Bedding the Enemy

Bedding the Enemy The author of In Bed with a Stranger sweeps readers back to the Elizabethanera once in this compelling exquisitely detailed and deeply passionatehistorical romance Laird Keir McQuade is a newcomer t

  • Title: Bedding the Enemy
  • Author: Mary Wine
  • ISBN: 9780758234674
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback
  • The author of In Bed with a Stranger sweeps readers back to the Elizabethanera once in this compelling, exquisitely detailed, and deeply passionatehistorical romance.Laird Keir McQuade is a newcomer to his title, and has much work before him to restore the McQuade honour Finding a wife is an excellent start He s duty bound to go to court and swear homage to his kiThe author of In Bed with a Stranger sweeps readers back to the Elizabethanera once in this compelling, exquisitely detailed, and deeply passionatehistorical romance.Laird Keir McQuade is a newcomer to his title, and has much work before him to restore the McQuade honour Finding a wife is an excellent start He s duty bound to go to court and swear homage to his king anyway, a perfect opportunity were not court women trussed in stupid fashions and corrupted with false mannerisms Of course, not every lady hides behind a powdered faceHelena Knyvett may be a daughter of the aristocracy, but in truth she is little but a pawn in her brother s ploys for power Her smallest acts of defiance carry a heavy price But one honourable man among a crowd of dandies could give her all she needs to change her fortunes and set her freeAmong the ruthless ambitions of England s powerful, love at first sight is a dangerous game But the treachery, scandal, and treason that follow can unleash as much passion as it does adventure

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      Mary Wine

    About Author

    1. Mary Wine has written over twenty novels that take her readers from the pages of history to the far reaches of space Recent winner of a 2008 EPPIE Award for erotic western romance, her book LET ME LOVE YOU was quoted Not to be missed by Lora Leigh, New York Times best selling author.When she s not abusing a laptop, she spends time with her sewing machines all of them Making historical garments is her second passion From corsets and knickers to court dresses of Elizabeth I, the most expensive clothes she owns are hundreds of years out of date She s also an active student of martial arts, having earned the rank of second degree black belt.


    Bedding the Enemy Comment

    1. This book was a HOT, Easy read for me and I REALLY Liked it a lot I almost gave it 5 stars because this is the type of book that I love to read most.The hero was what every woman would dream of a hero being I liked the heroine too because she had courage The story line was good and kept me interested.I do look forwards to the next book in this series.

    2. Bedding the Enemy, the best book so far of a top notch McJames series by Mary Wine hopefully to come in the series There is nothing better than a highlander story except maybe turning it into to a highlander erotica story, well that is how I would classify Bedding the Enemy Loaded with chivalrous alphas and plenty of sensual love scenes Keir has inherited his newly Laird title because his father and two older brothers were killed in book 2 bad, bad men Keir is everything his father and brothers [...]

    3. Keir McQuade s story that starts with his mission to restore the family name to its former glory and get back in the good graces of the king.Helena is struggling to find a place in court, where she is supposed to help improve her family s standing She hates the intrigue and duplicity and Keir McQuade is refreshingly honest and direct.They make a nice couple that has to overcome its share of obstacles before their eventual happy ending.The series seems to have ended so there probably won t be a b [...]

    4. well written snappy historical plot with delightful characters and a bit of mystery thrown in Keir and Helena brutal honesty even when it puts their own lives at risk fascinate me and I have to admit, I couldn t wait to read about her brother getting what s coming to him Wonderful sex scenes, spunky characters and emotionally charged Loved it

    5. Laird Keir McQuade has newly come into his title and has much work to restore honor to the McQuade Clan name Seeking a wife at the Court of Scotland would be a good start, if the women were trussed up in stupid fashions and false manners, along with face powder Helena Knyven is the daughter of aristocracy, with a cruel brother, who would use her as a pawn for power, where the smallest act of her defiance carry a heavy price Laird McQuade is the first honorable man that Helena has met at Court Ca [...]

