Chasing the Secret

Chasing the Secret A samurai will overcome all obstacles to face her enemy with honor And she will show no mercy Kimi and her sister Hana disguised themselves as boys to study at Master Goku s dojo and to prepare them

  • Title: Chasing the Secret
  • Author: Maya Snow Helen Hart
  • ISBN: 9780061243905
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A samurai will overcome all obstacles to face her enemy with honor And she will show no mercy.Kimi and her sister, Hana, disguised themselves as boys to study at Master Goku s dojo and to prepare themselves to take revenge on the uncle who murdered their father and older brothers They have become masters of the sword, and their combat skills are deadly But after MasterA samurai will overcome all obstacles to face her enemy with honor And she will show no mercy.Kimi and her sister, Hana, disguised themselves as boys to study at Master Goku s dojo and to prepare themselves to take revenge on the uncle who murdered their father and older brothers They have become masters of the sword, and their combat skills are deadly But after Master Goku s death, the sisters future is uncertain.When their uncle sees through their disguise, Kimi and Hana flee the dojo, but not all hope is lost Word has come that their mother and younger brother are alive and waiting for them Can Kimi, Hana, and their friend Tatsuya risk the perils that lie ahead and defeat their uncle in the hunt for their missing family To do so, the young warriors must withstand terrible battles, treachery, shadowy ninja and their own fear, on a journey that may lead them to their loved ones and to the most dangerous choice of Kimi s life.

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      Maya Snow Helen Hart

    About Author

    1. Maya Snow once had an aikido teacher who told her that the best place for a tree to hide is in the forest Maya decided that the best place for a writer to hide is among her own words Maya Snow is the pseudonym of author, Helen Hart.


    Chasing the Secret Comment

    1. A great book for young girls and boys a like, heck a great book for readers of young adult I love books with strong female leads who kick butt And this is just that, but it is also a tale of sisterly love and a fight to save one s family and friends I m glad I discovered these books Fans of Tamora Pierce will definitely love this series

    2. This was an action filled book and I really enjoyed it The only thing I didn t like was the ending I was left hanging I am looking forward reading books from the series.

    3. Historical fiction Lots of action Fights are described realistically, with an impressive amount of technical detail Weapons are listed by their traditional names Some Japanese words are used And if you love stories where tough girls are beating up big men, this is pure milk and honey I loved the first book, and I love the second book, too.

    4. This is the second part of a tragic and compelling story Like its predecessor, it was violent and graphic, heavy on the revenge Buddhist references.

    5. This is the second book in the series of Sisters of the Sword Master Goku has been killed and Kimi and Hana are concerned it may be revealed they are girls And then the worst happens Kimi and Hana have been discovered by Uncle and Uncle knows where their mother is Now they must race for their lives, and for the lives of their mother and brother If they don t beat him to their mother, all will be lost, and Uncle will kill them all We continue the adventures of Kimi and Hana in this book as they r [...]

    6. Reviewed by Candace Cunard for TeensReadTooIn SISTERS OF THE SWORD, twin sisters Hana and Kimi were wrenched violently out of the world they knew when their uncle, Hidehira, brutally slaughtered their father and older brothers in order to usurp their father s claim as samurai lord.Hana and Kimi escaped, as did their mother and their young brother, but the four became separated For Hana and Kimi, the only hope of survival is to disguise themselves as young boys and seek safety in the martial arts [...]

    7. Gosh, how I love this series Chasing the Secret starts up right where Sisters of the Sword left off, and it does not take long for the thrilling action that was so prominent in Sisters of the Sword to show up in here This book was just as exciting as the first and did not disappoint me at all Kimi and Hana do not disappoint in this story The kick butt female samurais show up again and show those male samurais a thing or two I loved how Kimi would get out of bad situation after bad situation, wit [...]

