Truthseeker ACROSS TWO EXTRAORDINARY WORLDS TRUTH IS THE DEADLIEST MAGICGifted with an uncanny intuition Lara Jansen nonetheless thinks there is nothing particularly special about her All that changes when a ha

  • Title: Truthseeker
  • Author: C.E. Murphy
  • ISBN: 9780345516060
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback
  • ACROSS TWO EXTRAORDINARY WORLDS, TRUTH IS THE DEADLIEST MAGICGifted with an uncanny intuition, Lara Jansen nonetheless thinks there is nothing particularly special about her All that changes when a handsome but mysterious man enters her quiet Boston tailor shop and reveals himself to be a prince of Faerie What s , Dafydd ap Caerwyn claims that Lara is a truthseeker,ACROSS TWO EXTRAORDINARY WORLDS, TRUTH IS THE DEADLIEST MAGICGifted with an uncanny intuition, Lara Jansen nonetheless thinks there is nothing particularly special about her All that changes when a handsome but mysterious man enters her quiet Boston tailor shop and reveals himself to be a prince of Faerie What s , Dafydd ap Caerwyn claims that Lara is a truthseeker, a person with the rare talent of being able to tell truth from falsehood Dafydd begs Lara to help solve his brother s murder, of which Dafydd himself is the only suspect.Acting against her practical nature, Lara agrees to step through a window into another world Caught between bitterly opposed Seelie forces and Dafydd s secrets, which are as perilous as he is irresistible, Lara finds that her abilities are increasing in unexpected and uncontrollable ways With the fate of two worlds at stake and a malevolent entity wielding the darkest of magic, Lara and Dafydd will risk everything on a love that may be their salvation or the most treacherous illusion of all.

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      C.E. Murphy

    About Author

    1. C.E Murphy is a writer of fantasy novels and short stories She also writes action adventure romance novels under the pseudonym Cate Dermody, which was her grandmother s maiden name.


    Truthseeker Comment

    1. Made for TV movie C.E Murphy s Truthseeker reads like one, only with no action and cleaner Yeah Hot stuff, huh Does that hit the spot Then you ll like Truthseeker.Our very clean er, I can t say drama because I didn t see drama either NU stamps this product safe for feeble medicated hearts and impressionable young minds I hate to spoil, but tailor heroine Lara Jansen remains well adjusted and safe throughout the book, experiencing only a few near gasp inducing moments when giant bats attack her I [...]

    2. True rating 3.5 stars.While this book is written for adults this very much feels like a YA novel The character is just mid 20s I really loved the beginning of this book The relationship between our main character, Lara, and her best friend Kelly is hilarious I liked the over all feel and direction of the book Lara has the ability to sense the truth and is needed to help find out who killed David s fae prince love interest brother I really loved the back story of the Seelie Unseelie people Differ [...]

    3. DNF 24%Life is too short to waste time on something I don t like and there are so many good books to read.To sum up my grievances with this one It reads like it was written by a 90 years old lady all the characters personalities, mannerisms, language patterns and general behaviors are so very OLD And boring People in their twenties, at parties and other fun situations, interact with each other using courtesy titles and courtesy forms do you call it that in english.I don t necessarily need smartp [...]

    4. DNFThis book is f ing terrible I just read a torturously bad book I m not doing it again The dialogue in this book is the most stilted, ridiculous, unbelievable, idiotic bullshit I have ever read The storyline is stupid The romance is boring and fake The main character, Lara, has the personality of a shovel A dull, unfunny shovel.Other than that, I liked it.

    5. I have yet to read a C E Murphy book outside the Walker Papers that merits than a meh But I keep trying because I loved the Walker Papers that much Truthseeker is pretty disappointing because it has occasional glimmers of what I love about the author s writing but is bogged down in inconsistent and or unlikable characters and a plot that seems about as fresh as the hiking shirt crumpled up in my backpack from two weeks ago When it rained It s probably possible to still write interesting books a [...]

