Ramses: The Lady of Abu Simbel

Ramses The Lady of Abu Simbel Saga about ancient Egypt the powerful struggle between Ramses his enemies

  • Title: Ramses: The Lady of Abu Simbel
  • Author: Christian Jacq Mary Feeney
  • ISBN: 9780446673594
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • Saga about ancient Egypt the powerful struggle between Ramses his enemies.

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      Christian Jacq Mary Feeney

    About Author

    1. Christian Jacq is a French author and Egyptologist He has written several novels about ancient Egypt, notably a five book suite about pharaoh Ramses II, a character whom Jacq admires greatly.Jacq s interest in Egyptology began when he was thirteen, and read History of Ancient Egyptian Civilization by Jacques Pirenne This inspired him to write his first novel He first visited Egypt when he was seventeen, went on to study Egyptology and archaeology at the Sorbonne, and is now one of the world s leading Egyptologists.By the time he was eighteen, he had written eight books His first commercially successful book was Champollion the Egyptian, published in 1987 As of 2004 he has written over fifty books, including several non fiction books on the subject of Egyptology.He and his wife later founded the Ramses Institute, which is dedicated to creating a photographic description of Egypt for the preservation of endangered archaeological sites.Between 1995 1997, he published his best selling five book suite Rams s, which is today published in over twenty five countries Each volume encompasses one aspect of Ramesses known historical life, woven into a fictional tapestry of the ancient world for an epic tale of love, life and deceit.Jacq s series describes a vision of the life of the pharaoh he has two vile power hungry siblings, Shanaar, his decadent older brother, and Dolora, his corrupted older sister who married his teacher In his marital life, he first has Isetnofret Iset as a mistress second Great Wife , meets his true love Nefertari first Great Wife and after their death, gets married to Maetnefrure in his old age Jacq gives Ramesses only three biological children Kha emweset, Meritamen she being the only child of Nefertari, the two others being from Iset and Merneptah The other children are only young officials trained for government and who are nicknamed sons of the pharaoh.


    Ramses: The Lady of Abu Simbel Comment

    1. this series is interesting in many ways they are not books i find very engrossing but they lead me to reflect on various matters is culinary often when i read i find i start to cook and eat in ways mentioned in the book i particularly liked the honeyed spiced figs i made as my ramses tributee author is described as a foremost egyptologist he may well be he is certainly a great lover of ancient egypt these novels seem to tell of an ideal society, where all people are valued, justice is sought, an [...]

    2. O autor praticamente usa esse livro para amarrar os eventos resultantes do conflito entre eg psios e hititas, cujo cl max ocorrera no livro 3, A Batalha de Kadesh O acerto de paz entre os pa ses ap s a guerra levaria d cadas para se consolidar, atrav s de v rias a es diplom ticas e a lenta morte de um imperador Hitita view spoiler Boa parte do livro gasta narrando tais desdobramentos e com Rams s viajando e desfilando pelo Egito construindo templos A quebra de parad gma transformando o conhecido [...]

    3. This is getting boring.if it weren t for the fact that there were only one left in the series, I would thorw in the towel Ramses s story could have been told in one book A longer bookbut one Nice to hear about the author s interpretation, but how many times to we have to hear that Nefertari was the most beautiful woman in the world, but not as pretty as Isetd even though Iset was in love with Ramses she knew she could not be his royal wifec Blah blah.

    4. Tento diel je asi najlep z celej pental gie P ilo sa mi najm , ako si Jacq pretvoril exodus idov na ele s Ramzesov m priate om Moj i om Bola to pr jemn zmena pozera sa na tieto udalosti z in ho poh adu, v ktorom s Egyp ania t dobr a Hebreji teda hlavne Moj i t zl , e v etk ch 10 r n egyptsk ch boli len norm lne pr rodn kazy, e te aj ten prechod cez erven bol len kaz zvan trstinov V etko to bolo asn.Po as tania som sa najviac b la o 2 postavy O Chaa, ktor ako prvoroden syn, mal v poslednej rane [...]

