Wake Me When It's Over

Wake Me When It s Over A hilarious new adventure from the author of On Second Thought

  • Title: Wake Me When It's Over
  • Author: Robison E. Wells
  • ISBN: 9781591567219
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Paperback
  • A hilarious new adventure from the author of On Second Thought.

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      Robison E. Wells

    About Author

    1. Robison E. Wells Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Wake Me When It's Over book, this is one of the most wanted Robison E. Wells author readers around the world.


    Wake Me When It's Over Comment

    1. Suspense mixed with a liberal dose of humor.Eric Hopkins is a man in love Unfortunately, the fair Rebekah does not seem to hold him in the same esteem In fact, she mostly seems to count him as a friendrt of The kind of friend that you will ask to drive you to a concert, if absolutely no one else is available Hey, he s happy to do it If only she would be just as happy that he did When she is kidnapped from said Christmas concert she s a violinist by a freakishly tall man who smells like bananas, [...]

    2. Really great book Funny and quirky, Wake Me When It s Over is a quick read I got it in the mail yesterday and finished it in three hours and the pacing is really great This is one of the best LDS fiction books that I have truly enjoyed and been glad to spend money on most of the others I ve read were just okay It wasn t the Great American Novel, but it had me laughing throughout Eric s POV is refreshing and, once again, hilarious I was hooked from the first chapter, and it didn t let me go until [...]

    3. This book is a comedy mystery romance A refreshing break from the average Mormon romance literature The main character gives his love interest a ruby necklace only to have her kidnapped because of it He bumbles through the book trying to keep her alive and to rescue her A thoroughly entertaining read.

    4. Wake me when it s over , was written by Robison E Wells in 2005 Wake me when it s over , has 252 pages and was intended for an audience of LDS adults In Wake me when it s over , Eric, the protagonist, LDS, returned missionary, and Rebecca, Eric s girlfriend, are being chased by terrorists Eric is in a new relationship with Rebecca Hughes and wants to give her a Christmas gift when he remembers the beautiful necklace and ring that he had found on his LDS mission Eric gives Rebecca the necklace th [...]

    5. Genre lds fiction, adventure humor This is a fun adventure story of average guy Eric who is interested in fabulous Rebecca and gives her a Christmas present that turns their world upside down They are being chased by bad guys, all the while trying to understand why they are being chased and what they should do next The story is told from Eric s point of view which is a little tricky because he always describes Rebecca as being so wonderful and intelligent He doesn t share with us much of his str [...]

    6. I don t think this fellow is a real great romance writer No excitement over first touches, first kisses I don t even think he talked about the first kiss That part of it for me was horribly lacking excitement No Stephanie Meyers, if you know what I mean haha However is language makes me laugh and keeps me entertained If he could steer away from trying to add romance and stick with the humor drama suspense it d go much better The sequel to this one, the Counterfeit, is not nearly as good I only e [...]

    7. Eric, a BYU student finally works up the nerve to ask Rebekah out and she ends up getting kidnapped Fun, witty, but it was to be continued What is that about Now I have to find a sequel This book was fast action, and kept my attention East read LDS author I just hate when I don t know in advance that I need the next one I read too fast to order it, or find it at the library By then I m off to another book I need the whole series at one time Oh, well

    8. I did not love this book but it was interesting Eric was waiting to take home Rebekah from a concert she was in He had met her in a class he was in and really liked her When he went to pick her up after the concert he discovered she had been kidnapped He tries to follow and finds himself lying semi conscious in the snow One event after another occurs as he tries to rescue her It was an o.k book.

    9. I really loved the humor Robison Wells used in On Second Thought, and was happy to find some of that in this story as well Turns out that I ve read the sequel to this book not knowing beforehand that there was a sequel Reading them in order probably would have bumped this up a bit for me enjoyment wise, but it was still a good mystery romance with humor.

    10. Fast paced, intrigue, danger and mystery After being kidnapped, coercion and drummed up criminal charges keep Eric and Rebekah on the run mostly on adrenaline through the Christmas holidays They can t trust the police and the real criminals are on their tail I kept asking myself how was it going to end I especially liked the Christmas carol chapter titles.

    11. Funny and fast paced LDS fiction When watching action movies or reading, I often think of what I would do when placed in similar situations because my LDS Mormon background would definitely inform my decisions This book explores those themes.

    12. A fun, quirky, quick read This is a perfect summer book when you are just lounging by the pool or reading on your lawn It had enough humor to keep you laughing and interested in what was going to happen next.

    13. A really fun, easy light read with lots of humor Much of it is Mormon or Utah Valley, but clever, nevertheless.Eric is a student at BYU, and has fallen for Rebekah at first sight Circumstances lead to a first date, and the excitement never stops starting with her being kidnapped.

    14. This is one of those books you must read in your lifetime The story is full of suspense, but the best part is the humor You will long remember the funny parts months after finishing the bookat s good writing

    15. Fun story Great action adventure The cover seemed a little dumb for what it was, but the story is worth the read Rob s a funny guy This was a cleaver book.

    16. It s a nice little piece of Mormon fiction It s not funny like On Second Thought but I still liked it well enough.

    17. Fun book with a bit of humor, suspense and romance Much lighter than the other books I ve read by Robinson Wells.

    18. This is a pretty fun book to read, very easy read Locations are all around Salt Lake so it was easy to get caught up in the book, feeling like it was real

    19. It was a phanomanil book filled with expense and romance WARNING once you pick it up you will be unable to put it down

    20. Even better than the first book I don t know how he does it, but the author mixes silliness with high adventure A delightful combination.

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