Secretum July Rome Atto Melani once a celebrated castrato soprano now a spy in the service of King Louis XIV the Sun King mingles with other high ranking guests at the villa of Cardinal Spada Despite

  • Title: Secretum
  • Author: Rita Monaldi Francesco Sorti
  • ISBN: 9781846971464
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • July, 1700, Rome Atto Melani once a celebrated castrato soprano, now a spy in the service of King Louis XIV, the Sun King mingles with other high ranking guests at the villa of Cardinal Spada Despite being there to celebrate the Cardinal s nephew s wedding, the main topic of conversation is the grave illness of the Pope and the approaching demise of Charles II, KingJuly, 1700, Rome Atto Melani once a celebrated castrato soprano, now a spy in the service of King Louis XIV, the Sun King mingles with other high ranking guests at the villa of Cardinal Spada Despite being there to celebrate the Cardinal s nephew s wedding, the main topic of conversation is the grave illness of the Pope and the approaching demise of Charles II, King of Spain Charles has no heir and Kaiser Leopold of Austria and King Louis are each demanding the throne, with the Vatican supposedly mediating Keen to promote his master s cause, Melani sets in motion a grandiose conspiracy that will plunge him into a world of secret languages, religious sects, forged Royal wills and Europe into war.

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      Rita Monaldi Francesco Sorti

    About Author

    1. Rita Monaldi majored in classical philology and specialized in the history of religions She is an Italian journalist who, in collaboration with her husband, Francesco Sorti, wrote a series of literary historical books called Imprimatur, Secretum and Veritas They both live with their two young children in Vienna.All the book titles of the series will create the sentence Imprimatur secretum, veritas mysterium Unicum The authors translate this as follows Even when a secret is printed, the truth is always a mystery It remains only The authors are keeping secret the titles of the final two volumes.


    Secretum Comment

    1. 5 sterren Nederlandse paperback Ik heb dyslexie Constanta , 14 februari 2041En paar maanden geleden ben ik overgeplaatst hier neemt het woord armoede de medogeloze definitieve betekenis aan die het vroeger ook bij ons had In secretum komen de twee hoofdpersonages uit het vorige deel Imperium terug Abt Atto Melani, voormalige castraat zanger, diplomaat en spion van de Zonnekoning en het knechtje uit de herberg De Schildknaap Het verhaal speelt zich af tijdens het jubeljaar 1700 in Rome Paus Innoc [...]

    2. Like Imprimatur this 2nd book in a series of seven about the vicissitudes of abt Atto Melani develops as a kind of historical fiction It s almost unbelievable what is happening The pace of the story is at moments so fast, that you sit on the edge of your seat, flipping pages, and holding your breath and then suddenly in the middle of that fast pace the author start describing the beauty of the garden or a building You relax and can breath again, but it s only for a short moment Bit by bit the st [...]

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    4. Une magnifique narration de 1028 pages dans la Rome des ann es 1700 Les descriptions des lieux et des v nements sont magistrales dans les d tails qui ne sont nullement ennuyeux, un v ritable exploit Un vocabulaire que l on a plaisir re d couvrir Mais surtout, une histoire nous d voilant les dessous de l Histoire du conclave et de l lection du pape, ainsi que la crise de la succession d Espagne, dirig e par Louis XIV Il faut parfois ne pas se laisser d courager par le volume de Secretum, mais pou [...]

    5. It s predecessor, Imprimatur, was a better read This one, I had a really hard time finishing it It sometimes inspired and painted an interesting world, but over all it was a bit too much Unfortunate Oddly enough, I read this one before Imprimatur, and even though I it took me ages to finish this one, someone advised me to read the first one, so I fortunately did.

    6. Like its predecessor, I found this to be a bit meandering and overwritten Although the characters, setting, and situations are interesting, too much of the narrative is spent with characters explaining the historical context to each other.

    7. I found this book hard going and might have found it easier if I had known the history of the period The device of having a narrator whose viewpoint we follow throughout and who knows as much or as little as the reader works to some extent It does just get annoying that they seem to keep on and on failing to find out things they need to know until it becomes clear the Abbot had a different agenda to the one he was sharing with the narrator I had already read the first one some time ago and I hav [...]

    8. Il Secretum di Monaldi e Sorti di riuscire a scrivere del nulla per 800 pagine e venderle Il libro non ha una storia, non vi succede nulla L unico pregio, che gli vale la seconda stellina, che fornisce una serie di informazioni storiche sicuramente interessanti, molte delle quali di colore Libro infinitamente inferiore al primo di cui non ripete nulla, se non l attenersi alla Storia Perdibile

    9. Appassiona ma non rapisce Le ricostruzioni storiche sono accuratissime specie per l epistolario e la caratterizzazione dei personaggi storici ma non sempre funzionali alla trama, che ne risulta appesantita L evoluzione dei protagonisti non avvince, l elemento sovrannaturale un p forzato.