    6. I loved this book.Lara starts out as someone who tries to fade into the background She limits her interactions with other people because the half truths and polite lies we all use make her very uncomfortable She does have a good friend, Kelly, who seems to understand at least to some degree how Lara feels Kelly often tries to get Lara to open up to others, especially men She wants Lara to be happy.Enter David Kirwen and Dickon Collins David is a local weatherman and Dickon is his cameraman They [...]

    7. I rather liked the first half than the second half The second half was of a mess, not nearly as clean and enjoyable as the first half, though not all that bad overall Lara is a charming main character with understandable quirks, and I loved that about her how literal she took things, how truth sounded to her and how dishonesty grated on her so The relationship between her and Daffyd left me a bit cold It was interesting in the start, but the relationship seemed forced later on, especially wit [...]

    8. The romance between the lead characters was just not believable There was no sense of connection She went on one date with him before he convinced her to go to fairyland with him at which point she spent about an hour in his company and they weren t alone Daffyd was quite also boring with very little personality I thought Lara had of a connection with Ioan, who also seemed the interesting character which is a shame given he is only in the book for the equivalent of 2 half chapters I t wasn t a [...]

    9. It took me a while to get through this book Like all of my reviews, I won t bother with a summary, since you can read what the book is about by the blurb Ultimately, it s a compelling enough story that I do want to read the second book and find out how it all ends I think the story itself is good The problem is in the writing itselfT that it s horrible, writing wise But there s apparently a romance here and I just don t feel it Largely because I don t care about the heroine or the hero, for that [...]

    10. This book is worlds apart from Murphy s Walker Files Having said that, I haven t put my nook in hibernate mode since I started I keep picking this book up whenever I have a free moment I m not sure if I like Daffyd yet, but Lara and her friend Kelly make this book.Okay, here is my brilliant haha opinion Some of the characters in this book arehesitant they are still finding their footing and aren t quite as fleshed out as I would like Lara shows great potential to become a kick ass heroine in fut [...]

    11. C.E Murphy has done it again She has created a character you want as a friend if not best friend This book begins light hearted and everyday, with the main character Lara and her best friend Kelly, when they get together so the Kelly can by a used car without being lied to by the salesman Because first and for most Lara can tell when people are lying These two women have a very strong friendship that can stand up to anything.Lara then meets David Kirwen, the local television station weatherman w [...]

    12. It s another first of the series from C E Murphy, and given that I was expecting a spunky heroine to be dragged bass akward through a pile of world view changing revelations, it did not disappoint Truthseeker moves a little too fast for the plot to gain much in the way of depth, and the action was explained away rather than explained However, that speed is complimented by dialog that I found to be witty as well as wry The four main characters are presented well, from the angles of description, d [...]

    13. After this book, my need for fantasy novels was abated It had an intriguing idea a heroine whose superpower is telling the truth I especially like how she describes a well made piece of clothing as truth made manifest.Good idea, poor execution I felt like I was being told about character development as opposed to it being developed naturally through the story When done right, I can swallow a heroine coming out of her shell through adversity and throwing everything away for the love a man whom sh [...]

    14. Okay, good book, but for goodness gracious, it s like half the story Where is the end Oh I guess we have to wait for Wayfinder For future reference, I am not a fan of this cutting a book in half so we can sell two titles and get money out of it trend lately Happened to me with another book earlier this year too I don t mind series I don t mind trilogies I don t mind never ending sagas okay, well, that may be an exaggeration , but c mon people, don t start one story arc, get to what seems like t [...]

    15. I stopped reading somewhere in chapter 10 I like her I like the dynamic between her and her friend I like that her personality is different from the norm It started out good for me view spoiler But when they they crossed into underburrow it changed After being attacked, she acts like someone else Their naked session gets interrupted, and the relationship between the two doesn t jive hide spoiler Maybe I ll pick it again, and finish the book Just not any time soon.

