Shadow on the Hearth

Shadow on the Hearth Written in this is an early science fiction look at the after effects of a nuclear war A typical day in a Westchester suburb of New York for a family of four is shattered by a nuclear attack on N

  • Title: Shadow on the Hearth
  • Author: Judith Merril
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Written in 1950 this is an early science fiction look at the after effects of a nuclear war A typical day in a Westchester suburb of New York for a family of four is shattered by a nuclear attack on New York City.

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      Judith Merril

    About Author

    1. Josephine Juliet Grossmanaka Cyril Judd with C.M Kornbluth Judith Josephine Grossman Boston, Massachusetts, January 21, 1923 Toronto, Ontario, September 12, 1997 , who took the pen name Judith Merril about 1945, was an American and then Canadian science fiction writer, editor and political activist.Although Judith Merril s first paid writing was in other genres, in her first few years of writing published science fiction she wrote her three novels all but the first in collaboration with C.M Kornbluth and some stories Her roughly four decades in that genre also included writing 26 published short stories, and editing a similar number of anthologies.


    Shadow on the Hearth Comment

    1. I absolutely loved this book This is the book I have wanted to read and didn t realize it when I got started on my 1950s nuclear apocalyptic novel kick So glad I came back to the genre and found this one.Shadow on the Hearth is at its heart a simple novel the US is attacked with nuclear weapons, and one mother has to keep her family together in the aftermath, dealing with lack of supplies, missing family members, gas leaks, and radiation sickness It s plainly told and very domestic, but undernea [...]

    2. how limited nuclear war 1950 affects middle class american housewife fantasy science fiction of the era war imagined not truly devastating war disrupts everyday life but life continues interesting aspect that this war is all as experienced by women, housewife, maid, daughters very immediate, very domestic, family, doctors not the end of the world reminds me of a tv miniseries i saw when i was a kid the day after , and critiques of how the nuclear war there was nowhere near as terrifying and comp [...]

    3. Wonderful situation and characters particularly that of the little girl, Ginny The sort of homey verisimilitude found here is precisely the element that was lacking in so much earlier scifi, and demonstrates how like a breath of fresh air it was as women began to write it Unfortunately though I have to say that the writing here is a bit pulpy throughout, and I think it would ve benefited enormously from tightening and a blue pencil otherwise I would ve given it the full 5 stars Incidentally, th [...]

    4. Gladys, the mom, is an irrational, stubborn, hysterical, cowardly woman who shows zero growth in this book and I just want to slap her The other women are fabulous and carry her pitiful self throughout.

    5. When her maid calls in sick, Westchester housewife Gladys Mitchell is forced to stay home and do the laundry and chores herself a fact that saved her life, given that New York City is obliterated in a surprise atomic attack Urged to stay indoors by radio announcers, Gladys struggles through the day despite crushing uncertainties about the fate of her husband Jon When her daughters teenage Barbara Barbie and toddler Virginia Ginny arrive home from school, Gladys must overcome the obstacles of liv [...]

    6. Another midcentury post apocalypse book This one was written in 1950, and I was pleased to get a first edition from a used book seller That s always fun.This was not one of my favorites I liked the premiseburban housewife, in the basement doing laundry, notices a bright flash outside It takes her a while to realize exactly what has happened Her husband was in the city on business that day, and of course, the city was hit Will Jon make it back to Gladys Only time will tell Gladys has to deal with [...]

    7. What a hidden gem, I really enjoyed this book.The majority of this book is actually centered around the lives of women, albeit somewhat repressed Cold War era women trapped in suburban post apocalypse, but the whole story is about how you navigate the void in all services guidance that follows cataclysm in the absence of the patriarchical structures you are accustomed to acquiescing on a normal day to day basis.I d stop short of calling it a feminist framing of the end of the world, but is surel [...]

    8. It s kind of crazy how callous we today have grown about the idea of nuclear war, using it as a pretext for escapist fantasies of survivalism and or degeneracy and as a cheeky, vaguely edgy component of retro chic Shadow on the Hearth takes it as seriously as possible, aiming to educate the homemakers of 1950 how best to keep calm and carry on The amenities you take for granted will disappear one by one Radiation turns the commonest inanimate objects into carriers of invisible deadly disease Doc [...]

    9. One of the few 1950s era novels dealing with the immediate consequences of nuclear war that was written by a wonan and from the perspective of a female protagonist Merril captures the transition from confused and helpless suburban wife and mother to a survivor with the strength to deal with privation and illness with skill.

    10. Ridiculous and unrealistic, and I only read it because I had to for grad school, but oddly compelling

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