Night of the Living Deed

Night of the Living Deed Welcome to the first Haunted Guest House mystery the getaway every reader can afford Newly divorced Alison Kerby wants a second chance for herself and her nine year old daughter She s returned to her

  • Title: Night of the Living Deed
  • Author: E.J. Copperman
  • ISBN: 9780425235232
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Welcome to the first Haunted Guest House mystery the getaway every reader can afford Newly divorced Alison Kerby wants a second chance for herself and her nine year old daughter She s returned to her hometown on the Jersey Shore to transform a Victorian fixer upper into a charming and profitable guest house One small problem the house is haunted, and the two ghosts insWelcome to the first Haunted Guest House mystery the getaway every reader can afford Newly divorced Alison Kerby wants a second chance for herself and her nine year old daughter She s returned to her hometown on the Jersey Shore to transform a Victorian fixer upper into a charming and profitable guest house One small problem the house is haunted, and the two ghosts insist Alison must find out who killed them.

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    About Author

    1. Librarian note E.J Copperman is the pen name for author Jeff CohenE.J Copperman is a mysterious figure, or has a mysterious figure, or writes figuratively in mysteries In any event, a New Jersey native, E.J has written for such publications as The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, American Baby and USA Weekend Night of the Living Deed is the first E.J Copperman novel It will be followed in 2011 by An Uninvited Ghost, the second in the Haunted Guesthouse mystery series E.J having worked as a newspaper reporter, teacher, magazine editor, and screenwriter, writes stories that combine humor and mystery with just the right amount of spooky supernatural happenings and a large doses of Jersey attitude Sound like we re being evasive Well, the fact is that E.J Copperman is the pseudonym of a well known mystery novelist, now embarking on a new type of story that includes some elements of the supernatural as well as a fair number of laughs And the Copperman novels will have a different attitude, a different setting and completely different characters than anything that has come before, so E.J really is a new author.


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    1. The pun filled title notwithstanding, E.J Copperman s first novel in this series deals not with zombies but ghosts Single mom Alison Kerby not Kirby buys a dilapidated Victorian mansion on the Jersey Shore to turn into a guesthouse but gets than she bargained for in the purchase The house comes with two demanding ghosts Private investigator Paul Harrison and over the top Maxie Malone were killed a year ago, and they can t cross over until they find out who killed them For that, they want Alison [...]

    2. This is a good, cozy series made up of a single mother, trying to refurbish an old home, a sassy daughter, an eclectic, clingy grandmother and of course a couple of wacky ghosts It had just the right amount of enticing mystery and likable characters to keep me wanting to pick it back up This is definitely a light paranormal that can be a bit far fetched but that is all part of the fun I did read book two in the series before this one and it was interesting enough to make me want to start the ser [...]

    3. Alison Kerby is newly divorced and moves back to her hometown in New Jersey to transform a 100 year old beachfront home into a guesthouse Just as she starts her DIY project, she gets struck on the head by a falling can of joint compound When she comes to, she doesn t just see the mess on the floor, but the spirits of two people who died in the house The spirits beg her to help them find otu who killed them Alison is reluctant to get involved The safety of her 9 year old daughter is much importa [...]

    4. This is not a scary ghost or zombie story It is a mystery with a witty, funny main character I loved her snarky attitude, her poignant evaluations of life and her self reliant nature I have to admit that about 3 4 of the way through the book, I got a little tired of the wit wrapped around pretty much everything she said, but I got over it because by then I was so interested to see who did it There were some really humorous remarks that I wanted to write down and memorize so I could say them at o [...]

    5. I love this book It was fun and humorous as well as a wonderful character study Of course, I ve enjoyed everything that E.J s alter ego has written so it wasn t much of a surprise.Alison Kerby has purchased a house and is working to renovate the seven bedroom house into a guesthouse She s a pretty fair carpenter and handywoman who is doing most of the work herself She is trying to build a new life for herself and her nine year old daughter When she is hit on the head by a bucket she suddenly fin [...]

    6. AudiobookEnjoyable audiobook about a house with ghosts and what people have tried to do to obtain this house No romance Loved the mom I m not sure about Paul Ended up liking Maxie I would recommend this audiobook.

