Lone Star Cinderella

Lone Star Cinderella Could Prince Charming be an ornery cowboy Not that history teacher Melody Chandler is looking for her prince Her troubled brother takes all her spare energy But the town matchmakers must have Seth Tur

  • Title: Lone Star Cinderella
  • Author: Debra Clopton
  • ISBN: 9780373814152
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • Could Prince Charming be an ornery cowboy Not that history teacher Melody Chandler is looking for her prince Her troubled brother takes all her spare energy But the town matchmakers must have Seth Turner in mind for her Because the handsome rancher keeps charging over to the historic house she s renting on his land, demanding she leave his family history alone Well, itCould Prince Charming be an ornery cowboy Not that history teacher Melody Chandler is looking for her prince Her troubled brother takes all her spare energy But the town matchmakers must have Seth Turner in mind for her Because the handsome rancher keeps charging over to the historic house she s renting on his land, demanding she leave his family history alone Well, it s his family who gave her permission to study the Turner past and it sure is juicy What is Seth so afraid she ll find If the Mule Hollow matchmakers have their way, it s the key to his heart

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      Debra Clopton

    About Author

    1. Award winning, Bestselling author Debra Clopton has sold over 2.5 million books and her holiday story, OPERATION MARRIED BY CHRISTMAS has been optioned for an ABC Family Movie Debra is known for her snappy dialogue, cowboy heroes and spunky heroines set in Texas Her awards include The Book Sellers Best, Romantic Times Magazine s Book of the Year She s also a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Finalist, and a triple finalist in the American Christian Fiction Writers Carol Award A sixth generation Texan, Debra lives on a ranch in central Texas with her husband Chuck She loves to travel and spend time with her family She is the author of the much loved Mule Hollow Matchmakers series where you never know what the Matchmaking Posse is going to do next She s written for Harlequin Love Inspired and Thomas Nelson Harper Collins Christian and DCP Publishing She is currently working on her 38th novel surrounded by cows, dogs and even renegade donkey herds that keep her writing authentic and often find their way into her stories She loves helping people smile with her fun, fast paced stories Visit Debra s website at debraclopton Check out her Facebook at facebook debraopton.5 Follow her on Twitter at twitter debraclopton Contact her at Debraclopton yamil Sign up for Debra s newsletter and contests at debraclopton contest Debra loves to hear from readers.


    Lone Star Cinderella Comment

    1. Seth Turner of the Turner Creek Ranch finds romance with shy history teacher Melody Chandler in Treasure Me, Cowboy as they embark on a treasure hunt together.Treasure Me, Cowboy deals with how family members suffer when one of the member is addicted to drugs and alcohol The story is a strong Christian romance where faith in God is part of the everyday lives of the community It has humor with the three ladies set on bringing life back to their community by finding brides for the cowboys in the a [...]

    2. I absolutely adored this book Debra keeps you going with quick wit and an endearing tale I just couldn t get enough

    3. Melody Chandler is a history teacher in the elementary school in the small town of Mule Hollow, Texas Frustrated with having to deal with her drug addict brother, Ty, she decides to get away during the month of July to do historical research She finds the perfect project on Turner Creek Ranch, where there s an old stagecoach house containing old journals that might unveil the mystery of the legendary outlaw, Sam Bass The ranch is owned by the three Turner brothers, Wyatt, Seth, and Cole, with Se [...]

    4. I am glad I got this book for free since it would have been a waste of my money otherwise The errors in grammar and spelling bothered me and the times the author tried to have a few people sound like hicks with bad Texas accents I thought the main character Melody acted like a spoiled brat instead of the supposedly Christian woman that she was She was demanding to get her own way where Seth was concerned, staying the the stage coach house, getting upset when Seth didn t want to spread the news a [...]

    5. This book a great start to the Turner Creek Ranch series and I can t wait to read the rest of the books I think I was able to relate pretty easily to Seth Turner as I have a tendency to want to control things myself From the start of the book I was hooked by the interactions between Seth and Melody, the relationship between the three brothers, the humor throughout and the appearance of some of the beloved characters from the Texas Matchmakers Series I felt the way the subject matter of the Melod [...]

    6. When hunting for treasure leads to the unexpectedMelody is a history teacher that is looking for the post treasure hidden by a stagecoach robber from the 1800 s She signs a lease to move into the stagecoach house for the summer break to research Seth doesn t want anyone digging up on his land and demands she leave When the mouse teacher from town turns into a spitfire, he gives up After finding another diary hidden, Seth agrees to help herbut are they looking for treasure or each other

    7. Romance and mysteryMelody is a quiet school teacher who loves history So why not spend the summer researching local folk lore and treasure stories Seth owns a ranch and is hard headed and used to be in control of everything Having Melody living in his stagecoach home is not his idea but he is stuck with it or is he Throughout this book melody and Seth butt heads and the tension I strong but will that bring them together or forever drive a wedge between them.

