Full Circle

Full Circle For Emily Hamilton losing her beloved husband Michael to death was one of the hardest things she had ever faced But having to live without him year after year is proving to be even difficult Even tho

  • Title: Full Circle
  • Author: Anita Stansfield
  • ISBN: 9781591569664
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
  • For Emily Hamilton, losing her beloved husband Michael to death was one of the hardest things she had ever faced But having to live without him year after year is proving to be even difficult Even though Emily s family surrounds her with love and support, the loneliness and lack of close companionship brings about a desire to move on with her life Compelled to pursFor Emily Hamilton, losing her beloved husband Michael to death was one of the hardest things she had ever faced But having to live without him year after year is proving to be even difficult Even though Emily s family surrounds her with love and support, the loneliness and lack of close companionship brings about a desire to move on with her life Compelled to pursue new social opportunities and break out of the deep rut she finds herself in, Emily meets a man who could turn everything in her carefully cultivated life upside down Samuel Reid is a very different man from Michael Hamilton a man who is desperately searching for answers that Emily can lovingly provide While Samuel seems to be honest and sensitive, Emily s family is wary of his intentions Can Emily survive yet another crisis in her life, or will Samuel end up being one of the best things that ever happened to her and to her children Anita Stansfield, the 1 best selling LDS romance author, delivers one of her finest novels to date, a tender conclusion to the stirring Gables of Legacy series, and a heartwarming story of eternal love that transcends the thin veil between life and death.
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    About Author

    1. Anita Stansfield, the LDS market s 1 best selling romance novelist, is an imaginative and prolific writer whose romantic stories have captivated her readers With sales approaching a half million, Anita Stansfield has clearly found a niche in this market, said Nicole Martin, Publicist for Covenant Communications Her popularity stems from her ability to empathize with and write about the issues that LDS women deal with on a daily basis I always write for women like me It s through my interaction with other women that I ve found there are some personal and emotional struggles that are typical, said Anita Stansfield I hope my writing makes women feel better about themselves and shows them these real problems can be solved through gospel principles.


    Full Circle Comment

    1. Huge amount of cheese, and I don t think Anita is a great writer, but tells a good story, does that make sense There was a ridiculous amount of foreshadowing in this book, so you knew a hundred times over how it was going to end And the author in every one of her books gets stuck on a phrase and makes sure all of her characters say it at least 15 times each This book was How Delightful and Marvelous Do people really talk like that I can honestly say I ve never responded to anything in my life wi [...]

    2. Darn, that six book contract I signed with Deseret Publishing Ho, hum, what kind of book should I write this time Hey, I know, I ll marry off the family matriarch for the THIRD time and I know just what I ll call it Wonder if I can make him black

    3. I love all Anita Stansfield books I learn something about having faith through trials, from each book that she writes.

    4. Honestly, I bawled like a baby when I read this book Death and loss is never an easy experience to live through, especially for me I ve always struggled with it As I ve read about it through this particular series, I ve found that there are different ways of coping with death loss and some ways are better than others Sometimes, however, you really just need a good cry even if the character is fictional I m always amazed by powerful bonds of love, but especially in this one it took my breath away [...]

    5. This book was a perfect ending to this series about Emily and Michael Hamilton I loved the first few books written of this couple This series was about their older children later in life, and although I really enjoyed the first book, the rest were just okay for me I am glad I read these books, and they were enjoyable, but not ones that I would read again.

    6. This book has brought the story of Michael and Emily full circle just as the title suggests Some of the time I got tired of seeing the same themes repeated I enjoyed watching Jess grow in his role as family patriarch I thought the ending was a beautiful conclusion to a long line of stories These stories give an interesting incite to the purposes of several different kinds of marriages.

    7. I thought this was a great book, and as one can tell it all comes back to a Full Circle This series of books 6 all are gospel oriented and many principles are taught through the Hamilton Family lives, and people whose lives they touch I think any Christian would enjoy reading them, and be touched by the emotions that bring this family to real life situations.

    8. I am just so upset that I wasted my time on these books The last book of this series was the worst of all I could barely skim the last 40 pages it was such a tacky, depressing, pathetic story This has really made me realize how much I dislike Anita Stansfield s writing I m ready for some good reading now to flush this bad series out of my mind.

    9. I enjoyed following Michael and Emily to the very end There were themes and phases that were very repetitive, but over all Michael has been one of my favorite characters ever despite the average writing style.

    10. I have finally completed the series I loved this final book I really enjoyed this uplifting LDS romance series by Anita Stansfield I liked how this book really did come full circle as far as the story line of the characters goes It was a great read.

    11. I read the first 5 books in this series years ago and didn t know there was a 6thbut it is aptly named The Michael and Emily Hamilton story has now come full circle and you are satisfied by their story s end.

    12. Two things I love about this book Emily s memories that give us details about events that happened earlier in the series The end that really does give closure to Micheal Emily s story.

    13. BEAUTIFUL What a touching experience to read the Hamilton Saga series I never wanted it to end It was bittersweet to finish this book but there couldn t have been a better ending What a beautiful look into the eternities and families being together forever

    14. I have really enjoyed the Hamilton saga from the start and this book finished it off perfectly, I had to have a box of tissues close by almost the whole time.

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