My Tender Matador

My Tender Matador Centered around the attempt on the life of Augusto Pinochet an event that changed Chile forever My Tender Matador is one of the most explosive controversial and popular novels to have been pu

  • Title: My Tender Matador
  • Author: Pedro Lemebel Katherine Silver
  • ISBN: 9780802141873
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback
  • Centered around the 1986 attempt on the life of Augusto Pinochet, an event that changed Chile forever, My Tender Matador is one of the most explosive, controversial, and popular novels to have been published in that country in decades It is spring 1986 in the city of Santiago, and Augusto Pinochet is losing his grip on power In one of the city s many poor neighborhoods wCentered around the 1986 attempt on the life of Augusto Pinochet, an event that changed Chile forever, My Tender Matador is one of the most explosive, controversial, and popular novels to have been published in that country in decades It is spring 1986 in the city of Santiago, and Augusto Pinochet is losing his grip on power In one of the city s many poor neighborhoods works the Queen of the Corner, a hopeless and lonely romantic who embroiders linens for the wealthy and listens to boleros to drown out the gunshots and rioting in the streets Along comes Carlos, a young, handsome man who befriends the aging homosexual and uses his house to store mysterious boxes and hold clandestine meetings My Tender Matador is an extraordinary novel of revolution and forbidden love, and a stirring portrait of Chile at an historical crossroads By turns funny and profoundly moving, Pedro Lemebel s lyrical prose offers an intimate window into the mind of Pinochet himself as the world of Carlos and the Queen prepares to collide with the dictator s own in a fantastic and unexpected way.

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      Pedro Lemebel Katherine Silver

    About Author

    1. Hijo de Pedro Mardones, panadero, y Violeta Lemebel, naci literalmente en la orilla del Zanj n de la Aguada y vivi en medio del barro hasta que, a mediados de los a os sesenta, su familia se mud a un conjunto de viviendas sociales en avenida Departamental.Estudi en un liceo industrial donde se ense aba forja de metal y muebler a y, despu s, en la Universidad de Chile, donde se titul de profesor de Artes Pl sticas Trabaj en dos liceos, de los cuales fue despedido en 1983 presumiblemente por su apariencia, ya que no hac a mucho esfuerzo por disimular su homosexualidad.En sus libros aborda fundamentalmente la marginalidad chilena con algunas referencias autobiogr ficas Su estilo irreverente, barroco y kitsch lo ha hecho conocido en toda hispanoam rica Gay declarado, explica el cambio de su nombre as El Lemebel es un gesto de alianza con lo femenino, inscribir un apellido materno, reconocer a mi madre huacha desde la ilegalidad homosexual y travesti.


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    1. Of Pedro Lemebel, Roberto Bola o has said There is no battlefield on which Lemebel cross dresser, militant, third world champion, anarchist, Mapuche Indian by adoption, a man reviled by an establishment that rejects the truth he speaks, possessor of a painfully long memory hasn t fought and lost Before going on to say In my opinion, Lemebel is one of Chile s best writers and the best poet of my generation, though he doesn t write poetry Bola o recalls a conversation with Lemebel They can t forgi [...]

    2. Es la primera vez que leo un libro de Lemebel Me siento p simo, porque creo que deb leer este libro antes Es un libro MARAVILLOSO, me emocion muchas veces, siento que el autor es tan po tico al describir a los personajes, y sobretodo a la loca de al frente que te hace enganchar f cilmente con ellos y quererlos Me encanta como cosas simples adquieren una atm sfera m gica y como el autor logra crear un amor tan puro que me emociona hasta las l grimas Gracias Lemebel, gracias por tu prosa y por cre [...]

    3. 4.5, rounded up Lemebel, sadly, is virtually unknown in the US and this, I believe, remains his only work translated into English , but his debut novel is a lively, entertaining, and politically astute tale If it can t avoid being reminiscent of Puig s Kiss of the Spider Woman in its admixture of an aging, effeminate, romanticizing homosexual known only via her street name of the Queen of the Corner and a young Marxist revolutionary part of the 1986 plot to assassinate Pinochet , it retains its [...]

    4. An exquisite, nuanced, and erotic tale of love between a Chilean radical and an aging queen This short but colorful story details Pinochet s struggle to maintain power and the radicals who wish to oust him It is a chronicle of the ways in which politics and sexuality play out in the streets of Santiago under the dictator The narrative centers on the intersections of desire and power A fascinating little book, and a lovely translation of an amazing contemporary Chilean writer.