    10. Un altro capolavoro del duo Monaldi e Sorti, non raggiunge la perfezione solo perch lo spunto storico da cui parte il romanzo non mi ha eccessivamente interessato, ma il linguaggio superlativo e originale, le trovate pure e i personaggi rappresentati descritti sono super originali e divertenti

    11. Secondo romanzo dedicato all abate Atto Melani, conosciuto in tutte le corti d Europa per essere un cantante castrato di grande abilit In questi romanzi lo troviamo, come veramente stato nella sua vita, agente segreto al servizio di Luigi XIV La vicenda si svolge 17 anni dopo quella accaduta nel primo volume, Imprimatur e ritroviamo oltre a Melani anche il nano che lo aiut nella risoluzione della prima storia Atto si trova a Roma per il matrimonio della nipote del Cardinale Spada, nell omonima v [...]

    12. I simply can t understand why this second novel in the Atto Melani series has not swept me off my feet like it s prequel I loved Imprimatur with it s secrets and political agenda, it s characters and the plot Secretum is quite similar in plot Atto Melani returns to Itay to investigate a political mystery and reveal a scandal of large consequences with the help of his nameless helper.I kept on reading and reading, and while I was at it, the book was interesting and fun As soon as I put it down, i [...]

    13. Laat ik het maar kort houden wat een naar, naar boek Absoluut onnodig lang, veel en veel te gedetailleerd, veelal vol oninteressante mysteries en veel te complex om te beklijven De schrijvers willen zoveel vertellen dat elk gesprek onnatuurlijk overkomt en klinkt alsof je op een verjaardag vol docenten geschiedenis met profileringsdrang zit Bovendien word ik he le maal gek van al die verkleinwoorden Alsof je in een poppenhuis zit Ook superirritant de monologen van Corrila of hoe dat bijdehante w [...]

    14. This is the 2nd of a trilogy of novels by Rita Monaldi her husband, Francesco Sorti which I ve read I love their booksbut they re so Godawful long I took a long break after reading the first book, Imprimatur, and will do the same now before reading the final novel, Veritas The one minor criticism I have is that they seem to use the word ingenuous far too frequently Nevertheless, the story, set in 1700 in Rome, has all the intrigue, amorous liaisons, sleazy politics, Vatican religion, etc that on [...]

    15. As with Imprimatur, the characters are documented individuals, known to exist The mystery is good, lots of red herrings, and a if you didn t know anything about 17th century politics, you will after reading this Perhaps a slower read to fully appreciate the quality of writing and descriptive passages but will reward with strong visuals The Vessel is quite a strange little story in itself It is a real place, and reading the notes at the end of the book, you can pick out enough information to find [...]

    16. I read Imprimatur to which this is the sequel about three or four years ago and loved it, and this has been on my bookshelf since it came out However, it s not the kind of book you can just pick up anytime You need to be prepared to pay attention, to recall what happened in the last book, to be willing to look up characters and places it is based on real events and people in history , and also to carry around it s 800 page mass But it s worth it It is so rich in historic description, and the plo [...]

    17. D finitivement mieux que le premier volume Plus d v nements historiques et moins de ces looooooooongues descriptions de n importe quoi afin de montrer l tendue de leur culture et de leur recherche Vicant pr sentement Rome, j aime bien prendre en note les lieux, piazza, les retrouver et imaginer les sc nes.

    18. Wow Encore une fois Abbot Melani a r ussi le coup du si cle well en 1700 Disons que j ai parfois perdu un peu le fil de l histoire surtout chapitre 5 et 6 mais bon, un livre de de 800 pages Et dire que tout est vrai, v nements, personnages, lieux, encore une fois wow Maintenant au prochain episode V ritas

    19. Niet zo spannend als Imprimatur maar wederom een thriller met een ongelooflijk historische onderbouw die in de eerste plaats een blik op de geschiedenis van Europa werpt ten tijde van Lodewijk XIV en de Spaanse erfopvolging, die niet zo gekend is maar toch zijn invloed op het verdere verloop ervan heeft gehad.

    20. bookcrossing journal 7A birthday gift Usually I like this genre a lot mystery, history This book however did not really catch me.Maybe it was because I did not have enough knowlegde about the time described in the book or peace of mind to dive into the history of that time Now I ve found someone who would like to read this book, so it ll start a short journey.

    21. atto melani raakt verwikkeld in een nieuw avontuur het verhaal is ingewikkelder dan het vorige deel en ook minder spannend toch kom je nog steeds veel te weten over het leven in italie aan het begin van de 18de eeuw.

    22. I had to stop half way through this book toooooo boring toooooo looooong aswell I read the first one and once that got going it was great, but this one not so much Or I don t know I don t really have the patience for books that take about 300 pages to get to the interesting parts.

    23. An enjoyable follow up to Imprimatur, bringing Atto Melani and the narrator back together 17 years after their last adventure Some of the descriptove parts of the story feel a bit over the top and too detailed, but other than that it s a very absorbing historical fiction read.

    24. This book maintains a slow, languish pace so different to most other historical thrillers I ve read The story slowly and deliberately unfolds, but not without building tension, excitement, and suspense.

    25. Definitely better written and documented than the first part of the series, Secretum reveals the hidden background of the Spanish War of Succession guiding the reader trough the rich arc of then contemporary life and people.

    26. Really want to like it, feel like I should like it it s too confusing, too many characters, too much time elapsing between me reading the different books in this series to really get into it.

    27. It took some perseverance to continue reading but in the end it started to be OK One thing, did I miss something or is the main character really nameless throughout this book

    28. An intricately plotted, historically accurate and detailed, doorstop of a book, that you think is telling you one story, then flips it to another one altogether.

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