Sacred and Profane

Sacred and Profane Los Angeles Police Detective Peter Decker had grown very close to Rina s young sons Sammy and Jake as he had to their mother and he looked forward to spending a day of his vacation camping with the

  • Title: Sacred and Profane
  • Author: Faye Kellerman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Los Angeles Police Detective Peter Decker had grown very close to Rina s young sons, Sammy and Jake, as he had to their mother, and he looked forward to spending a day of his vacation camping with the boys A nice reprieve from the grueling work of a homicide cop until Sammy stumbles upon a gruesome sight Two human skeletons, charred beyond recognition, are identified bLos Angeles Police Detective Peter Decker had grown very close to Rina s young sons, Sammy and Jake, as he had to their mother, and he looked forward to spending a day of his vacation camping with the boys A nice reprieve from the grueling work of a homicide cop until Sammy stumbles upon a gruesome sight Two human skeletons, charred beyond recognition, are identified by a forensic dentist as teenage girls and for Decker, the father of a sixteen year old daughter, vacation time is over Throwing himself professionally and emotionally into the murder case, he launches a very personal investigation a quest that pulls him deep into the crack dens of Hollywood Boulevard and painfully close to the children of the streets and a nightmare world he must make his own.
    Sacred Profane Sacred and Profane is a chamber chorus committed to the accomplished presentation of the rich and varied art of a cappella choral music Our repertoire encompasses a diverse blend of styles and periods, including medieval through contemporary, sacred and secular, traditional, ethnic, and folk styles. Sacred and Profane A Decker Lazarus Novel Decker Lazarus Mar , Sacred and Profane A Decker Lazarus Novel and millions of other books are available for instant access Enter your mobile number or email address below and we ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer no Kindle device required. Sacred and Profane Short Notes for Sociology Sacred and Profane The concepts of sacred and profane are central to Durkheim s theory of religion Durkheim says that the sacred is ideal and transcends everyday existence, it is extra ordinary, potentially dangerous,awe inspiring,fear inducing The sacred refers to things set part by man including religious beliefs,rites,duties or anything Sacred And Profane Encyclopedia The Sacred and The Profane The Nature of The Sacred and the Profane serves as an excellent introduction to the history of religion, but its perspective also encompasses philosophical anthropology, phenomenology, and psychology It will be of concern to anyone seeking to discover the potential dimensions of human existence.

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      Faye Kellerman

    About Author

    1. Faye Kellerman was born in St Louis, Missouri and grew up in Sherman Oaks, California She earned a BA in mathematics and a doctorate in dentistry at UCLA and conducted research in oral biology Kellerman s groundbreaking first novel, THE RITUAL BATH, was published in 1986 to wide critical and commercial acclaim The winner of the Macavity Award for the Best First Novel from the Mystery Readers of American, THE RITUAL BATH introduced readers to Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus, termed by People Magazine Hands down, the most refreshing mystery couple around The New York Times enthused, This couple s domestic affairs have the haimish warmth of reality, unlike the formulaic lives of so many other genre detectives There are well over twenty million copies of Faye Kellerman s novels in print internationally The Decker Lazarus thrillers include SACRED AND PROFANE MILK AND HONEY DAY OF ATONEMENT FALSE PROPHET GRIEVOUS SIN SANCTUARY as well as her New York Times Bestsellers, JUSTICE, PRAYERS FOR THE DEAD listed by the LA Times as one of the best crime novel of 2001 SERPENT S TOOTH JUPITER S BONES, THE FORGOTTEN, STONE KISS, STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS, THE BURNT HOUSE, THE MERCEDES COFFIN and BLINDMAN S BLUFF The novels, STALKER and STREET DREAMS, introduced Kellerman s newest protagonist, Police Officer Cindy Decker In addition to her crime series, Kellerman is also the author of New York Time s bestseller MOON MUSIC, a suspense horror novel set in Las Vegas featuring Detective Romulus Poe, as well as an historical novel of intrigue set in Elizabethan England, THE QUALITY OF MERCY She has also co authored the New York Times Bestseller DOUBLE HOMICIDE, with her husband and partner in crime, Jonathan Kellerman She has also written a young adult novel, PRISM, with her daughter, Aliza KellermanFaye Kellerman s highly praised short stories and reviews have been anthologized in numerous collections including two volumes of the notable SISTERS IN CRIME SERIES, Sara Paretsky s, A WOMAN S EYE THE FIRST ANNUAL YEAR S FINEST CRIME AND MYSTERY STORIES THE THIRD ANNUAL BEST MYSTERY STORIES OF THE YEAR WOMEN OF MYSTERY AND DEADLY ALLIES 11 Her personally annotated collection of her award winning stories, THE GARDEN OF EDEN and OTHER CRIMINAL DELIGHTS, was published in August of 2006 HHer other hobbies include gardening, sewing and jogging if her back doesn t give out She is the proud mother of four children, and her eldest son, Jesse, has just published his fourth novel, THE EXECUTOR, from Putnam She lives in Los Angeles and Santa Fe with her husband, Jonathan, their youngest child, and their French Bulldog, Hugo.


