The Dream Merchant

The Dream Merchant The Dream Merchant Works in Translation

  • Title: The Dream Merchant
  • Author: Isabel Hoving Hester Velmans
  • ISBN: 9780763628802
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Dream Merchant Works in Translation

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      Isabel Hoving Hester Velmans

    About Author

    1. Isabel Hoving was born in Amsterdam in the Netherlands She began her career as a secondary school teacher, during which time she became very active in the Dutch women s movement.She eventually gave up her job to study literary theory full time, and spent some months in Senegal, West Africa for a research project.Hoving s first book, The Dream Merchant, was published in the Netherlands as The Winged Cat It won the 2003 Golden Kiss award, the Netherlands most prestigious children s book prize Her book on Caribbean women migrant writing, In Praise of New Travelers, was published in 2001 She is co editor of the Dutch five volume series Cultuur en Migratie, on the influence of migrants on Dutch culture.Hoving is now an academic and lecturer at the University of Amsterdam She publishes in the fields of intercultural and postcolonial theory and cultural analysis, and edits the journal Thamyris Intersecting, a journal on issues of place, sex and race.She lives with her partner and son in Amsterdam.


    The Dream Merchant Comment

    1. I don t think I have any book in my collection I have read as many times as The Dream Merchant, even if most of these readings were attempts My sister bought it for me years back, because of the better than Harry Potter sticker it had on the cover, and she knew I was devouring the books back then I m not going to make any claims about whether or not the sticker was telling the truth, but I do feel like it should have read More confusing than Harry Potter because oh dear, this is one confusing bo [...]

    2. It s been a few years since I last read this book BUT when I did I LOVED it It left a major impression on the younger, less experienced reader me It was constantly easy on the ears That s what I remember loving about it The writing was clear and the wording never awkward, the scene setting vibrant, and the characters extremely believable Which is pretty very, in my experience rare for a YA book You could feel that each character was their own individual person and there were stark contrasts You [...]

    3. To be entirely honest, I picked this book up solely because I was going on holiday and it was long and I m a fast reader I quickly sank into the book, wrapped up in the world that Hoving has created, and enjoyed it immensely Oh yes, it s very confusing, complicated and intensive, and reading it quickly is probably a very bad idea It s not a quick frolic in a fantasy land, nor does it pretend to be But if you re willing to apply a little time and dedication, it is thoroughly engaging The basic pr [...]

    4. This is not your every day YA novel The concepts are complex, for example, than the straight forward Good vs Evil of the Harry Potter novels The story is about a multinational corporation that is hiring children to help them expand their markets The children are lured into these sales associate jobs with promises of extraordinary adventure as well as actual income that they can spend in special company showrooms full of remarkable toys, games, and futuristic inventions Josh, Baz, and Teresa are [...]

    5. I remember reading it solely for the thickness of the spine and the lack of anything else to read Then, it turned out to be one of the most confusing epics that I ve ever come across I always knew I liked dreams and the concept of them being just as real as the real world For those of you who basically rated on its muddled inconsistency, I can tell you right now that the author intended it to be this way Dreams aren t crystal clear projections of your desires they re the manifestations of all th [...]

    6. Joshua Cope is a very ordinary 11 year old boy, not particulary talented, unlike his best friend Baz who is an amazing drummer He has a dysfunctional but not particularly so family, he lives with his mother Mo and her partner and visits his father at the weekends His older sister is mildly annoying, as is her boyfriend who is always asking to see Joshua s collection Which is where what Joshua considers his own talent comes in, he s a good thief Late at night the phone rings, but none of the othe [...]

    7. This book is a complete and utter disappointment Six hundred some pages of pointless adventure , characters that do not evoke any emotion from the reader, and a long, drawn out history that is impossible to remember Ultimately, the book has no point whatsoever The characters are frustrating and aggravating I dreaded reading it Not recommended.

    8. Personal ResponseThe Dream Merchant was an addicting book It was incredibly adventurous and epic leaving me wanting The book was a long one but, it was worth every second PlotThis Dutch novel by Isabel Hoving followed the adventures of Joshua Cope He had a very particular set of skills that made him a perfect candidate for the experiment that was being conducted by Gippart International They wanted children to travel through dreams to sell things on the account of them being a merchant company [...]

    9. I was in a mood for adventure fantasy read and I accidentally bumped into this book, it was actually a used book and without second thought I grabbed it It was indeed an original adventure and a page turner Josh vision, Teresa storyteller, Baz drummer unusually good combination of abilities for a team and let us not forget the collective dream world of Umaya that made it a good read.The translated version was comprehensible and it was highly recommended for all ages.

    10. The Dream Merchant by Isabel Hoving is about a twelve year old boy named Joshua Cope who is recruited by Gippart International as a salesman or rather salesboy Gippart specializes in selling merchandise to people in the dream world, also referred to as umaya They don t usually enlist twelve year olds but they feel that Josh has a special gift and they need him for an urgent umaya mission to find the legendary people known as the Tembe.This book has two modes I can t wait to read what happens nex [...]

    11. Libro geniale Ma veramente geniale Diverso dal solito, come trama e come idee Possono 3 ragazzini entrare in quello che un mondo forgiato da un sogno collettivo Tutti i sogni degli umani, nei secoli, creano un mondo parallelo, composto da tutti i sogni di tutti, al punto da farne una realt alternativa ma perfettamente credibile E in cui il tempo passato parallelo al tempo presente, basta addormentarsi e si cambia anno, indietro ogni notte di 35 anni Assolutamente affascinante Per c un errore cla [...]