    5. Evet yine Hz.Musa hakk nda yalan yanl yaz lan bir ok ey olmas na ra men maceral bir kitap daha okumu olduk Kitaptaki en g zel ey M s r halk n n siyaseten i leyi i Sizlere verilen de er k t insanlar olsada aydinlatiliyor, en k k bir ey bile ihmal edilmiyor, her ey kay t alt na al nmaya al l yor ve en guzelide herkes do ru yoldan kmamak hele hele kimseye hakaret ve iftira atmadan guzelce ya arsa hi bir sorun olmadan ya ayabiliyor.

    6. Totally loved this Another great one to the series, already onto the 5th and last one of the saga I discovered a new passion for historical fiction with these books historical fiction because I learned much about ancient Egypt than I ever did and visiting a museum in Berlin about ancient Egypt only accentuated my passion for it

    7. I was not as much of a fan of this book as I have been of the previous three However, I think the strength of the series overall is how it relates the Egyptian ideology not by stating fact, but by entwining those beliefs into the actions of the characters Nerfertari is repeatedly hailed as the most beautiful, the most lovely, the most sweet As if she were a goddess on earth Which she absolutely was For Egyptians Even as Second Wife, Iset is never truly jealous of Nefertari Because Ma at is the u [...]

    8. This one gets a bonus star for the whole section on the plagues of Egypt Way back when I attended a C of E primary school In the five years I was there, I think we covered most of the Bible in a format suitable for small children, of course One of the most popular areas was the whole story of Moses and the Egyptians, and the plagues The Egyptians trembled in fear before the wrath of God as He sent one plague after another Jacq has gone something of a different route, and it was brilliant I won t [...]

    9. Ce roman consacr la vie du pharaon Rams s II est une merveille de l histoire mise la port e de tous.Le lecteur n a pas besoin de se r f rer un livre d gyptologie pour se plonger dans la peau du grand personnage qui peut inspirer de la sympathie comme de la crainte.Heureusement,l auteur de ce chef d oeuvre ne s est pas contenter d un seul bref passage sur la vie pleine de rebondissements et de magie du pharaon il nous donne l occasion de poursuivre notre d couverte et nos aventures dans lesquelle [...]

    10. I found this book to be right in the middle, it is not too impressive but it was not that bad One thing that quite annoyed me was how Nefertari was being described as this perfect woman she was like goddess I know that the Egyptians used to believe that the pharaoh was a god but im not that kind of person who loves to read or hear idealised stories of historical figures I m much interested in knowing what happened for real like how was their relationship in reality Nefertari was never jealous o [...]

    11. Book 4 in the Ramses series finds the Pharaoh fighting foes on both the physical and metaphysical levels Evil walks the land of the Nile and won t rest until Pharaoh is destroyed I ve enjoyed this series not only because it s about Egypt and one of it s greatest rulers, but because it shows the human side behind the power Ramses might be the most powerful man in the known world but that doesn t protect him from tragedy and personal loss He still agesw foes arise.d the burden to protect his peopl [...]

    12. Read this realising I was joining mid story, which became evident, though the plot managed to keep together without too much problem for me Another quite lightweight historical fiction Lots going on at a grand scale, though not very much actually going on at a small scale Much of the time is disjointed by bringing the story of characters further afield up to date, but little in the way of moment to moment continuity, which left me feeling still an observer rather than a participant in the story. [...]

    13. Nel romanzo viene lasciato molto spazio alle diatribe ereditarie degli Ittiti e finalmente viene approfondito maggiormente il personaggio di Asha che, in quanto diplomatico, colui che si occupa dei rapporti con questo popolo bellicoso Anche i progetti di Mos di lasciare l Egitto hanno grande importanza in questo quarto volume, anche se devo ammettere che il suo personaggio qui presentato in modo abbastanza diverso da come viene classicamente dipinto in realt sembra un invasato abbastanza ottuso [...]

