The Twelve

The Twelve The Twelve is an extraordinary and unforgettable novel about a most unusual man As a child Max lives in a world of colors and numbers not speaking until the age of six As an adult Max ventures on a

  • Title: The Twelve
  • Author: WilliamGladstone
  • ISBN: 9781593155568
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Twelve is an extraordinary and unforgettable novel about a most unusual man As a child, Max lives in a world of colors and numbers, not speaking until the age of six As an adult, Max ventures on a journey of destiny to discover the secret behind the ancient Mayan prophecy about the end of time, foretold to occur on December 21, 2012.When he is fifteen years old, MaThe Twelve is an extraordinary and unforgettable novel about a most unusual man As a child, Max lives in a world of colors and numbers, not speaking until the age of six As an adult, Max ventures on a journey of destiny to discover the secret behind the ancient Mayan prophecy about the end of time, foretold to occur on December 21, 2012.When he is fifteen years old, Max has a near death experience during which he has a vision that reveals to him the names of twelve unique individuals While Max cannot discern the significance of these twelve names, he is unable to shake the sense that they have deep meaning Eight years pass before Max meets the first of the twelve.With this, Max s voyage of discovery begins, as he strives to uncover the identities and implications of the twelve individuals he will meet during his journey towards truth, all of whom seem connected, and all of whom may hold the answer to what will happen at the exact moment the world may end The novel takes the reader on a series of global adventures, culminating in a revelation of why and how Max and the twelve are destined to unite to discover the magnitude of the meaning of December 21, 2012 Only the twelve can provide the answers, as the fate of all humanity rests in the balance.

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    About Author

    1. William Gladstone majored in Spanish literature at Yale University and cultural anthropology at Harvard University He also received an advanced degree in literature from the University of Salamanca in Spain William has worked at the highest levels of book publishing, and has been involved in the creation of several digital publishing enterprises He travels extensively throughout the world, assisting authors and book publishers He resides in Cardiff, California.


    The Twelve Comment

    1. I thought the concept and the storyline were unique and interesting, but I did not like this author s writing style I would be drawn in and be really involved in the story and then the scene would end and break the mood It was really disappointing as the story telling, I felt, was lacking.

    2. Sada, 2016 znamo da sva ona proro anstva o tobo njem smaku svijeta koji se imao dogoditi 2012 nisu bila ni ta drugo do obi nih budala tina Ipak, teorije o tome to se imalo dogoditi 2012 bile su dosta zanimljive Ova knjiga predstavlja jednu od tih teorija, zbog ega me i privukla O ekivala sam pustolovinu i postupno otkri e drevnih misterija, ali, na alost, od drevnih civilizacija i njihovih proro anstava ovdje nije bilo skoro ni ega itava pri a radi se o Maxu dje aku koji je u 15 godini do ivio i [...]

    3. Ugh I read the whole thing only because it was for a book group It was poorly written, and seemed like an early draft of a high schooler s novel about all of his VERY IMPORTANT THOUGHTS I kept wanting to shake the author and yell show, don t tell And so heavy handed All those deep spiritual issues near death experiences, out of body experiences, past lives, love at first sight, destiny If only it hadn t been so boring as it went about exploring all of those At the climax I was making gagging noi [...]

    4. I want to give this book a zero ,but since I can t I gave it one out of five stars I really hated this book One of the worst books I ve ever read, and I ve read alot of books, so you can imagine how bad it was I got bored from the first chapter, but I continued reading it in hopes that it might get better but unfortunately it didn t.It was one bad chapter after one bad chapter until the end , and THE END is just ridiculous I don t recommend anybody to read this book because you re just going to [...]

    5. Where to begin At first let me say that I m easily fascinated by apocalyptic theories and the whole Mayan calendar one is even of a hot topic with this being the year of its prophecy So I think I had too high of a hope for this book The premise was good, but i think the execution well, sucked I know, not the best description so let me elaborate without spoiling anything The characters for one thing, are so generic and boring I could have cared less what happened to them by the end Max as the ma [...]

    6. This is a story about Max He is the perfect child His mother and father love him He has an older brother that is his complete opposite The first third of this book I was reminded of a portion of a movie I d seen recently This movie started with an effect, and then retraced the causes that led up to it It was cute, but short and to the point The first third of this book made me think of it, but then it started getting olduse it continued way past the cute stage and into the annoying stage.And the [...]

    7. I tried New age is not my thing and I knew I was in trouble when the blurbs on the book were from Eckhart Tolle and the Chicken Soup for the Soul guy, but a friend of mine really loved it and gave it to me to read She liked that it made her think about the way we re all connected and responsible for each other, etc Fine sentiments might be interesting to read about in the context of 2012, though I have little to no interest in the Mayan calendar and how we re all going to die or whatever Conside [...]

