Eternal on the Water

Eternal on the Water From the day Cobb and Mary meet kayaking on Maine s Allagash River and fall deeply in love the two approach life with the same sense of adventure they use to conquer the river s treacherous rapids Bu

  • Title: Eternal on the Water
  • Author: Joseph Monninger
  • ISBN: 9781439168332
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the day Cobb and Mary meet kayaking on Maine s Allagash River and fall deeply in love, the two approach life with the same sense of adventure they use to conquer the river s treacherous rapids But rivers do not let go so easilyd neither does their love So when Mary s life takes the cruelest turn, she vows to face those rough waters on her own terms and asks CobFrom the day Cobb and Mary meet kayaking on Maine s Allagash River and fall deeply in love, the two approach life with the same sense of adventure they use to conquer the river s treacherous rapids But rivers do not let go so easilyd neither does their love So when Mary s life takes the cruelest turn, she vows to face those rough waters on her own terms and asks Cobb to promise, when the time comes, to help her return to their beloved river for one final journey Set against the rugged wilderness of Maine, the exotic islands of Indonesia, the sweeping panoramas of Yellowstone National Park, and the tranquil villages of rural New England, Eternal on the Water is at once heartbreaking and uplifting a timeless, beautifully rendered story of true love s power.

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      Joseph Monninger

    About Author

    1. Joseph Monninger has published novels for adults and teens and three works of nonfiction The New York Times Book Review has said of Monninger that he comes to writing with his five sense wide open His work has appeared in American Heritage, Scientific American, Readers Digest, Glamour, Playboy, Story, Fiction, The Boston Globe, Sports Illustrated and Ellery Queen, among other publications He has twice received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and has also received a fellowship from the New Hampshire Council for the Arts He served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Upper Volta, now Burkina Faso, from 1975 77 He is a Professor of English at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire where he lives in a converted barn near the Baker River.


    Eternal on the Water Comment

    1. This book grabbed my attention from page one and it never let go, not once.I instantly loved Mary and Cobb, The Chungamunga Girls, Wally, Francis, Turtle Freddy, their parents I even enjoyed all the smaller characters that were a part of Mary and Cobb s journey through their life together I thought Joseph did a wonderful job telling Mary s story of living with Huntington s disease I think the disease and it s effects were told with compassion by Joseph.On top of the amazing love story, there was [...]

    2. I m conflicted about this book It was recommended by one reviewer as the one book she would want with her if she were stranded on a desert island On the one hand, it really is beautifully written It takes place mostly with nature as the backdrop, and is told from the perspective of a Thoreau loving professor what s not to like there On the other hand, it s one of those soul mate romances, complete with intimate scenes that most people find completely acceptable but that I would rather were just [...]

    3. I really wanted to like this book From the cover art to the title, to the short synopsis of the story, it seemed like it would be a wonderful experience But, alas, I have to say that it was a chore to read, AND to finish.The story just didn t live up to what I thought it would be This is the story of Jonathan Cobb and Mary Fury, a woman who has Huntington s Disease It s the story of their relationship and and the people around them as well as various descriptions relating to nature crows and tur [...]

    4. There was much to love about this book especially if you are a fan of heavy, thought provoking fiction with vivid sensory detail A love story at its core, this novel is narrated by a nature loving teacher named Cobb and is steeped in scientific study of the natural sciences just the right amount to keep the reader reading and to lend credibility to the various environmental themes Rooted in science and sprinkled with folklore, the novel spoke to my own environmentally sensitive side, featuring c [...]

    5. i hated this book it was sooooo sentimental and contrived although meant to be a romance, it was very plot driven the author had to keep trotting out new characters to keep the story moving cause he had no talent to sustain the romance including a smart black kid from the projects oh god here comes the great white hope to make it all better vomit.everyone liked everyone immediately no actual depth to people s relationships with each other the author did exactly what a bad writer does tells you w [...]

    6. Eternal on the Water was painfully beautiful Joseph Monninger is an sublime writer The book flowed even though nothing overly exciting happened I stayed interested and tuned in through the whole book Jonathan Cobb and Mary Fury were lovable characters I don t think there was a single character in this book that didn t immediately have a personality you couldn t relate to Jonathan and Mary s Yeti love was one in a billion Their journey together was heart wrenching, joyous and enchanting Reading t [...]

