Children of the Matrix

Children of the Matrix The publisher claims that we are born into a world controlled by unseen forces that have plagued and manipulated humanity for thousands of years David Icke exposes these forces and their methods of hu

  • Title: Children of the Matrix
  • Author: David Icke
  • ISBN: 9780953881017
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback
  • The publisher claims that we are born into a world controlled by unseen forces that have plagued and manipulated humanity for thousands of years David Icke exposes these forces and their methods of human control and he claims to reveal a fantastic web of global manipulation, orchestrated by forces beyond this physical realm.
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      David Icke

    About Author

    1. David Icke is a writer and public speaker He has toured all over world giving presentations and has written over 10 books sharing his research and views regarding the current state of society and global events.Former BBC television sports presenter and British Green Party spokesman.David s Facebook page facebook pages David I


    Children of the Matrix Comment

    1. Talking bollocks generally means talking nonsense orFrom WikiI ve known him for several years now and some of his conspiracy theories may well deserve some closer attention All in all, evidence is still the great challenge he faces.Just present it, please.Some of the areas I find promising are next 1 The moon as a transmitter a planetoid something that was placed there in orbit to manipulate human beings For me it s still hard to understand the Saturn connection in the transmission process Radio [...]

    2. I gave it three stars because it s unintentionally hilarious Icke is an utter loon but it gets super tedious and predictable after a while it s not complicated just delusional, paranoid and totally whacked out Icke will probably accuse me of being a lizard if he ever sees this review.

    3. i have always been a great believer in David Ickes books since I read this one, it is a bit unsettling if you do not have an open mind or a little humour it is a great book a little fact and to me a lot of fiction, but all in all a great read it makes you question some ideas on things and there is a lot of facts that can be proven by science and past events So i would say get the book and enjoy the read If you have ever questioned life in general then this book is for you.

    4. I had to shove this book under fantasy and sci fi as much as in a reality box as it is fairly out there be honest I m not sure I can accept some of the claims made in the book but Ickes scatter gun approach to conapiracy theory and research can t be dismissed.cally as he hits various targets he hits a few Bulls prefer his truth can set you free book but this is an entertaining and in parts informative book despite your beliefs.

    5. If you know anything about me, you should know that I, if anything at all, love conspiracy nuts, especially the ones that believe the world is controlled by the world s most powerful men, who also happen to be a disguised reptillian race from another dimension A , David Icke.

    6. This guy is nuts Worse, he s not terribly original His theories are bizarre but perhaps aside from the bit about the most powerful people in the world being descended from lizards are mostly culled from previous nut jobs theories.

    7. Icke compiles a generous amount of information on pretty much the whole scene of alternative research of the time I refuse to use the term conspiracy theory , as it was created by the CIA in 67 to discredit others Because of the wealth of information, this book is great for individuals new to looking deeper into such topics, and for thorough explanations of the connections and their reasons By the end of the book, a new reader will have a wholesome view on the claims made of the world stage Thos [...]

    8. I let myself get really into this material when I read it and it really freaked me out for a little I believe in a lot of governmental conspiracies, but where he takes this is quite outlandish, literally He seems a bit aggressive for my liking It is not to say that a possible reptilian race, multidimensional or not, might exist, but how many fingers he points at There is a lot of talk in this about snake personification in ancient cultures, but that also can mean understanding of DNA I have a li [...]

    9. One star is simply not a low enough rating for this trash I still can t decide whether or not Icke is joking or whether he actually believes an interdimensional race of reptile aliens has secretly controlled the governments of the world for thousands of years from invisible space ships in orbit around our planet Either way, laughable.

    10. If you have an open mind and want to look beyond this reality that we think is real, you ll be astounded as to what s really going on this planet and who s in charge.