    Sacred and Profane Comment

    1. So, after liking the first 2 of these I read the first I read was one farther along in the series I ve continued to follow our hero es through life.And they have an eventful life.The detective is in love with our heroine Our heroine however is a devout and actually believing and practicing Jew There seems to be no way things can work outeven if they do love each other.Now Peter has to look at his life.Meanwhile psychopaths seem to proliferate.These books are well written The romance growing betw [...]

    2. As a police procedural, this one was better than the first book in the series and exciting though rather violent and harrowing One thing that bugs me is that sometimes Ms Kellerman takes an odd shortcut with the plot e.g a mysterious criminal holds important clues nobody knows much about him except his first name say, Marmarisco you d think that tracking him would be hard but then Chapter x just begins with something like Decker was meeting Marmarisco Marmarisco was going to tell him It feels a [...]

    3. Sacred and Profane is the second book of the Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus series and ends a few months after book 1 left off Decker is coming to grips with his place as a Jew in an attempt to cement a relationship with Rina The book opens while Peter is camping in the mountains with Rina s sons, and on the last day of their vacation, one of the boys discovers two dead bodies As luck would have it, Peter is assigned to the case The mystery components of this book read quickly, leaving me wanting [...]

    4. Good beach read Better than the first in the series In any case, for most genre novels my ratings have to do with entertainment value first, plot consistency second, literary value third.For religious people, the drama around sex and conversion and evil is probably resonating, even if completely mental I find the religious arguments on why child abuse and torture is common and snuff films are permitted by any gods particularly compelling and ridiculous, especially the Rabbi s answers, 1 we don [...]

    5. It s a cute enough schlock series, I suppose As brain candy reading goes, it s not horrible, nor brilliant For me, the extraneous digressions into Judaism here, there and everywhere were very offputting I felt that, as a literary coup, they were poorly done And that is a pity, because I would have loved to see orthodox authors and themes written for outside audiences, and the complex life of Jewish Orthodoxy, which very few people on the outside are actually familiar with, reflected in a mainst [...]

    6. Definitely one of my favorite novels in a set of very ,very, good procedural mysteries with Peter Decker and Rinna Lazarus as main characters Peter Decker is a hard boiled cop detective with a heart of gold who is seriously involved with a much younger devoutly religious woman named Rinna While taking what he hopes to be his step sons camping, the oldest boy and he discover the charred remains of two female victims of pornographic sex ring.The psychological consequences of this discovery and the [...]