    5. Es mi novela chilena favorita, la quiero leer mil veces.Pedro Lemebel es un artista del lenguaje nico en su sensibilidad y no s lo se queda en la hermosura de su pluma, tambi n es tan inteligente que puede hacer una novela pol tica y a la vez llena de ternura.Amo este libro.

    6. Le a Lemebel por primera vez sintiendo que ya lo hab a le do Su prosa, tan inconfundible y nica es la manifestaci n de una identidad queer que sobrevive desde el margen y se acopla a un lenguaje subersivo Lemebel dec a que escrib a, precisamente, para sobrevivir, y ahora, a tres a os de su muerte, su frase me hace mucho sentido, porque siento que su escritura es una manera de desafiar la geometr a de los centros de poder instaurando una nueva subjetividad en la literatura chilena que siempre hab [...]

    7. Ci siamo incontrati all incrocio di due storie che hanno fatto appena in tempo a stringersi la mano nel mezzo degli eventi Santiago brucia e scalpita nelle proteste sempre pi sfacciate che affrontano nuvole di gas lacrimogeno e manganellate distribuite senza vergogna.E il 1986 Il regime del macellaio Pinochet sempre pi arroccato nella sua malvagia resistenza.Una casa all angolo ed una Fata che canta sulle note di un ritmo latino Ho paura torero, ho paura che stasera il tuo sorriso svanisca Quara [...]

    8. Ho paura torero una storia d a No.Per una lezione d a.D a per l a, per la vita, per la libert.Siamo nella Santiago di un Pinochet ridotto a macchietta preda degli incubi e della sua consorte, fastidiosa oca ciarliera.Nel Cile di Carlos, giovane rivoluzionario che veste i panni dello studente impegnato, ma che appartiene al fronte patriottico Manuel Rodriguez.In questo Cile di Lemebel spicca lei, la magnifica checca persa , Fata dell angolo, quarantenne stropicciato dalla vita e dai dolori che si [...]

    9. Pedro Lemebel has published several collections of chronicles and essays in Chile, but as far as I know this is the only book of his that s been translated into English It s a pity, because his writing is fiercely beautiful My Tender Matador is set during the waning years of the Pinochet regime, and focuses on the relationship between an aging transwoman, the Queen of the Corner one of the other reviewers here expressed offense that the narrator consistently refers to her by female pronouns, but [...]

    10. Five big hearted stars for this queerly delightful love story set during the years of Pinochet s brutal dictatorship.There is a longer review on my blog roughghosts 2017 07 21 it

    11. 1986, anno del fallito attentato a Pinochet una Santiago povera quella che si presenta ai nostri occhi, una casa ad angolo che sta in piedi per miracolo La abita una Fata, piccola e ignorante, uno sgorbio artritico del disa Le sue mani ricamano preziose tovaglie per i ricchi della citt , mentre ascolta canzoni d a alla radio La sua vita fatta di vecchie riviste patinate, stracci e fantasia, finch un giorno incontra Carlos, giovane studente rivoluzionario, che la travolge e la trascina gradualmen [...]

    12. Here are characters we ve seen before the timorous middle aged homosexual who thinks of himself as she the world s most foolish faggot, its silliest sissy queer and the doomed macho activist whom fascism has tossed her way There is the lurid, one sided passion, the brief tortured romance And the sorrow of course because such lovers can never live happily ever after In Latin American literature the locus classicus is Manual Puig s Kiss of the Spiderwoman Molina the gusher, Valentin the martyr.Ped [...]

    13. 2.5I almost liked this novel It went on to an entertaining start the extravagance, the unabashed afternoon soap melodrama I enjoyed some of the theatrics What ticked me off though was the limited omniscience it was too convenient that I felt cheated somehow Despite the political resonance, most of the characters except perhaps the protagonist were unidimensional, heavily predictable Of course I enjoyed the sex parts, but I knew it wanted to give me so much .

    14. I have read absolutely nothing that compares to this book In sum a young Marxist and an old drag queen team up to take down the dictator I don t even know what to say about this It s magical, it s horrifying, it s vivid, it s livid It just needs to be read Also, that gloved reptile will go down as one of my favorite descriptions of a male member ever.

    15. Es una obra magn fica sobre tiranicidio y mariconez Loca del Frente, somos tus herederas Yo tuve algo as como mi propio carlos una vez A adido al canon de la literatura marica torta travesti feminista _ _

    16. Tal vez la historia no sea muy original porque, no muy en el fondo, no es otra cosa que una historia de amor chica sin mayor compromiso social se enamora de un revolucionario y lo ayuda indirectamente y haci ndose la que no sabe en la realizaci n de un atentado Adem s se trata de una historia de amor con rasgos telenoveleros y melodram ticos al mango Pero hay varios elementos que juegan a favor de esta novela breve de Pedro Lemebel El primer simo es la prosa retorcidamente po tica, que llega a m [...]

