The Edge Chronicles 10: The Immortals: The Book of Nate

The Edge Chronicles The Immortals The Book of Nate It s five hundred years into the third age of flight and mighty phraxships steam across the immensity of the Deepwoods plying their lucrative trade between the three great cities But all across the E

  • Title: The Edge Chronicles 10: The Immortals: The Book of Nate
  • Author: Paul Stewart Chris Riddell
  • ISBN: 9781846577048
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Audio CD
  • It s five hundred years into the third age of flight and mighty phraxships steam across the immensity of the Deepwoods, plying their lucrative trade between the three great cities But all across the Edge, trouble is brewing The goblin clans are preparing for war And a storm is gathering, unlike any that has been seen before.When the life of Nate Quarter, a young lampligIt s five hundred years into the third age of flight and mighty phraxships steam across the immensity of the Deepwoods, plying their lucrative trade between the three great cities But all across the Edge, trouble is brewing The goblin clans are preparing for war And a storm is gathering, unlike any that has been seen before.When the life of Nate Quarter, a young lamplighter, is threatened, he is forced to flee from the phraxmines of the Eastern Woods to the mighty city of Great Glade He is propelled on an epic journey of self discovery that encompasses tournaments, battles, revolutions And a final encounter with the Immortals themselves Can he and the friends he makes along the way discover the truth about the past and ensure the future of the Edge The Immortals concludes the Quint, Twig and Rook sagas But is also a great way to begin reading The Edge Chronicles the internationally best selling fantasy series and discover the Quint, Twig and Rook trilogies for the first time.Then new and old readers can join a whole new adventure with the Cade saga the fourth and latest trilogy in The Edge Chronicles.

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    1. Paul Stewart is a highly regarded author of books for young readers from picture books to football stories, fantasy and horror Together with Chris Riddell he is co creator of the bestselling Edge Chronicles, which has sold than three million copies and is available in over twenty languages They have also collaborated together on lots of other exciting books for children of all ages The Far Flung Adventure series includes the Gold Smarties Prize Winner Fergus Crane, and Corby Flood and Hugo Pepper, both Silver Nestle Prize Winners Then there are the Barnaby Grimes books, two Muddle Earth adventures, and the sci fi Scavenger and fantasy Wyrmeweald trilogies For younger readers there is the Blobheads series, while for the very young, Paul has written several picture books, including the Rabbit and Hedgehog series, In the Dark of the Night and, his latest, Wings.Other authors by this name disambiguation Note Paul Stewart business and management books


    The Edge Chronicles 10: The Immortals: The Book of Nate Comment

    1. A fantastic end to the series After being SO disappointed the design was changed this matters to me, and the look of the book was why I picked up the first one all those many yrs ago in Harvard Bookstore , I was half hearted to begin But this turned out to continue the series in true form great adventures, strong characters of both genders, strong morality greed bad Respect the environment , All the wonderful creatures and fantastic settings I m still struck by the quality range of vocabulary I [...]

    2. Plot Were do I even start This final book surpassed my expectations Stewart weaves in pieces from the original nine books, leaving a true fan such as myself tearing up at the little mentions of the past stories The actions keeps you interested all the way until the end, even creating a sort of false ending 100 pages until the actual end.Characters Nate is a new character, having not been born in any of the previous trilogies We learn about his life and are swept up into his adventures with Eudox [...]

    3. Frakken amazing This is the Edge Chronicles near it s finest The characters are fun The Professor is my favorite , the plot is very interesting, and it HAS SO MUCH TO IT This book is delves at least a little into nearly every theme I can think of, with some politics, military, action, adventure, and all that stuff we that love the Edge Chronicles for The advances in technology are a very believable step forward from the previous books The illustrations are frigging fantastic , and greatly enhanc [...]

    4. I ve been a huge fan of this series ever since I read Beyond the Deepwoods years ago This has been on my shelves for years too I ve put off reading it due to the sheer size nearly 700 pages and the fact my copy is hardback it isn t really the kind of thing you want to carry around in your bag all day.This is a single volume story instead of the usual trilogy I m not sure what the decision was behind that, because in my opinion this reads like a trilogy crammed into a single tome The story is the [...]