    11. This book is what started everything for me It is so amazing, it has been passed around now for a few years and everyone who reads it is changed MUST READ

    12. If you are just now discovering alternative realities of the world, in other words, if you are awakening for the first time out of the conditioned indoctrinated mindset then save this book for later because it won t make sense and its theories will seem absurd You must have a deep understanding of history, banking, finance, secret societies , the illuminati, the new world order the fascist global agenda and you should have an understanding of the Sumerian, Egyptian, and Greek mythology You must [...]

    13. In Children of the Matrix, David Icke weaves together another confusing chain of mysterious connections that prove the human race is captive to a race of reptilian controllers who have us confined dimensionally on Prison Planet Earth.From his perspective on the Isle of Wight, Icke claims to understand the rest of the world, never realizing how little he actually knows He is especially ignorant of American customs and culture and too quick to ascribe evil intent to every action of every U.S polit [...]

    14. Icke took a long while to grow on me, but I have been a fan for about a couple of years now This was the first of his books that I decided to tackle I attempted to read it in a de constructive way, distancing my thoughts away from the cultural view of David Icke himself, and read as though it was written by somebody entirely different I also read this book straight after finishing a book on evidence for pre historic, lost civilizations That book made no implications what so ever of possible alie [...]

    15. The parts related to the ancient history is very wrong in my opinion There is a big confusion there However, the information Mr Icke let us know about the blood lines and family connection of the elite is quite impresive The irony is that these people in the power are not human like us in the sense of being a human, no compession, no love They drink blood all right, not literally perhaps but they drink the blood of the innocent people, don t they

    16. Aliens Control everything And they are from a parralel dimension And they are Lizards I gave it 5 stars cause even though the material is absurd it makes it worth reading like its worth watching Attack of The Killer Clowns on vhs.

    17. Testimonies, testimonies, not that last bit of evidence David Icke is very articulate but that isn t enough to convince me.

    18. Reading this with an open mind will still blow you away with some of Icke s conspiracies About 98% nonsense with about 2 % interesting facts

    19. It doesn t get any farther out than this I couldn t believe the things in here but if you do the research s true Nothing is as it seems.

    20. In Children of the Matrix, David I ll believe anything for money Icke has managed to produce a remarkable cross between a heavily referenced academic treatise, an informal rant involving the word willy at than one point and an extended advert for all his other works and those of his pals If someone asked for a recommendation of a conspiracy book and was unfamiliar with any of the great conspiracies, I would recommend this as a comprehensive guide to and ambitious combination of every conspiracy [...]

    21. Ahh where do I startThe core of this book is that an alien race is controlling our governments, which IMO is a plausible concept This book presents some undeniable facts that make you go hmm this makes sense ButBut on the other hand, the author makes claims that reach the realm of fantasy Even though the author s previous books were extraordinary and have build some credit to these concepts, this book totally ruins that credit.This book shouldn t exist Or at least, the author should ve done bac [...]

    22. This guy is a charlatan a complete shill and con artist If any of what he said was true, then he would have long been disappeared He mixes half truths in with some fantasy plot in an attempt to keep a readership group interested enough to buy his next fantasy plot.His website is basically a special interest agenda collective of well below average intelligence people, who he may perfectly fit the sheople he roundly chastises in his books Anyone who has anything interesting or thought provoking to [...]

    23. many sections are hard to read with an open mind Logic tells us we have no choice but to think Icke is crazy and throw out all his ideas But I don t believe that I don t believe everything he claims, but he had a simple, important message there is a hole in our history and in out understanding of how the world works The majority of power and wealth remains in the hands of the few because we, the many, allow them Through willful blindness we remains slaves to a prison system because it is easier [...]

    24. The Dragon Lost Scrolls of the Alive Cosmic Sea There will be dragons human knights to fight them, to work with them, to learn how they travel trough the stars To know the space between the spaces The Time between times.

    25. I gave this book two stars, which in lingo means it was okay Sure, it was okay, provided the reader can get past the premise that the world is being controlled by an inter dimensional race of elite, blood drinking, Satan worshiping, Lizards.

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