    17. A pesar de que siempre odio los libros que escogen en mi colegio, este me encant a la vez me rompi el coraz n creo que leer sobre la poca de la dictadura desde el punto de vista de un homosexual y travesti le di un toque muy interesante al libro, tambi n esta lleno de ese humor de las callejero de Santiago Oh y debo mencionar que en los momentos donde narra Pinochet o su esposa, me part a de risa ya que nunca me hab a puesto a pensar en este tipo como si fuera una persona de la cual podr a re rm [...]

    18. Una storia d a originale e permeata di tristezza, sullo sfondo della dittatura di Pinochet Protagonista la Fata dell angolo , un gay anagraficamente maschio ma intimamente femmina Bello l espediente letterario con cui la Fata si rivolge se stesso come una lei , mentre gli altri personaggi lo indicano come un lui E un romanzo tutto al femminile, con la Fata che occupa integralmente la scena Unici personaggi maschili di spessore sono Carlos, enigmatico e sfuggente, e il dittatore Pinochet Costui v [...]

    19. Creo que hay much simas cosas para destacar Primero, est escrito con una prosa sarc stica e irreverente, las voces de los personajes se entremezclan y aparecen personajes como Augusto Pinochet, su esposa Luc a y Gonzalo C ceres, todo esto con la iron a y ficci n que se entrelaza a los hechos reales y comprobables Segundo, nos muestra la vida cotidiana y los pensamientos de la Loca, involucrada sin quererlo en medio de estos j venes y su atentado, y entre sus ideas y quehaceres pintamos la realid [...]

    20. Buen sima novela, con una prosa casi po tica, con un narrador que se pierde entre los pensamientos y las voces de los personajes, que adem s nos muestra en vez de simplemente contar.Ahora, es una pena que en la portada trasera, te digan de frent n que Carlos es un miembro del Frente Patri tico, ya que esta informaci n es revelada en la mitad del libro, dej ndonos durante toda la primera parte con tan pocos datos que solo nos llegaban a deducir que Carlos solo estaba metido en algo extra o.Obra e [...]

    21. 4.5 solo por el hecho de que se me hizo un poco pesado de leer, a pesar de lo corto.Si tuviera que resumir este libro en una palabra, ser a gay Lo repito para que quede claro GAY GAAAAAAAAAY GAYGAYGAYGAY Gay al cubo.Y es por eso mismo me encanta.Porque d nde m s en literatura chilena vas a leer un libro tan sincero sobre la experiencia de ser homosexual en el siglo XX En ninguna parte, mierda Y menos con este nivel de honestidad y sentimiento.La prosa de Lemebel es una cosa de otro mundo, lo po [...]

    22. Lemebel es la voz de las locas con toda autoridad, esa forma de ser que se mantiene en el tiempo, de saber reirse de la propia condicion, de ir con la cabeza erguida cuando todo se pudre, y de esto se trata la historia de la loca del frente, de amor, ilusion y luego desiluci n, aterrizar, en un tono fabuloso, lleno de imagenes profundas y tambien graciosas Lemebel nos escribe con un telon de fondo mas que manoseado, la dictadura, pero lo hace con un personaje tan maravilloso, tan real, que todo [...]

    23. This is the story of unrequited love between a charmingly fatalistic old queen and a young revolutionary We only see the latter through the eyes of the former, so he s sort of a cardboard cutout, but the story is still touching Intercut between episodes of this non romance are disturbing yet wry looks at the despicably evil dictator, Pinochet, and his hilariously shrewish wife The prose is a little peculiar, which could be due either to a too literal translation or perhaps the author has a highl [...]

    24. Despite the offensive synopsis above including the lack of proper pronoun use when referring to the protagonist the book refers to the Queen of the Corner with she her hers pronouns , this book is a truly moving love story It is rare to find literature that successfully challenges readers about issues of gender, sexuality and class and simultaneously achieves such beautifully written prose Definitely worth the read.

    25. Short book, but written in a poetic dance of words and images One of the best written books I ve read It s a fun read and gives a glimpse into life in a country in turmoil and lives of real people and how they deal The queen chasing for love and learning about herself and life GREAT BOOK

    26. I am very happy with the choice I made at the library last week I found this to be a quick read but full of wonderful language It had such beauty in the simplicity of the story Love can be found in even the oddest of places.

    27. Este libro te hace pensar en lo que pas en Chile en la dictadura, la censura, este libro tiene una historia de amor tan bien contada que parece real, Ame a la Loca del Frente y a carlos.

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