    8. Dapat kehormatan membaca ARC hasil kerja si kembaran waduuh gila ini buku, asli banyak bener darahnya anak anak jepang itu kok berani berani yak heran kalo di buku pertama Hana lumayan dapet peran, di sini kurang euymungkin karena ada Tatsuya, jadi porsi Hana terbagi dengan TatsuyaKalo di buku pertama mengisahkan kehidupan Kimi dan Hana di perguruan, di buku 2 ceritanya tentang pengembaraan mereka mencari sang ibu dan adik laki laki mereka jadi lebih seru dan full action karena mereka dikejar ke [...]

    9. Hmm, fast paced action and lots of narrow escapes The sisters Kimi and Hana are still resolute and kick ass No pesky romance either It s actually cool that they don t mind being mudy, wet or bloody Even their mother has some pretty impressive sword skills And yes, female samurai did exist I had to deduct a star for a green eyed Japanese character appearing in the feudal era Hazel, maybe The only time I ve seen green eyes on Japanese people are on Visual Kei bandmembers and various Lolitas.

    10. After this ending of the first book The story continues and this time with action With the sisters now having knowledge about fighting They now hide disguised as boys in the boys only training dojo A friend and their master knew of this secret but when their master was murdered they must go on another journey to fulfill their master last wish, And at the same time running from their uncle that has seen through their disguise I encourage anyone to read the first book first and then read this I [...]

    11. Following the events of Under the Cherry Blossom, the story of Hana and Kimi s quest to reunite what s left of their family and take revenge on their uncle for the murders of their father and brothers continues in this second book Like the first one, a quick and entertaining read

    12. This is the second book in the Sisters of the Sword series I enjoyed this book then the first, as I m getting to know all the characters better, and seeing the personal interaction between them These books pull no punches the violence that existed in Feudal Japapan is not glossed over.How much did I enjoy this novel I returned this book to the library today, and got the next in the series

    13. This book waswow So suspenseful and exceedingly shocking ever since Uncle took their scrolls to when Kimi chose Tatsuya to survive though her intentions were good to the end, which I am NOT spoiling If you re in love with that first super extreme Mulan based story, don t forget to catch this next book

    14. This appears to have a different title but synopsis is the same I surmise that it has a different title in America title Blade s Edge Sisters of the Sword 2 Maya SnowHana and Kimi s adventure continues and I found this book almost impossible to put down Now I face the problem of tracking book 3 of the trilogy down as Edinburgh library doesn t appear to have a copy.

    15. The second book of the series is as interesting as the first one, we are introduced to some new characters, the story doesn t leave any gaps between the books is it really well wrapped without taking all the fun away by blocking the imagination Personally, I am eagerly awaiting for the 3rd and final book of this story

    16. Kimi wanted to protect her sister and get revenge on her uncle, but her uncle was much powerful than her with a full army on his side So, Kimi tried to fight against her uncle in the war but got wounded Then, Kimi and her sister hid away in the villages until the final fight Sisters of the Sword 2 is a book about bravery, love, and courage.

    17. J ai trouv ce 2 me tome un peu plus lent que le 1er, mais certaines sc nes taient tr s intenses et l univers est toujours aussi prenant.Je pense que le 3 me tome sera encore plus fort en motions et je le lirai avec plaisir

    18. This is a quick and interesting read I am not sure of the cultural authenticity, but I didn t see any negative stereotypes, and the characters are believable Now if I can only get my hands on the next one

    19. The second in the series I didn t enjoy this book as much as the first less character development and cultural information about feudal Japan But the action was fun and left me itching to know what will happen in the next book.

    20. This books is great Although, it still contines, this book talks about stratagy, hardships and the value of family, no matter how rich or how poor the person is Believe me, this book is great, as in GOOD OPINION OF DICTIONARIES aond other books HA HA But, read it.

    21. i liked this book i finished this book and also finished the 3rd book in the same day this book kinda has a happy ending but omg i wanted to cry in the beginning of the book it was sooo sad thats all im gonna say

    22. This book was very thrilling and action packed, but I did not like it as much as the first one However, it still had the same thrill and adventure, and I enjoyed reading it, and finished it in one day.

    23. I thought it was wonderful This book reminds me of a book i m reading called the Samurai s Tale In both books, the main characters are becoming a samurai

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