Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door 2008: The Travel Skills Handbook

Rick Steves Europe Through the Back Door The Travel Skills Handbook From train and rail pass skills to strategies for visiting museums who else but Rick Steves can teach travelers the skills they really need when traveling through Europe Learn how to deal with all of

  • Title: Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door 2008: The Travel Skills Handbook
  • Author: Rick Steves
  • ISBN: 9781566918534
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • From train and rail pass skills to strategies for visiting museums, who else but Rick Steves can teach travelers the skills they really need when traveling through Europe Learn how to deal with all of the details of planning a trip to Europe with Rick Steves Europe Through the Back Door 2008 America s number one authority on travel to Europe, Rick Steves has done the leFrom train and rail pass skills to strategies for visiting museums, who else but Rick Steves can teach travelers the skills they really need when traveling through Europe Learn how to deal with all of the details of planning a trip to Europe with Rick Steves Europe Through the Back Door 2008 America s number one authority on travel to Europe, Rick Steves has done the legwork, discovered the secrets, and made the mistakes so travelers don t have to Completely revised and updated, Steves time tested recommendations for safe and enjoyable travel in Europe have been used by millions of Americans in search of their own unique European travel experience Steves travel tips include sticking to a budget, smart packing, planning ahead for visiting major sites, personal safety, avoiding tourist traps, and finding Europe s back door attractions Smart advice is also offered on everything from social etiquette to booking a hotel and ordering food Rick Steves Europe Through the Back Door 2008 is an essential item on any European traveler s checklist.
    Rick Steves is America s leading authority on European travel Plan your own trip or take one of Rick s value packed European tours and vacations Everything you need is here. Rick Steves Europe PBS Rick Steves, America s leading authority on European travel, returns to transport viewers to the continent s bustling cities, quaint villages and picturesque countryside. Europe Tours Vacation Packages Rick Steves Europe Rick Steves European tours and vacations feature the best value and travel experience around Rick s itineraries include Italy, France, Turkey, Ireland, Britain, Spain, and much Europe Tours Vacation Packages Rick Steves Europe Rick Steves Europe YouTube Watch Rick Steves Europe Prime Video Written and hosted by best selling guidebook author Rick Steves, each half hour show takes viewers to Europe s most interesting places, from great cities to off the beaten path discoveries. Rick Steves Europe TV Series Sep , With Rick Steves, Andreas Clemens, Alfio Di Mauro, Francesca Caruso American travel authority Rick Steves guides viewers through his favorite European cities. Rick Steves Classroom Europe Welcome to Classroom Europe Rick Steves Classroom Europe is a free resource allowing teachers to share the best of European art, history, and culture with their students and fellow educators. A Message from Rick Frequently Asked Questions Rick Steves Europe Rick Steves Europe is a long running travel documentary television series that airs on public television The series is hosted by American travel writer and television personality, Rick Steves, as he travels across the continent of Europe, documenting his experiences along the way.The show premiered on September , since then a total of seasons and episodes have been produced and General Europe Rick Steves Travel Forum Rick Steves Europe My Account Tour Account Travel Forum Home Travel Forum General Europe Please sign in to post General Europe Questions and answers regarding travel across multiple countries Before posting, please read our Community Guidelines Start a New Topic Title Author Rick Steves Europe DVDs Rick Steves Travel Store Enjoy all of Rick Steves TV shows on DVD, Travel as a Political Act as an CD audio book, music from Rick Steves European Christmas on CD, and special DVD book gift

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    1. Richard Rick Steves is an American author and television personality on European travel He is the host of a public television series, and a public radio travel show, and the author of many travel guidebooks and autobiographies.


    Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door 2008: The Travel Skills Handbook Comment

    1. Can t afford to travel, so I enjoyed reading this in time for summer and watching others vacation pics on my FB feed I find that Steves books are excellently satisfying for this armchair tourist, and this one was no exception.

    2. I chose this book for my informational text in my reading writing odyssey because this is one of my favorite travel books Rick Steve uses an informal and friendly approach with his readers to invite them in and show them what will make their trip the best experience they can have This book was recommended to me when I was planning my trip to Europe and I remember thinking how clever it was to write a travel book with a personality People who read these books are adventure seekers and they need a [...]