    8. Even if you aren t into the spiritual aspect of Gladstone s book The Twelve you will still enjoy joining his Max Doff on his personal journey You cannot help but appreciate the way Gladstone describes each new level of Max s enlightenment the way he does like you are in a room with a light switch that has a dimmer Each new discovery brightens the room little by little until by the time Max has located each one of his twelve co horts, the room is as bright as the sun The only fault I found was wi [...]

    9. I forced my way through this book Which is very unusual for me It was just to many unnecessary details Max was a wonderful character, but I did not need to know about every detail about every paper he wrote in college, job and all of it s duties Most of the other characters other than the twelve I did not need to know about I would not recommend this book In the end we got world peace, that scientist can not answer how I m upset with myself for pushing my way through, and with the author for inc [...]

    10. This book was okay it started off really well, and the story of max, his birth, and childhood drew me in then the story lost all of its steam during his college years and the years after that it became boring and was all over the place really I wanted of the Twelve and about the 12, and his theories.I wound up skimming through mostly because I lost interest, but was glad I finished the story, as I like the ending.

    11. An interesting premise, but too simply written was it supposed to be a fairy tale for adults Long build up, then a quick ending I read another review that it was like walking across a wide, shallow lake, with a quick drop in the center I felt the author was writing down to me Disappointing.

    12. Talk about a letdown, this is it After an interesting start this novel plods through a less than satisfactory journey to the dismal end of supposedly saving humanity from destruction by materialism and into utopiaor not 2 of 10 stars

    13. I felt like I was reading a Scientology book The plot felt forced The characters were bland The writing style needed editing.

    14. No es que sea un libro brillante, ni tampoco el autor tiene un estilo que me guste especialmente A pesar de todo, desde las primeras p ginas me ha cautivado y me ha hecho vivir la historia, que a su vez me ha parecido bastante interesante Trata temas de diversas culturas y expone ideas que para mi eran desconocidas de una forma clara y amena, dir a que incluso did ctica Es un libro que, aunque de una calidad literaria m s bien normalilla, me ha dejado un muy buen sabor de boca.

    15. El libro tiene un mensaje positivo, sin embargo, es algo simpl n Max, el Elegido, debe reunir a doce personas especiales antes del 21 de diciembre del 2012 12 12 2012 para abrir un nuevo paradigma de conciencia que cambiar al mundo.El principio del relato es algo aburrido y repetitivo La prosa es muy simple y tediosa.El mensaje del libro lo salva un poco.

    16. 1 What is the title and author of the book that you are reviewing The Twelve by William Gladstone 2 For reasons other than entertainment, what do you believe was the author s purpose in writing Why did they write this book To show us we need to change our ways because were destroying ourselves 3 Who is the author s intended audience in reading Why did they choose this group Maybe religious people that want to know about 12,21,2012 4 What is the narrator s point of view Who is telling this story [...]

    17. Really liked this book and it s writing style It was matter of factly and gave you useful information to set the tone without losing itself in details The story had a great build up and an adequate payoff for the reader It gives a beautiful massage without becoming preacy.Judging on the other negative reviews, Gladstones writing style is definitely not for everyone, but it s surely worth a try.

    18. You have to accept this book as a work of fiction, with not too much incorporation of reality, not because it is past December 21st 2012 and the events at the end have yet to come to being, but because it s enjoyable if you sit back and don t criticize If you highlight every aspect of this book that is unbelievable or seems untrue, then you ll have a lot of yellow and no pleasure by the end This book isn t about perfection, it s about being laid back, about doing what you feel is right in your [...]

    19. I figured how this story was going to go judging by looking at who was sponsoring it and the website on the back I still decided to give it a go and read the whole thing while being stuck in transit hell It really was as bad as feared but not for the same reason I read novels where characters end up being chosen ones or whatever but I always buy it and they discover it themselves Max just knowing mostly everything from the day he was born I found annoying than fascinating His life story really [...]

    20. I enjoyed this book, although I wasn t expecting to I found it very hard to put it down I wasn t too crazy about the ending, but then I again I did not have high expectations for it, so it didn t alter my opinion on the rest of the book For me, the pleasure I got from this book was reading about Max s life It s a nice change of pace when a book can center around the good things that happen to a character Not that Max did not have his share of some bad moments, but verything always seemed to work [...]

    21. Max, this special human being has a long journey, including locating twelve people he has never met, and bringing them together, which is supposedly supposed to prevent 2012 from happening To the Mayans, this is the end of their calendar, also known as the end of the world This book was overall interesting I enjoyed reading about Max s death, his early childhood, and his dream I also enjoyed the detailed explanation of the Mayan prophecies However, the book took a very long time to develop It se [...]

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