    7. The continuing romance of LAPD Sergeant Peter Decker and the ultra orthodox Jewess Rina Lazarus In this episode Peter struggles with the integrity of his newly discovered Jewish faith Born to Jewish parent who gave him up for adoption, Decker was raised by Baptist adoptive parents I began reading from the beginning of the series to find out how Decker converts from Christianity to Judaism It seems that although his adoptive parents were devout Decker has no Sunday School training nor Christian u [...]

    8. I really had trouble getting into this one, perhaps because I didn t read the first one in the series This book was orphaned at my house after a visit by a family member All of the dialogue felt very forced and fake, and the religious elements of the plot felt very forced I know the author is very Orthodox and is perhaps trying to expose readers to her religion, but you really need reference book or a dictionary to know what some of the characters are talking about in some scenes I don t think I [...]

    9. I am on a rereading marathon It is interesting to go back and see the differences time makes to books I am enjoying the series all over again I find the religious sections very interesting, the mysteries and daily life of the cops fascinating and the relationship between Peter and Rina wonderful As a Jew who also married a convert wanted my children to have no doubts the books have a secondary interest for me.

    10. Peter is on a getting to know you camping trip with Rinna s boys when 1 boy finds 2 skeletons in the woods Peter is given the case to solve Menwhile he and Rinna are working through some bumps in the road regarding his conversion to be Jewish.

    11. Das Buch spielt bereits Ende der 80er Merkt man so wirklich eigentlich nur daran, dass Decker kein Mobiltelefon hat Die Problematik des Falls Kinderpornografie, minderj hrige Prostituierte usw ist heute sicher genauso aktuell wie damals Und auch genauso schrecklich Ebenso intensiv wie auf die polizeiliche Arbeit wird auch auf die Beziehung zwischen Peter und der j dischen Witwe Rina eingegangen, und Peter Deckers Bem hungen, sich dem Judentum anzun hern und diese Religion als seine eigene anzune [...]

    12. Delighted to get book 2 in the Pete and Rina series In the first two pages, the burned skeleton of two girls is discovered by Sammy, Rina s younger son The investigation takes Peter into a terrible world involving the victimization of children.The ongoing struggle of the romance between Rina and Peter is challenging Peter is bucking against a celibate life and frustrated with his struggles to study Judaism tries to immerse himself in work Deeply religious, Rina is trying to regain her balance af [...]

    13. I ve read a couple of Peter Decker books in the past and enjoyed them Reading out of order never bothers me This one, I wasn t crazy about In fact this may be the last one I read of the series And, although I enjoy reading about other cultures immensely and enjoyed the informational facts in this book, this dove a little too deeply into the Jewish aspect during the first half of the book And there were so many words that I wish the meaning had been at least alluded to I actually did enjoy the go [...]

    14. This is the first Faye Kellerman book I have read, and I enjoyed.The main character is Peter, a homicide cop who is converting to Judaism to marry Rina While camping with her sons, he stumbles upon two burned corpses.The book follows the forensic investigation of the murders, and well as Peter s journey to find his true faith calling.I liked the twists and turns of the mystery, as well as the confliction Peter felt for the love of a woman who would only have him if he became an Orthodox Jew He w [...]

    15. I am new to this series and came to it after reading the Alex Delaware series by Faye Kellerman s husband I am enjoying the relationship between Rina and Peter and the crimes that Peter solves This one also explores Peter s journey in search of God Will Peter become a Jewish man and follow all the rules or will he turn his back on his heritage and Rina As I write those sentences, it makes this book sound like a religious treatise or a book about Jews or a book about someone seeking God This is a [...]

    16. This is the first Faye Kellerman book I ve read, and I m pleasantly surprised The plot was compelling enough and the characters likable But the thing that surprised me most is the deftness with which she, within the genre of detective crime fiction, addressed issues of faith Made palatable to the reading public, no doubt, by the fact that the faith in question is orthodox Judaism, and so enough outside the majority Christian religion to be comfortable in our pluralistic proselitism phobic socie [...]