    3. I have to say this is by far the best book I have read when it comes to trip planning With the decline of the American dollar, a trip to Europe can seem a little intimidating, especially to young travelers or people on a tight budget Rick Steves provides great tips and insights on how to find affordable accomodations and transportation in this guide, as well as cheap ways to enjoy sightseeing in Europe After reading this book, Europe seems a lot accessible to me, even in these rough economic ti [...]

    4. I haven t been to Europe in over 10 years, and this was a really helpful guide to the practical things one needs to know advice on money, accomodations, travel within Europe and trip planning, as well as some good ideas on where to go I wish I had read this before I had booked a flight and hotels there is a lot of information here on how to save money on accomodations and flights I m glad I read the book before I packed I ve scaled down my luggage for a two week trip to a single carryon back pac [...]

    5. It s a bit unfair of me to be rating this edition when it s not the one I read and counted on while traveling abroad, yet Steves was so helpful for me who is phobic about being an Ugly American that I had to add him to my list Read him before you go.

    6. This is a book mostly telling you in a rather pompous way at times how you should act while traveling in Europe He goes into detail about why staying in a cheap dump where you may be sleeping on an air mattress on the floor after climbing 6 flights of stairs and having no air conditioning no matter how hot it is is so superior to him than sleeping in luxury and comfort He even takes up for those loud German schoolkids who regularly make people miserable in hostels and other cheap dumps saying th [...]

    7. Traveling the Rick Steves way is not for everyone If you enjoy and insist upon room service, concierges, and other amenities of American style hotels, you won t like traveling this way.This is about traveling like a European staying in small locally owned and run inns, guesthouses, and even private homes It is much less expensive and much authentic than staying at the Best Western.This book introduces Rick Steves style of traveling like a temporary European He also has separate guidebooks for s [...]

    8. This is a great travel resource, especially if you re a European travel novice Rick covers all the topics you have questions about and topics you didn t know you had questions about After reading Europe Through the Back Door we felt prepared to travel smart Rick s advice really did make our trip go smoother Thanks to Rick Steves for providing such a thorough, practical, up to date guide.

    9. I read the 2010 version For anyone going to Europe for the first time or looking to book a trip on their own but may have taken smaller trips with one home base city or guided tours in the past, this book provides a good overview and a lot of background information I thought it was a helpful read before going in depth with my planning.

    10. Every year, I read the latest update of Europe Through the Back Door Although a well seasoned traveler, I always find some new tidbit to take with me on travels This is an excellent book for basic European travel skills for the novice.

    11. Si bien tiene algunos tips y datos interesantes, es m s un gran diario de viajes del propio Steves, con an cdotas, opiniones y relatos acompa ados por im genes, que una gu a de turismo.

    12. I m counting this as a book read, even though I skimmed some chunks of it and hence wouldn t usually count it as read I m moving to Germany soon and have been trying to read some guidebooks on Europe and or Germany This one caught my eye because it was the only 2017 edition of a Europe guidebook in my library s very small Europe travel section.I ve heard good things about Rick Steves recently this is my first book of his I ve already checked out his Germany guidebook and plan to read that next , [...]

    13. Rick Steves Europe Through the Back Door teaches a person how to be a traveler rather than a tourist I read an earlier version of this guide in 2008 and was glad I took the time to read a recent version before my upcoming trip to Europe Steves gives extensive advice on how to use today s technology to your benefit in Europe, including a plethora of helpful internet resources I have already downloaded several of the free audio walking tours from his website for my trip The book discusses pretty [...]

    14. I admittedly skipped some country sections that I m not too interested in.Think it could be a decent resource, but again, repeats a lot of things that already showed up in the TV show.

    15. Great resource for traveling through Europe Unfortunately I was on a guided tour, so I couldn t take advantage of some of the backdoor suggestions but it was interesting anyway Most helpful was the chapter on safety Mr Steve s mentioned thieves and scams Specifically he talked about a scam where the cashier pretends to talk on the phone and takes a picture of your credit card Sure enough while in London we came across this chatty cashier we quickly evaluated this as one pf the warning that Mr St [...]