    6. GOOD ROMANCE AND LOVE STORY I am giving Bedding the Enemy 4 stars instead of 5 I didn t like what poor Helena endured at the hands of her crazed brother Edmond Knyvett, future Earl of Kenton Him beating and hitting on her and the attack on her by his crazed friend Lord Ronchford was a bit much The bases of this story is Helena being munipulated by her brother to use at the Royal Court to obtain and advantage He is a English Lord and he hate Scots But this is the Royal Court of King James Stuart, [...]

    7. Bedding the Enemy3 StarsAttempting to restore his family s honor after his father s treacherous actions, Keir McQuade travels to London to swear fealty to the newly crowned King James Once there, Keir is astounded by the deceitful intrigues of court and the garishness of the women One girl who does catch his eye is Helena Knyvett, the daughter of an English nobleman caught up in the vicious machinations of her ruthless brother Can Keir and Helena find love amidst the amidst the treachery and sca [...]

    8. 3.5 gostei esta historia para mim teve mais emo o, que as anterioresto porque os personagens, t m uma maior quantidade de drama a envolve los.dramas familiares, familiares com alguma dose de loucura e ambi o e que sujeitam negativamente a personagem principal da historia aquele irm o dela, horrivel com partes da historia que nos deixam com a respira o em suspenso, o que torna o virar de p ginas compulsivo resto uma historia tipica de Highlanders onde a velha quezilia de esco s vs ingl s est muit [...]

    9. I just love reading a romance involving a gorgeous Scottish Laird and the latest from Mary Wine does not disappoint Mary Wine has become one of my all time favourite authors If you have read Mary s novel In the Warrior s Bed then you will recall Keir McQuade, the only honourable brother amongst the McQuades Bedding the Enemy tells the tale of Keir and Helena Knyvett, daughter of English aristocracy I don t know what it is about Mary Wine s style of writing but it always makes me feel a little wa [...]

    10. 3rd time was definetly the charm, totally loved this from start to finish.Keir and Helena are both easy to like and well suited as they both have a sense of humor that helps them through some rough spots in their relationship.The way in which the two meet is breathtakingly romantic and the passion they share is sexy and raw.This was such a fast moving read that could not believe turned final page when it ended

    11. It was good, just not as good as I hoped both characters are very likeable but somehow it just did not really catch meNevertheless I am looking forward to other books in this series

    12. My Ratings Hero rating 4Heroine rating 3Steam Action Factor 4Plot Storyline 3Writing Style 4 Overall rating 3

    13. Why did I buy this book First of all, I have read many fantastic books by Mary Wine and have never been disappointed This author had to have stolen Mary s identity From chapter one I became confused The story is good however, but there are no breaks between scenes What I m trying to say is.Scene 1 She stares into the Scot s eyes, blah blah blah that s the storyline by the way then BAM The story scene immediately changes to Scene 2 The brother was so angry Bla Blah Blah another story line Basical [...]

    14. was one of those unfortunate ones that had all those weird names and euphemisms for body parts It was all quivering passages and that spot on the top of her passage.Justoy And the only historic reference she had for royalty was apparently Henry VIII, so I can t tell you how many times she mentioned Henry or Anne Bolyn It wasn t a horrible read, but it was a little teeth grinding at points This type of historical romance novel is why everybody thinks they re stupid Definitely one of my leas [...]

    15. Questa autrice mi piace Ha lo storico nel sangue I suoi personaggi sono credibili, i loro discorsi e le ambientazioni sono attendibili e ogni volta che mi addentro in una di queste letture mi sembra davvero di poter toccare con mano gli altipiani scozzesi.In questo terzo libro conosciamo Keir che avevamo gi avuto modo di valutare nei libri precedenti, ed Helena, una giovane Lady dell aristocrazia inglese.Ritroveremo con gioia i personaggi che avevamo amato nei precedenti libri e ci infileremo ne [...]

    16. Laird Keir McQuade and Lady Helena Knyvett1604, England and ScotlandAn average entry in Mary Wine s romances with a Scottish flair This time, although the story revolves around a Scottish laird, the entire story takes place in the royal court in London Laird Keir heads to London soon after succeeding to the role of laird of his clan in order to prove his loyalty to the king and regain some respect for his family name There he is turned off by the falseness and superficiality of the court and the [...]

