Science, sex, and sacred cows;: Spoofs on science from the Worm runner's digest

Science sex and sacred cows Spoofs on science from the Worm runner s digest None

  • Title: Science, sex, and sacred cows;: Spoofs on science from the Worm runner's digest
  • Author: James V. McConnell
  • ISBN: 9780151795956
  • Page: 251
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    The Science Of Sex Must Know Facts About Your Brain And Jan , Ways to Have Better Sex, According to Science You ll be hard pressed to open a magazine or go to a news site without seeing headlines like these Human relationships, desire, love and sex have been written about and rationalized since time immemorial, it s no wonder that modern scientists continually try to dissect their mysteries. The Science of Sex Harvard Magazine The Science of Sex Historian and philosopher Sarah Richardson interrogates the science of sex and gender by Bennett McIntosh November December Science Sex and the Ladies Science, Sex and the Ladies is an engaging, irreverent, and heavily researched documentary that shows it doesn t have to be that way. Sex and science Salon Apr , Sex and science Are women discriminated against in the lab It s too early to tell whether the sex differences that make science a predominantly male field are impervious to Science, sex, and sacred cows Spoofs on science from the Science, sex, and sacred cows Spoofs on science from the Worm runner s digest Hardcover January , by James V McConnell Author See all The science of sex PubMed Central PMC The sex and science focus series in EMBO reports will highlight the biological and social importance of sex, and the contribution of science to understanding its influence. Science Says Sex and gender aren t the same Oct , WASHINGTON AP Anatomy at birth may prompt a check in the male or female box on the birth certificate but to doctors and scientists, sex and gender aren t always the same thing The Trump administration purportedly is considering defining gender as determined by sex organs at birth, which if adopted could deny certain civil rights protections to an estimated . million Turned On Science, Sex and Robots by Kate Devlin Oct , Turned On Science, Sex and Robots explains how a centuries long fascination with the artificial lover endures today, describing in thoughtful, relatable prose everything from Greek sexual practices apparently when it came to homoerotic love, intercrural sex where one man pushes his penis between the recipient s thighs was the preferred form to the basics of machine learning to research showing how sex Turned On Science, Sex and Robots Bloomsbury Sigma Dec , Sex devices interestingly inhabit the intersection of science and technology, genetics and evolutionary biology, and the myriad social sciences If a sex robot is defined as a thing, as human property, then they existed once, currently don t really exist and may exist again in the middling future. SEX AND SCIENCE newsweek SEX AND SCIENCE By Barbara Kantrowitz On at PM EST Share News When Amber Post started grad school in physics at Princeton, her goal was the

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    1. James V McConnell October 26, 1925 April 9, 1990 was an American biologist and animal psychologist He is most known for his research on learning and memory transfer in planarians conducted in the 1950s and 1960s.Most of McConnell s academic career was spent in the psychology department at the University of Michigan, where he was a professor from 1963 through his retirement in 1988 He was an unconventional scientist, setting up his own refereed journal, the Journal of Biological Psychology, which was published in tandem with the Worm Runner s Digest, a planarian themed humor magazine His paper Memory transfer through cannibalism in planarians, published in the Journal of Neurophysiology, reported that when planarians conditioned to respond to a stimulus were ground up and fed to other planarians, the recipients learned to respond to the stimulus faster than a control group did McConnell believed that this was evidence of a chemical basis for memory, which he identified as memory RNA Although well publicized, his findings were not completely reproducible by other scientists and were therefore completely discredited.He originally published satirical articles and serious scientific articles in the Journal of Biological Psychology but received complaints that it was difficult if not impossible to tell which was which He decided to publish the satirical Worm Runner s Digest upside down with its cover as the back of the Journal of Biological Psychology to make it clear which articles were satire This, he said, created problems with librarians returning the Journal to the publisher with the complaint that it was improperly bound He was amused by this He spent many of his evening hours in the 1960s in informal rap sessions with students in their dorms He was prone to making provocative statements, believed that memory was chemically based and that in the future humanity would be programmed by drugs He once commented that he would rather be a programmer than a programee.McConnell was one of the targets of Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber In 1985, he suffered a hearing loss when a bomb, disguised as a manuscript, was opened at his house by his research assistant Nicklaus Suino.


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