    16. Note this is a review of a very old edition I recently travelled to Europe with Rick Steves Best of Europe 2015 and found that book really useful and interesting, so after I got back I snapped up an 2002 edition of Back Door that I came across at a 2nd hand book stall Of course quite a bit of the information in that 2002 edition was very outdated, but probably 2 3rds of it was still relevant, and all of it was interesting I found the outdated parts a fun reminder of what life was like before sma [...]

    17. A very helpful guide in preparation for a trip to Europe Answered questions I had and even questions I d never thought of.

    18. I m sure that this would be very helpful for a great deal of people It does a pretty good job of letting you know details about whether or not it is worth buying a rail pass, gives an overview of several European countries, and some pretty sensible travel tips use a money belt, watch for thieves However, I think I just don t enjoy travel writing Parts where the author is just describing a day he had irritate me, and I have a serious problem with how they are sometimes written in second person, s [...]

    19. Rick Steves is a French caricature of Americans.He has no style,no class,never had an idea in his life,after a career visting Europe he understands less about the subject that I did when I was ten,but he occupies space.Oscar Wild s description of a cynic is a person who knows the price of everything but the value of none.By this description Rick Steves is a cynic.He tells people how to save money on a pointless trip because he has not give a clue why they should go.The default position during PB [...]

    20. I grew up in Europe and didn t think I needed a guidebook for our visit this year but I was wrong This is by far the best guidebook I ve read with dozens of practical tips I had never heard before What makes this book special is Steves dedication to appreciating European culture he encourages us to travel simply and engage with the people, not just check off visits to the touristy spots As an ex ex pat who was mortified by clueless American tourists, I love how he sweetly but firmly offers advic [...]

    21. I read the 2006 edition got it from a used bookstore but I ll fool myself into believing not much has changed in content I read this all through my trip to Central Europe last summer and it was an awesome and very helpful read It didn t have much about the towns and regions I went to, but it was because of this book that I learnt of the Munich Walking Tours and went on an amazing, informative and very thought provoking Third Reich Tour on a rainy morning in M nchen, walking through the beer hall [...]

    22. There is some insightful advice in this book, such as use the toilet on the train rather than at the station you ll probably have to pay at the station , but there is also some bunk advice, such as second class train cars are preferable the logic being they are lively and to force yourself to be an extrovert I would have liked specific advice about local buses and trains where you you buy the ticket kiosk or driver , areas to avoid specific streets districts , and where to buy travel laundry s [...]

    23. While this book offers little new or earth shattering information to those who have visited Europe, it s an EXCELLENT resource for anyone planning their first European trip The first half of the book focuses on logistics, and covers literally everything from how to get to Europe and how much to budget, to what to do should an emergency arise during the trip The second half of the book breaks down each of the countries, and focuses on top places to see, suggested time to spend at each place, top [...]

    24. Love, love, love this book Rick Steves covers a lot of travel aspects for a conscientious traveler in this entertaining textbook of travel tips Covering packing tips, flights, hotels, money tips and solo travel, he is thorough, brutally honest and funny It is a book for those who are patient enough to be educated before traveling, and it s not for you if you re looking for a quick fix what to do in Europe book There is a section on major cities at the end excerpts from his guide books from which [...]

    25. Read this book in preparation to traveling to Europe It was a good prep book that helped us plan for 2 weeks of travel in Europe The MOST helpful advice was probably about packing Used his advice to pack what we really needed and not what we may need I read the electronic version which had links to other areas of the book Those were useful to get to specific information, but in the electronic world, it was hard to get back to your original location in the book Learned to use an electronic bookma [...]

    26. Rick Steves writes my favorite European travel books Europe Through The Back Door has a chapter for each of the main countries, so it makes for lighter packing if you are hitting a bunch of countries on one trip He also writes country specific guide books if you want in depth information I used this book a couple years ago when I backpacked through Europe and I thought the sight seeing and travel suggestions were great The thing I love about Rick Steves is he writes for the budget consious trav [...]

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