex says he will go with her but he s not sure because he doesn t want to leave his own hometown they get in fights and have a lot of drama Will Murphy leave without rex or will she stay to be with the person she loves Enrico invites Birdie to Mexico for break but shes not sure she wants to go But she is worried it will be over if she doesn t go She loves him but she says its complicated What will [...]

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