    12. The Dream Merchant is an exciting story following the journey of Joshua Cope and his friends as the embark on an dangerous adventure in dream time The book is set in modern times at the beginning but soon goes into the mysterious world of dream time or umaya Umaya is the place outside real time that is independent from real time and is made out of peoples dreams This mysterious world is ventured into by Gippart, a large company that goes back in time and sells goods in umaya Joshua Cope is just [...]

    13. Josh Cope, is a dreamer He can fall asleep when he wants an where he wants.One night he is getting a call from Gippart, they ask him if he wants to work for them.Josh is sent into a dreamworld to sell products But dreams also come with nightmares.They call it a Umaya For some reason Josh and his friends can not come out of the Umaya any.The Dream Merchant, is a book I loved when I was a little child.Every year when we would go on vacation my mom bought us some books One of those books was The Dr [...]

    14. De Gevleugelde Kat was mijn lievelingsboek als kind en heeft daarom een speciaal plekje in mijn hart, maar ik merk pas nu ik het weer lees als volwassene in hoeverre dit boek mij destijds heeft be nvloed als beginnende lezer Hovings academische achtergrond schijnt door in haar werk, en de wereld en de personages die zij schept in dit boek zijn complex en gelaagd, iets wat niet in alle kinderboeken het geval is De Gevleugelde Kat is een echte aanrader, een genot om te lezen, en biedt lezers van a [...]

    15. Excellent fantasy tale about buying and selling from dream worlds Targeted at Children but still a very enjoyable read for an adult in my opinion Based around an international company that uses children to enter the dream world and work for them and a new kid is found that they think can open a new market for them in the past Great imagination and a story line that keeps you intrigued all of the way through 52 book challenge Author was born in Holland

    16. This was the first book I loved I t still is Josh is just an ordinary boy, a talented thief and a great sleeper One day his phones rings ,luring him into a world mystery, lost twins, umaya and the end of time itself A epic adventure which leads to being, in my opinion, one of the best and most complex books I have ever read.

    17. For a children s book this is very good Hoving has created an original and brilliant concept with well developed characters, an intricate but gripping story line, and a writing style which is perfect for developing a mature and sophisticated reading experience for young people I would highly recommend it.

    18. L idea dell invasione nei sogni e nei ricordi della gente da parte di una societ molto antica che arruola ragazzini, mi ha all inizio incuriosito, ma poi la trama diventata troppo caotica, secondo me da leggere con attenzione, non di certo sull autobus come tocca fare a me

    19. First of all it s great to read a fantasy book, in which the Asian and Black characters are not used as the token Asian and Black characters in fantasy books Both Baz and Teresa have important roles in the book and their characters are far developed than most Asian and Black characters in fantasy books for this alone I give the book 5 stars as well developed non white characters in fantasy books are vastly unrepresented.Why take the Harry Potter books which I love, characters such as the Patil [...]

    20. Do you like Harry Potter Perhaps this should be your next book It contains the same sort of complete new world as HP, though this is one large book with very small print, and a confusing one at that Yes, pay close attention But if you do, you will find a landscape that is beautiful, intricate, and strange This is the kind of book that I visualize as unfolding over the course of a night, rather than a day, which is extremely unusual and to me incredibly appealing Truly one of the best fantasy wor [...]

    21. This book where do I begin This is a book you certainly will never forget, for good and bad reasons Now I gave this book 5 stars, because I think overall it deserves as such However, there are some aspects of the book where I debated about giving it 4 stars Anyway, this is a very great and quite unique story It started off slow due to all the world building and explanations I almost gave up on it But I kept reading and I m glad I did This story was a little off balance You were super bored a few [...]

    22. The Dream Merchant is a fantasy book by Isabel Hoving this book is based around a group of teenagers who are sent to find how to travel through time.The plot is about Joshua who is called upon by a company that he knows nothing about, Gippart International, and is brought in for an interview Gippart is hiding something from Joshua that has Joshua in a bit of trouble with a person named Gip, and another named Kat and their father, Sipparti.The main characters are Joshua who is a 13 year old boy a [...]

    23. Ik vind het boek de gevleugelde kat leuk omdat het een fantasie boek is met monsters, spoken en tijdreizen Dit kan niet in het echt Het boek is heel uitgebreid Als er een nieuw personage komt word er eerst iets over dat personage verteld en dan gaat het boek verder Je leest ook precies wat de hoofdpersonen doen, hoe ze het doen, wat ze eten enzovoort Wat ik ook leuk vind van het boek is dat je leest wat Jasje denkt en voelt Je kunt je dus goed inleven in Jasje Citaat Bors plotselinge verdwijning [...]

    24. Real rating 1.5 stars After having tried to finish this for months, repeatedly borrowing it from the library, I have to give up after reading 5 chapters.It s a shame, because the idea was not bad, but I just couldn t relate to Josh or any of the characters, really I thought it would be better than it was, simple as that.What can I say about the writing Not bad, but not nearly captivating enough to make me want to continue reading.English is not my native language,but I don t know if I would have [...]

    25. The goal of the author seemed to be to keep your attention through sheer confusion You keep reading just to figure out what on earth is going on and why There are many stories going on at once and only the most important sees any conclusion Mild language and one very remote sexual reference was distracting and not needed I was not impressed with the general expectance of greed and theft, but also gratified that the horrors were not justified There is always a villain to tag the heels of the hero [...]

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