    17. Stay away from the Audible version REALLY BAD Narration It breaks my heart to rate this book so low The reason is because I chose the Audible version and it was pretty awful Not because of the story but because I couldn t get past the almost robotic and pretty inconsistent voice of the narrator The voices meant to be Scottish sounded Irish or Cornish For example, Keir s voice sounded higher than what you d imagine a strong rugged highlander to sound like It was tough to get through The sad part [...]

    18. Overall Rating 3.75 Action 3 Emotion 3.75 Romance 3 Sensuous 4 Intrigue 3.5 Medieval Flavor 3 Humor 2 Tears 0Bedding The Enemy is a story of love at first The McQuade Clan s new laird, third born son Keir, must go to London to swear fealty to King James Stuart in an effort to restore the clan s honor and promote peace Keir spots the tall, modest Helena Knyvett across the crowded room and decides he has found the woman who will be his wife Helena s evil, power hungry brother, Edmund, is opposed t [...]

    19. Qualunque intrigo ci ritroveremo ad affrontare, Helena, sappi che non mi arrender Nulla potr dividerci Lotter fino all ultimo respiro, lo giuro Lei tese le mani e strinse quelle ampie spalle Keir la strinse nel suo abbraccio Ultimo capitolo della serie dei McJames, per me anche il migliore dei tre nonostante un finale un po affrettato D Avevamo gi conosciuto Keir nel libro precedente, e si era distinto per essere l unico parente di Bronwyr ad agire con onore e dignit Ora che diventato inaspettat [...]

    20. Overall this was a decent read, it wasn t the best Highlander story that I ve read, but it certainly wasn t the worst by far I loved Keir, he was very Alpha an very protective and I really like that about him The chemistry between him and Helena is pretty believable, my complaint is that Helena was so timid, as this is the life she was taught and groomed for all of her life and then, all of a sudden she gets a backbone okay as if, but what really blew my mind was after the dirty and underhanded [...]

    21. The story starts out with two people who felt attraction immediately from across a room Keir is comfortable with his attraction to Helena than she is to her attraction to him Both of them like that the other is not pretentious as the courtiers that surround King James in London Keir is confident and arrogant with an honorable rather than bullying presence Keir and Helena were a good match She deserved him and he deserved her Imagine spending a month on a honeymoon locked together in the Tower o [...]

    22. I really enjoyed this book It was fast and easy to read The title was a bit misleading, though I thought the book was going to be sort of a love hate thing between Helena and Keir but it wasn t like that at all You ll have to read it to find out who the real enemy was Good read One thing I d like to mention that most people don t think is all that important I like a lot of detail when I read books I like to know what these people look like and since I don t have a top of the line reader I still [...]

    23. I am seriously going to miss reading this series and hope Mary Wine continues to write with these characters in mind What I really find appealing about The McJames series is the way she moves quickly through the story She manages to keep the flow moving without losing any of the periods historical information It remains in the foreground as much a part of the character as the protagonists and others.I also love the conversations between the hero and heroine It is humorous and entertaining The l [...]

    24. Pretty goodI did like this story, the plot and characters, but sometimes there is just too much writingIt makes a part of the plot drag out for no reason or reiterates the same thing to the point I d ad nauseam It would be a much better book to have just gotten to the point in portions of the story I would recommend this book with the caveats that you may find yourself skimming over unnecessary paragraphs that do nothing to add to the book.

    25. Another Pringle book, but actually the best of the series IMHO I really liked Keir as a hero and Helena had less I must not sleep with him hangups than the last two heroines which was nice I am enjoying this author, especially the settings she writes, considerably despite the repetitious behavior between the main characters I ll seek out , especially Raelin s story if I can find it.

    26. 3.5I have to grant to Mary Wine that no one like her, knows the way to immerse you in the era and the region Hers accurate historical details about customs, behaviors and places, make you feel like being there.It was a good one, but I guess I was in no mood for to many sex scenes, so I found myself skipping pages or putting down the book for doing reading other things, instead.

    27. I read the first two in this series because they were free books on my ereader At this point I continue to read because I like to know what happens to the other characters which is probably a sign of a decent author that she can make me want to know This book is a light read and I finished it in a day If you are looking for something that does not require a lot of thought this is it

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