    7. 2 1 2 StarsThis cozy mystery by E.J Copperman is the first in the Haunted Guesthouse series Recently divorced single mother Allison Kerby has bought a huge Victorian home in need of some work She hopes to renovate the home, turn it into a guesthouse, and earn her living on the Jersey Shore There s one small flaw in her plan The ghosts of the previous owner, Maxie, and a private detective, Paul, haunt the home and insist Allison find out who killed them The concept of the books is great The chara [...]

    8. I m very late in reading this one, but I finally got around to it and I m so glad I did This book reminds me so much of the old Ghost and Mrs Muir TV series, but with a pair of ghosts instead of just one Alison Kerby and her daughter have the difficult task of dealing with both of them There is humor laced throughout this book The dialogue is witty and had me laughing out loud quite often I especially enjoyed the conversations between Alison and the female ghost, Maxie Alison sure had her hands [...]

    9. Alison Kerby and her daughter, Melissa, are starting their post divorce life by renovating an old house on the New Jersey shore But progress is stalled by the presence of two ghosts, Maxie and Paul who were murdered in the house They want Alison to solve their murders, and when Alison starts getting threats, she tries to do just that.This book is a great start to the series Alison is just snarky enough and Melissa is a charning character The mystery is very good The ghosts and other characters a [...]

    10. A ghostly good romp Witty Charming Mystery and Mayhem A fun indulgence The perfect sort of cozy for the Halloween season Fans of DIY cozies will also find this a worthwhile add Three Quick n Quaint Stars

    11. While very well written, I just have trouble connecting with the paranormal cozy genre This in no way reflects on the author and I have really enjoyed the first two installments in his cinematic series written under Jeffrey Cohen Just me Highly recommend for those who do

    12. Great first book in the series I really liked the characters and Jersey shore setting The mystery was good and kept me guessing Now that Alison s haunted guesthouse is ready to open for business I look forward to seeing what happens next.

    13. Great start to a new series Meet Alison Kerby, new homeowner to a fixer upper guest house, and her daughter Melissa Alison s renovations get turned upside down when a pair of ghosts decide to drop a bucket of copound on her head Now Alison and see and hear the ghostly duo, and they insist she help them find out their killer What she discovers is that theres a valuable hidden artifact inside the house, and theres someone in town that would kill to get it This book was awesome Do not be fooled by [...]

    14. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I m sorry that I put off reading this for so long Alison is starting over with her daughter by renovating an old Victorian into a guest house When she begins to see the ghosts of two people that died there the mystery begins as to who killed them.The characters are strong and fun Alison had me laughing so many times with her wit, especially when dealing with the one ghost Maxie I also loved all the secondary characters, they all added to the story with a great mix [...]

    15. Good mystery in which Alison discovers, while converting her Victorian mansion into a guesthouse, that she she can see ghosts ghosts who want her to help them figure out who killed them.

    16. First Line I don t get it, Mom Newly divorced Alison Kerby has returned to the Jersey Shore to fulfill a dream renovating a Victorian fixer upper into a beautiful guesthouse She figures she has the know how and just enough money to complete the makeover and open for business so she can provide a decent future for Melissa, her nine year old daughter.As she begins the process of renovating, she gets the odd vibe now and then but thinks nothing of it until a fifty pound bucket of joint compound kno [...]

    17. I liked Night of the Living Deed I bought it because it takes place at the Jersey Shore, where I have lived for 37 years And because there are ghosts It s a pretty nice cozy Don t read it thinking it ll be the best book you ever read but it s not the worst either Some of the characters are not really well developed but they are likable The mystery wasn t overwhelmingly exciting but it was enough to keep me reading I understand that this is a work of fiction But, it s supposed to take place where [...]

    18. Really 4.5 stars but I rounded up.I told myself I wouldn t read another book from the library or buy any books until I had finished five books from my tbr stack This is my second one, and I wasn t expecting much It hand been sitting on my shelf for forever, and I never read it, but I was pleasantly surprised This book was great I absolutely adored this book The characters, especially the MC and ghosts, were so real to me I felt like I was seeing them interact with each other The author also did [...]