    5. It took FOREVER to get interesting The first two hundred pages are just, well, boring Otherwise, It was awesome and amazing I loved that it explained stone sickness I was starting to wonder if the author would ever tell the reader what caused it I liked to see Twig, Rook, and Quint back again It was sad to depart The World of The Edge Chronicles, but the story has to come to an end sometime But the thing that I liked most about it was how the whole series intertwines with one another, but not en [...]

    6. This was simultaneously epic, legendary, and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Aside from reading the next book, I m afraid I can t function momentarily and the rest of this review my emotions after reading this book will have to be expressed in GIFs.

    7. This turned out to be a great book I started reading it with very high expectations, and I must say I was a little disappointed at first It seems to me that in The Edge Chronicles the ending is the best part, and in The Immortals it just took too long to get there But once you do get to it, the end is so spectacular all the critism is hard to remember.

    8. The past entwines throughout and finally resolves the plot in a comparitively weaker lightning light from the sky finale Orphan Nate flees corrupt mine with resourceful goblin Slip Add fourthlings pointy eared skinny human type smart Professor and pretty Eudoxia, plus gigantic furry banderbear Weelum The five friends explore amazing lands and escape heart pounding danger.

    9. bookwhales 2012 03Book Hoarder here Sorry for the lack of review It s been 1 week since my last review and finally here s a new one Its the last book for the Edge Chronicles If you don t know this book then where were you all this time nah just joking The Edge Chonicles is very unique story which transcends time and connects the faith of 4 young lads The Immortals is the last book for the Edge and the story revolves around young Nate Quarter and his adventure on the Third Age of Flight.The book [...]

    10. A really good ending to the whole Edge Chronicles series This is the longest volume in the series, and is probably like double the length of the previous volumes This makes it a really satisfying read with plenty of time to introduce new characters, take us to a whole host of new and interesting locations all across the lands and beyond We meet new races, creatures and plants, and old Riddell s artwork remains an excellent accompaniment to the story and brings the world to life, not only throug [...]

    11. The Edge Chronicles are some of the most imaginative and inventive books I ve ever read and for that reason alone will always be among my favourite and most highly recommended books Though the plots are often simple possibly a good thing for younger readers they are full of adventure and fantastic places, characters, and creatures wonderfully illustrated by Chris Riddell.This book absolutely lives up to the rest in that regard And it adds a lot to the world of the Edge, giving us a look at how i [...]

    12. In spite of people attempting to live in great cities, the remembrance of the great skyships looms large in many memories, so much so that this book takes place in what is called the Third Age of Flight Mr Stewart has put great care into building his Edge world Its many denizens are outlined with exquisite detail both to character and livelihood Many old faces reappear and new races are introduced New allies, dangerous enemies and ancient evil and good all add their own touch to this enchanting [...]

    13. The first thing I thought of when I started reading Hey, it s steampunk This reads very much like a steampunk Edge Chronicles it takes place 500 years after the Rook trilogy and technology has advanced a lot Of course, it s not technically steampunk, but it had a steampunk feel to it I guess you could call it phraxpunk I loved all the references to the past and to the three trilogies characters, events, places, etc I also liked the fact that this could be a stand alone book you don t have to rea [...]

    14. Having read and loved the previous books in the Edge Chronicles, I was excited to revisit its world, creatures, and heartfelt themes in The Immortals But The Immortals surprised me with a new age in the Edge, with new technology, geography, and values that had me nostalgic for the good old days of stormchasing and Undertown, for the times when the Deepwoods were still forbidding and Riverrise was a distant myth However, this change is one of the things that makes the Edge Chronicles so wonderful [...]

    15. The third age of flight is upon us Great phraxships ply their trade across the cities of the Deepwood Young Lamplighter Nate Quarter, used to mines of the eastern woods, finds himself on a physical and emotional quest, amid battles, rebellions and the mystic promise of a solution to immortality itself.Written by Paul Stewart and illustrated by Chris Riddell, The Immortals is the final trilogy of the series, much anticipated by its army of fans Happily, not only does it deliver the most epic and [...]

    16. As is often the case with a beloved fantasy series sometimes it hurts to leave So it is with The Edge Chronicles a universe both intricate in its histories and vibrant in its illustrations The authors have long said that this final volume would serve to unite the characters from the three trilogies that came before and end their stories Seemingly impossible as The Immortals takes place five hundred years after the end of Freeglader , but hey the clue is in the name.I ll start with its fault beca [...]