    7. There are no fast paced dramatic scenes in this book and every page turned slowly because I didn t want to leave such beautiful scenes The conversations between characters, the descriptions of nature s magic, all so lyrical and flowing I adored every character in this book not just Cobb and Mary, but their family members and friends as well I felt like Googling these people, finding them, meeting them somehowg There are no words to describe the love story between Cobb and Mary and the love story [...]

    8. Blech It definitely kept my interest but not in a rewarding way Sickeningly sweet and hard to swallow Dancing bears and magic girl scouts Not to mention perfect, loving family members and a brilliant lad from the projects who plays the piccolo Give me a break.

    9. A touching love story immersed in the beautiful simplicity of nature and life lived in the present moment Lisa Genova

    10. You don t value a fire any less because someday it will go out pg 152 From the beginning of this book, we know that Mary will die But this is not a book about her death It is a book about living each day to its fullest celebrating your life It is also a book that will introduce you to Huntington s Disease Mary and Cobb, both educators, meet as each prepares for a trip on the Allagash River Cobb is a first timer, here to research Thoreau Mary is back for a regular trip The connection they feel is [...]

    11. I love love stories and this one is wonderful And sad, and uplifting, and hearbreaking, and amazingly well written I find it easy to read a story where characters are truly kind, interesting and thoughtful people who face challenges most of us would not have to face From the start we know that Mary dies The story then begins with Cobb and Mary meeting as they each begin journeys by canoe on the Allagash River in Maine She is a scientist studying crows, he a teacher in an elite, private school in [...]

    12. In this universe, on this planet, in this country, in this state, in this county, beside this river everything came together for Mary and Cobb to meet, and fall deeply in love, Yeti love Their story is simply and beautifully told Love, friendship, nature and teaching are central in their lives The distractions and extraneous contraptions of modern life don t seem to enter their world or at least don t appear to dominate them They live a Thoreausian existence The only thing marring this perfect r [...]

    13. Eternal on the Water , by Joseph Monninger, is destined to become a classic in it s own rite It is a beautiful story of love and desire to live life to the fullest.Monninger takes the New England rustic area and gives us a look through the eyes of Mary and Cobb, as they find each other fall in love and live life to it s fullest There s no looking back as these two show that life can be great, if only we allow it to be The story initially takes place on the Allagash River in Maine, where Mary is [...]

    14. I wanted to like this I mean, a Thoreau lover and teacher on sabbatical retracing Thoreau s historic kayak journey along the Allagash Waterway This should have held me for the entire book Many of the descriptions are lovely and I felt as if I were on the water in my own world However, despite some colorful characters and wonderful myths, I just wasn t engaged enough to finish the book Saccharins Maybe that was it The people were just a little too perfect for me I chose to not complete the main c [...]

    15. The author has talent and he drew me into the story I believe I would read another book by this author because the potential is there This particular story rubbed me the wrong way with its fairy tale romance, the atheistic, mother nature view of life and the promotion of basically euthanasia when life becomes difficult What s admirable about a heroine who basically checks out.It would have been a better story, in my opinion, with some real life struggles.

    16. Eternal on the Water is the story of two people falling in love after meeting unexpectedly on the bank of the Allagash River the evening before they planned to kayak down the river There is a connection, a bond between Jonathan Cobb and Mary Fury the moment they meet which they cannot ignore So strong is their connection that a couple they have dinner with a day later thinks they have been together for years But this is than a love story It is a story about truth and consequences, about freedom [...]

    17. Monninger knew what he was doing There are so many risks the author took in crafting this novel The death of Mary Fury, right at the very first sentence, is just one Another is the fact that this is an unabashed love story between two very lovely people aren t love stories the most difficult things to write, and to execute well You re either deemed too fantastical, or too girl pornish augh , or too sickly sweet.But the risks paid off Eternal on the Water is a lovely book, a love story Yes, natur [...]

    18. Eternal on the Water is a beautiful, graceful, sad, whimsical, funny, joyful story and I absolutely fell in love with it As I came to the last few chapters I read slower and slower not just because I knew I d cry buckets at the ending but because I wanted to savour the feelings this story evoked It s a book about Yeti love, about life and really living it Yeti love You never expect to see it, but you ve heard it s out there and it might just be a legend But you keep looking for it anyway You don [...]