    19. This was one of those feel good mysteries that I love so much I decided to try this because the setting was the Jersey Shore and I live in NJ Alison has bought and is trying to fix up a beautiful Victorian house that she is planning to make into a guesthouse The problem is that she already has two guests to start with, two ghosts who died in that house and want her to help find who murdered them and why As Alison digs into the investigation she learns that both her daughter, Melissa, and her mot [...]

    20. First Sentence I don t get it, Mom If this is our house, why are other people going to live here Alison Kerby is newly divorced, has a nine year old daughter and is opening a guesthouse not a B and B and no breakfast will be served on the Jersey Shore What she doesn t expect is for her first guests to be two ghosts who had died in the house Although their death had been ruled as suicide, they want Alison to find their murderer.This was a complete non starter for me Having personally experienced [...]

    21. What a fun book The ghosts in the story were like Topper types rather than there is a presence here types and they interact with only some humans, not everyone, which makes for some interesting situations I appreciate the author s subtle sense of humor and chuckled through some of the story.This book is just the thing if you want to read something engrossing and light hearted I am so glad I finally picked up and look forward to the other in the series.

    22. I enjoyed how the author wrote The writing style was good How incorporated the ghosts into the story was brilliant to me I would read in the series if am able to get my hands on them.I gave it an A or 4 stars.

    23. I m not sure what possessed me to buy this book it just appeared in the mail after one of my book ordering sprees.The premise is not especially original, woman buys house, house is haunted, the ghosts want the new owner to help solve the mystery of their death This time the new homeowner is Alison Kerby and she wants to open a guesthouse on the Jersey Shore The ghosts are Maxie, the former owner and Paul, the private investigator who Maxie had hired to help figure out who was sending her threats [...]

    24. Alison Kerby is carving out a new life for herself after her divorce by purchasing a rundown property on the New Jersey shore She s always dreamed of returning to her home town and opening a guesthouse there, so when the ideal property became available she brought it straight away and moved in with her nine year old daughter Melissa A head injury during the renovations leaves Alison with the ability to see ghosts, and she soon realises her guesthouse already has two residents Paul and Maxie are [...]

    25. I read NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEED by EJ Copperman as an exercise in supporting local writers You see I am from New Jersey and EJ Copperman is as well His ghost mystery story NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEED referred to as NotLD from here on is a story based in New Jersey Though mysteries are outside my normal scope of reading, I still thoroughly enjoyed this one.The story is set in a fictional town along the Jersey Shore Though the town is fictional all other locals mentioned are very real places in New J [...]

    26. Newly divorced Alison Kerby is determined to build a new life for her and her nine year old daughter Melissa so she buys a fixer upper on the Jersey Shore and is converting it into a guest house She can do the repairs herself but isn t expecting to encounter a pair of ghosts that of the previous owner Maxie Malone and Paul Harrison, a private investigator who had been working for Maxie They want Allison to find out who killed them but she needs to be careful the killer is willing to strike again [...]

    27. I came upon this series by lucky accident Actually is was a download from audiobooks and I just started it one day when I didn t know what book I want to spend the next ten hours devouring I started with the last book, but quickly realized I was at the tail end and much had gone before So I went back to beginning, which is this book I thoroughly enjoyed the characters, the situation, and the writing There was is nothing objectionable in the book, but I had many moments when I happily snickered a [...]

    28. After a harassment lawsuit pays out, Alison Kirby buys an old Victorian house on the Jersey shore, thinking to turn it into a guest house, a business that would pay the bills for years to come The house is in need of repair and Alison is on a schedule She has to be If the guest house isn t ready by April, she ll be paying a mortgage on a house she can t afford, but work done the previous day is undoing itself overnight Alison can t imagine who s messing with her, until a bucket of joint compound [...]

    29. What can you possibly say about a book touted as A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery that doesn t sound overly kitschy This first in a new series about things that go bump in the night was OK The premise was enough to grab my attention Single mom buys Victorian house on beach She plans to renovate and open a Guesthouse she doesn t call it a BB because she doesn t plan on having food As soon as she moves in, weird things start to happen A large hole appears in a plaster wall Tools begin appearing in pla [...]

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