    17. This is the second book in the Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus series In this one, there is less interaction between Peter and Rina Peter is attempting to convert to Orthodox Judaism so that he can be with Rina, but has trouble reconciling religious belief with the dark world he sees everyday at work There s a lot of fighting between Peter and Rina, and Peter is really kind of a jerk Still, their relationship is very real, and if I cringed when they were arguing, it was because I truly felt like I [...]

    18. One of the early Decker Lazarus novels, before they are married The title is apt, as Decker alternates between two universes On the one hand, he is studying the Jewish religion, a pre condition of his hoped for marriage to Rina On the other hand, he has descended into the depths of violent pornography and disgusting criminals A solid detective story and significant character development indicative of what is to come in this excellent series Decker s ambivalence toward Judaism, and indeed toward [...]

    19. Just like the first book, this one was good but not as good as the first one I m not big on the Jewish thin but I really the mystery part of the book I feel like the whole Jewish component gets in the way of the actual case.

    20. Sometimes, not everything may be solved Decker Lazarus 2 It is 1977 cf page 132 , christmas, and four months have passed since the end of the first book, The Ritual Bath LAPD detective Pete Decker is still seeing his love interest, orthodox Jew Rina Lazarus, and so he goes camping with the young widow s two sons, Sammy and Jake When 8 year old Sammy strolls off on his own, he stumbles upon two burnt corpses and thus, Decker into his next case Forensic odontology will help to identify one of the [...]

    21. Los Angeles Police Detective Peter Decker had grown very close to Rina s young sons, Sammy and Jake, as he had to their mother, and he looked forward to spending a day of his vacation camping with the boys A nice reprieve from the grueling work of a homicide cop until Sammy stumbles upon a gruesome sightTwo human skeletons, charred beyond recognition, are identified by a forensic dentist as teenage girls and for Decker, the father of a sixteen year old daughter, vacation time is over Throwing hi [...]

    22. Meh I liked pieces of this book and several of the characters, but I found the dialogue crass and harsh when it didn t need to be It was as if the author was trying to prove she could write that way Too bad Personally I found it taking away rather than adding to the story Although, if what she was doing was proving out the title, she succeeded in showing the dichotomy between the case and the religious study But that s all Alsowhile I liked the reader overall, the mispronunciations were evident. [...]

    23. I read the first one in this series I felt like there was a lot of details on the practices of the Jewish faith but figured it was for context of the story The 2nd one continues in this vane with many paragraphs devoted to religious philosophical debates which is okay, but distracting from the main story lineI found myself skipping whole pages whenever Decker got into it with the Rabbi over some religious disagreement Maybe the series gets better but I can t bring myself to check out the 3rd.

    24. I wasn t overly enthused with the second book in the series resulting in only two stars although compared to other books of a similar nature perhaps it should have got three Rather dark and gruesome definitely graphic in its description of the murder of a young girl The romantic in me saddened by the somewhat weird relationship between Peter and Rina as it evolves Her decision to move back east is likely to put a strain on the relationship but with 24 volumes in the series, at least so far, thin [...]

    25. I ve walked past the string of Faye Kellerman books at the library and in bookstores for years, but the other day I finally decided to try one I picked this one because our library didn t have the first book in the series this was the earliest I really enjoyed the book A good mystery, lots of action it gets a bit harrowing and bloody at times a complex relationship setup for the main character The information about othodox Judaism, delivered through sessions with the rabbi were fascinating I m p [...]

    26. There was too many religious references, history and rituals for my liking amid this mystery murder No matter what religion, I prefer to not listen read about it unless I am seeking it out I prefer to keep it out of my reading particularly when I m reading murder mystery suspense drama genre I will continue with the series, however, and hope that the religious aspect of the story will tone down.

    27. This was an interesting listen part police procedural mystery and part the moral and religious wrestling s between two people from two very different worlds The depth of the characters is a change from the summer cozy mysteries In this world there are no easy answers though there is a path that they are obviously down.

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