    19. I m finding it very hard to write a review of this novel On the one hand it is about things I have no experience of not being a camper or a person who would ever kayak down a river, but I enjoyed reading about it The story starts on the banks of the Allagash River were Jonathan Cobb and Mary Fury meet and fall in love Yes, this is a love story Love of nature as well as the love story between Cobb and Mary It starts with the finding of Mary s body which had been washed downstream Told from Jonath [...]

    20. This book shines a light on true love and the courage necessary to face life and death.It is a beautiful but tragic tale, described as a love story by the author For me, it was than that It was a journey about survival, about facing life threatening challenges, about dealing with impending doom The author s writing style is very easy to read With a spare use of words, he paints really sharp and often extremely descriptive images I felt as if I was in the setting and knew the characters You will [...]

    21. Cobb and Mary From the second they meet each other they know they are destined to be together They really are quite perfect to each other both teachers, both passionate about something and at the moment they meet, both going to the same direction.The story begins by foreshadowing what is going to happen in the end Mary is going to die Cobb starts to tell the story about their love to a ranger and that way the reader gets to know the story as well I really liked the way Monninger starts up this b [...]

    22. First of all, yes I liked this book I was pulled into the love story right away, and just kept reading This book also made me feel profoundly sad at times It tugged at that basic desire in me and I imagine in most people to truly experience connections with nature This is why the love story worked for me, it was so intertwined with a love for nature But I have to say, this book is a lot than just a love story Its underlying themes of naturalism and voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide are [...]

    23. At first glance, I wasn t sure that this was a book for me But once I started, I could not put it down Yes, the novel is romantic, heartbreaking, and a bit controversial, but it is than the sum of these parts The characters were built with care and although the relationship between Cobb and Mary starts off running, readers always feel as if the two are being true to themselves The novel explores the idea that crafting meaning in your own life involves love and risk and so might the meaning in y [...]

    24. I wasn t expecting to like this book I got an advance reader copy but didn t remember signing up to receive this particular book When I got it, I read the back and thought Eh, whatever Today, I ran out of things to read and I picked it back up and read it straight through I fell in love with the characters and the beautiful descriptions of national parks Mary s love of life is something one generally hears about in novels of this genre, but it is rarely brought to life with such ease as Monninge [...]

    25. I think I would have liked this book a little if the author didn t go off on animal stories and keep trying to tie those stories into the characters lives Once in awhile was fine, but I felt like it went on too often in the book and I found myself skimming those paragraphs I truly liked the main characters Mary was an inspiration to me and I wish I could live my life like she does I love how she did everything with gusto and never held back I liked Cobb even He never tried to change Mary or a [...]

    26. This really is an amazing book I absolutely loved the characters, and for 344 pages, I felt like I d lived with them for so long because the author put so much thought into what details to share and how to construct their lives to make it matter.It s so hard to write about death and avoid the maudlin, but Monninger is very skillful in that regard It s not about pity just an understanding that this life ends so that the journey for the person can continue, and I really liked the way the philosoph [...]

    27. I rarely read fiction but Joseph Monninger s realistic depiction of the remote areas of New England drew me in Hr interwove multiple stories amidst the New England woods and rivers as well as the exotic island of Bali He did so with great authenticity, bringing both this characters adn these places to life Most important, he recalled the life affirming coping strategies of those with incurable illness with delicacy without compromising their inner strengths I also appreciated that the perspectiv [...]

    28. Very good book I actually liked having the ending first, for a change I was able to focus on the story itself Mary was such a courageous lady, probably so, since she knew the final chapter, so she wanted to grab all she could of life She was fanciful, yet wise beyond her years The characters were all colorful and the subplots like the Chungamunga girls and the Thoreau pilgrimage all added to the interest Loved it Don t know if I would want to know when my life was to end or not, but this book c [...]

    29. This book was beautifully written and I probably would have given it four stars if I hadn t read Until I Say Goodbye by Susan Spencer Wendell which impacted me so much than this book Maybe because it was written from the perspective of the one who had the disease as opposed to here where the account was from Cobb s perspective about his partner wife This book made me quietly sad and thoughtful Until I Say Goodbye made me weep openly and makes me tear up even now when I think of it I think both [...]

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