    8. Fun storyThis was a fun plot However, it was rushed at the end She accepted his love rather suddenly after believing it was impossible And why did he switch his attitude on people knowing his land secrets, other than saying it was a new day I would have enjoyed of the thought process here What did they end up doing with the stagecoach inn Except for her being too stubbornly independent, it was a fun mystery.

    9. Treasure me,CowboyA nice simple story Melody had allowed herself to become a crutch for her brother and his addiction, that she had not allowed herself to assert herself Standing up to Seth brought out her true personality She gained the strength she needed and he learned to become tolerant and understanding Even though they didn t find any treasure, they found each other Would give it 5 stars

    10. WowThis was a very touching book I had a relative who was an addict Not a sibling, but he stole from us to support his addiction It is a blessing to see this issue in a book, its a very emotional issue to go through But all things are possible with God This is a wonderful book that everyone can enjoy, even if you have never dealt with an addicted relative I loved reading this book.

    11. Treasure Me, Cowboy is the first book in the Turner Creek Ranch series After butting heads with Seth, Melody s able to find a mutual connection and form a bond with him Will they be able to get over their baggage and form something or will it hold them back As always, this author writes a book that keeps you interested I definitely recommend it.

    12. Another sweet, clean romance by Debra Clopton History teacher Melody spends the summer doing research at the former stage coach stop belonging to the Turner brothers I liked the journals left by earlier ancestors and the handsome cowboy I recommend Treasure Me, Cowboy to others who enjoy contemporary cowboy stories.

    13. A really sweet storyI do love when a big tough guy is brought to his knees by love But just because Seth admits it first doesn t mean he will fall into line Melody s baggage gives him pause This sweet tale has a good amount of angst and a little bit of mystery and is a good afternoon read.

    14. The first half of the story was okay I kept thinking it s going to lead into something, but it just petered out in the second half The characters were shallow and stereotypical, the editing a tad rough around the edges, and absolutely zero in the passion department Where s the spice This is supposed to be a romance

    15. Love neededMelody Heather Family secret that kept her from seeking relationships Seth do not trust closeness But there was a spark between them they couldn t ignore.Clopton handled a tough subject well touching upon how family members are affected by the actions of other members.

    16. Treasure Me CowboyAlways enjoy books by Debra Clopton Cute story Very current topic drugs combined with history Author makes it easy to visualize the main characters Even though you know they are going to get together, the book gives good feeling Short and sweet Well done

    17. I have enjoyed many books by Debra Clopton, but I found the plot of this story slow reading at times.The behavior of the main characters wasn t convincing to me either, and the ending seemed to be contrived The author s writing is good though which is why I kept reading although the actions in the story seemed hurried.

    18. Enjoyable I liked this book It was a fun read I like how the main characters change as the story progresses Would recommend to anyone who likes stories set in Texas And I like stories set in Texas.

    19. Very Fun Book What a sweet, fun book to read You want regret taking the time to read this one And it has no bad words or explicit scenes Thank goodness So you can read without fear of having your mind cluttered with filth

    20. Treasure of the HeartThank you for this heartwarming story about Melody and Seth The storyline was exciting and the characters were interesting I enjoyed the camaraderie of the folks of Mule Hollow and their closeness to God I look forward to reading of your work.

    21. Free Ebook,book one of series She s reserved and interested in history, he s determined to keep the family history private and away from the public Together they hunt for treasure, finding that love is the best reward of the hunt.

    22. Wonderfully writtenThis book has wonderful characters that you can relate to There is problems that alto of people can understand and have faced themselves I can t wait to read the others in this series

    23. Great readThis is truly one of the great contemporary reads It deals head on with the struggles an addicts family go through I love the characters I would like to live in this town.

    24. TreasureThis was a remarkable book about letting God the control and letting love take hold I love all the emotions that went along with the story you have anger laughter and most of all trusting God.I was kinda sad no treasure but glad they found treasure of love

    25. Wonderfully spectacular reading Definitely thought provoking with all the nuances of Texas as a backdropLove with God in the center of it all Small town family atmosphere, getting to know the people and love them

    26. Good clean romanceI thoroughly enjoyed reading this book It is a sweet, entertaining Christian romance Debra knows how to make a story interesting and intriguing enough to hold your interest.

    27. Ok readI chose this book because it contained cowboys and a historical mystery It had a little humor, a sassy heroine, and a hunky hero But about three fourths of the way through, it got a little heavy on religion through to the end Recommend if you like that.

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