    14. If it hadn t been for all the religious stuff it just becomes too much in these books , I love to follow Ramses, his friends, and his enemies But often it get s a bit silly, and over the top, too much about Gods and religiousness I DON T mind these things in moderate I know that the Gods were very important in ancient Egypt, but sometimes the author takes it a bit too far The moments in between tho are exciting, fun and truly an enjoyment to read.

    15. Last book on the shelf kind of read When you can t be bothered making the trip to the library Weird, disjointed ideas, in places it felt like it was written by a student, it seemed to vacillate between trying to retell history to science fiction and an attempt at romance thrown in and then abandoned Didn t like it, won t be reading the others in the series that I have bought luckily at a book fair, so no big money lost.

    16. A very entertaining historical thriller novel I hadn t read any other books from the series, but it was easy to get into the spirit of Ancient Egypt Generally the novel is full of action, expect some short descriptions, which are never too boring Maybe towards the end it slowed a little, and the ending was quite rushed, to be honest the final battle is dealt with in a couple of pages.

    17. I remember this book being better than it is, but then I did first read it over a decade ago The characters are two dimensional and the author likes to show off his Egyptian knowledge The story of Moses is treated with contempt despite the magic of the Egyptians being rendered as truth Disappointing.

    18. One thing I don t quite get it s the store about Moses.It s smudged and a little bit different if to compare to the original story.But The whole impression is very,very good I like the series about Ramses, it s fantastic and impressive.Easy to read and grasp the whole meaning of the book,even if you don t know the foundations of the story and religion of the Ancient Egypt.

    19. I like historical fiction and the Ramses Series definitely fits in that category The story is continuing to move as I enter the 5th and last book This particular book was simply of the same I guess I may be reading too much without a break in content I m just getting bored with the subject but am fanatical enough that I just have to finish the series now that I have started it.

    20. The fourth book is a good continuation of the series If you know Ramses history you know that he lived to be around 90 and outlived almost everyone he knew This book takes the story up to the passing away of Nefertiti his Royal Wife Solid book with some good reading Makes me wonder what is left for the last book.

    21. Oh yes, what an entry in the series Much emotional than the previous parts, this book is a highlight in the series that keeps it interesting and intriguing No question that I have to move on to the next and sadly last part of the series.

    22. The most tenderful sight of a man s sorrow facing the greatest loses of his life, while knowing he must not crumble because of the immensity of the burden he has upon his shoulders the weight of the world.

    23. Though still an interesting story from a historical point of view, it annoys me to no end that we have to hear in every sentence about Nefertari that she s beautiful and so from day to day Or how much her and Ramses love for each other grows all the time.

    24. This was an excellent book The history was quite accurate as were the everyday activities The characters were multi dimensional unlike many historical fictions involving royalty There was enough action and intrigue to interest all readers The writing style was fantastic.

    25. 26.8.2006Jacq, Christian Abu Simbelin valtiatar Ramses, La Dame d Abou Simbel, 1996 9 Kuolemia t ynn oleva nelj s osa J nnitys on pysyny yll ja poikkeuksellisesti mit n ei j erityisesti kesken lopussa Viel yks osa j ljell , siihen tarttunen seuraavaks.

    26. I m generally not one for historical fiction, I prefer my history unvarnished But I do tip my hat to Christian Jacq, he did a than respectable job at re telling the story of Ramses with enough dramatic flair to keep the reader s attention.

    27. I read this grown up novel when I was 9 years old, and it is supposed to be rated PG Even so, the story was vivid and I liked it I love Egyptian history and myths on account of my name belonging to an ancient Egyptian queen.

    28. En esta parte de la novela me he dado cuenta que mucho de lo que hoy tenemos tiene una ra z en el antiguo Egipto una cultura de la que debemos aprender ya que tambi n hasta cierto punto fueron tan civilizados como nosotros ahora y tal ves incluso mas.

    29. PerfectPerfect in every line A beautiful story about one of a kind leader Now going to the last book The conclusion.

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