    17. I have loved this series I m very sad to finish the tenth and final book I would love to go back and read them all again from start to finish, one right after the other If I do, I will enjoy this last book much a second time through This first time through it took me a long time to get drawn into the story Somehow I felt out of step with it It wasn t what I was expecting, and it just felt overly long It didn t help that I only had short amounts of reading time, but even when I had some time I w [...]

    18. Easily my favourite Edge Chronicles book, and that s without the influence of childhood nostalgia that the rest benefit from It s about twice as long, and that extra space is used to spectacular effect, showing so much of the world and its flora, fauna, culture, civilization, technology, and mythology This book can be easily picked up and read as a standalone but yet also makes constant references to the previous books and their in world history, which is perfect for fans of the series The devel [...]

    19. Having already read the previous books in The Edge Chronicles in their entirety, I already had all the back history before starting out on reading this, the last and most ambitious episode in the saga Not that it would have mattered if I hadn t the characters, although with a firm history which is alluded to throughout, are all new and this is set many years after the previous trilogies have ended.I m pleased to say that the allusion that this can be read as a stand alone or as an introduction t [...]

    20. On rereading this I m downgrading its star rating because while it did tie together a lot of loose ends in the series, and it did have the same magical creativity, lovable characters, and strong plot that defined this series, I realized this time around that the final solutions came from outside the main character Not outside the storyline, mind you, so much better than many other books, and almost certainly better than I could do , but still, the main character was not so much a hero as an axis [...]

    21. I must say that The Edge Chronicles Series has been one of my favorite ones of all time to read The imagination that Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell have is astonishing They really made this series enjoyable and the illustrations were fantastic I am sad that this is the last book Maybe another one about Nate Quarter will appear because I feel like you are left wondering about him in the end Definitely a series to read Favorite Passage As they rose above the forest canopy, the sweet smell of bruis [...]

    22. I really do love this whole series and I am sad that this will be the final book I was surprised how long this book is in comparison to the other books in the series it s about three times as long I loved how everything from all the books came together in this final book It was a little bit of a slow start, but it picked up and I got engrossed in the story and characters I love Chris Riddles illustrations I can t wait to go back and read the series from start to finish I m sure there are plenty [...]

    23. The Immortals by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell was a thrilling book It had a ton of excitement and adventure in it The genre is fantasy The Immortals was the greatest book in all of The Edge Chronicles I liked the entire book The best part of the book was when Nate Quarter was at the thousand sticks tournament When he reached the top of the pole, someone pushed him off Then, he fell to the ground Next, Nate and his friends escaped Great Glade, where they lived After that, he and his friends wen [...]

    24. I ve loved all the Edge books so I was torn to find out this was the final volume in the series The first thing that shocked me was the size of the book It is by far three times as big as the other volumes The illustrations in this book are excellent and keep the tradition alive Stewart does an amazing job of showing us what s become of the Edge inhabitants in the future A new hero by the name of Nate is the main character but he soon finds himself among a growing gaggle of new friends that help [...]

    25. In The Immortals, by Paul Stewart, there is an amazing supply of mythical creatures and beasts In the book, there is an orphaned boy trying to find his way in the world, with the help of his fantastical friends, as a result, most people probably wouldn t be able to put this book down There is plenty of action, which helps make this great book even legendary There is also plenty of fantasy, which helps the whole book move along nice and smoothly In conclusion, The Immortals, by Paul Stewart, is [...]

    26. it started a bit slow but it got faster and extreme as it went along ive been an edge fan for such a long time and this book was definately a great edition and finale the end blew me out of the water i did NOT see that coming fantastic i guess now since the edge chrinicles are over, ill have to start reading the barnaby grimes series hahah im pretty exicted for that too paul stewart and chris riddel make such an excellent team their stories and illustrations are so well thought out and amazing [...]

    27. The Edge is one of the greatest fantasy series ever written Period.This book was a little longer than I would have expected an Edge book to be the beginning dragged a bit, and frankly, I was a bit bored and kept flipping ahead to find out what would happen next However, when I finally got to the end of the book and the series , I wasn t disappointed Things picked up very quickly, and before I knew it, I was done The ending is spectacular, and I am quickly making room on my bookshelves to accommo [...]

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