    16. I enjoyed this book Laura is definitely not as boring as some of the reviews put made her out to be, I definitely enjoy her relationship with her best friend Kelly I find the premise of the book interesting because especially as the world is now the possibility of somebody who can Enlighten people about the truth is weirdly interesting I m definitely reading the second book

    17. C.E Murphy has delighted me for years, and the Truthseeker world shows all the signs of doing the same Certain elements are familiar enough from the Walker Papers series to make this right in Murphy s sweet spot while in other ways, Truthseeker takes a huge leap into the unknown Like Joanne, Lara Jansen is unaware of the true extent of her abilities Unlike Walker Papers, though, acceptance is not an issue, and the development of those abilities is quick and strong Lara enters the story going thr [...]

    18. We are told at the outset of the book that The heroine Lara, has anodd ability to be ableto hear the truth of what is said to her and that any comment which is not exactly honest jars with her Interestingly the author explores what this means in real terms for the heroine and she actually starts off as a rather odd and humourless character in that everything she says is totally literal even common statements that people make in day to day society in order to be polite are difficult for Lara Anyw [...]

    19. In Truthseeker, Lara Jensen s talent for detecting lies and half truths is exactly what Seelie Prince Dafydd ap Caerwyn has been searching for and despite her reluctance, Lara agrees to help Dafydd who is desperate to avenge his foster brother s death and prove his innocence in his murder In the Barrowlands, Lara discovers that not only has Dafydd not been entirely truthful with her but she has stepped into the middle of a brewing civil war between the Seelie and UnSeelie Someone is stirring up [...]

    20. There are a few fundamental constants about my reading tastes One of those is that any book with a decent treatment of the Sidhe is guaranteed to appeal to me The other is that any book by C.E Murphy is guaranteed to do the same Combine these, and the result is a tasty little urban fantasy that pretty much has read this, Anna written all over it.Lara Jansen has a strange gift she can always, always tell when someone is lying Compared to many high powered, badassed urban fantasy heroines this day [...]

    21. ACROSS TWO EXTRAORDINARY WORLDS, TRUTH IS THE DEADLIEST MAGICGifted with an uncanny intuition, Lara Jansen nonetheless thinks there is nothing particularly special about her All that changes when a handsome but mysterious man enters her quiet Boston tailor shop and reveals himself to be a prince of Faerie What s , Dafydd ap Caerwyn claims that Lara is a truthseeker, a person with the rare talent of being able to tell truth from falsehood Dafydd begs Lara to help solve his brother s murder, of wh [...]

    22. I rather liked the premise surrounding this book, but the execution was dismal Usually I m a big fan of descriptions, but the ones here didn t seem to really clear anything up for me I honestly couldn t tell you what any of the characters look like beyond basic blond or brown eyed and the lingering feeling that everyone is super white I also can t recall where the human part of this story takes place except in generic American city and Annwn seems to be mostly forested, but in what kind of trees [...]

    23. I will start by saying I absolutely love the Walker Papers series, and I have read the 1st of the Negotiator Trilogy, and looking forward to the next 2, which I have in the TBR pile, so I started this book with anticipation.I admit that at the beginning I was almost going to give up as I have so many books in the TBR pile and in my Kindle, but I decided to keep on with it The basic story is that Lara, who lives in Boston and is quiet intense sort of person, is out with her friend Kelly, who is q [...]

    24. It s hard to review TRUTH SEEKER C E Murphy is one of my favorite urban fantasy authors, and I adore her Walker Papers books Therefore, in reading any of her other series, I can t help but compare them to the Walker Papers and they inevitably fall short This start to a new series feels flawed in a few ways, but at heart it s still a solid read return return Lara Jansen has always had an uncanny knack for sensing if someone tells the truth Lies ring like discordant notes in her ears Then she enco [...]

    25. Truthseeker by C E Murphy is a unique tale of a woman with an incredible ability to know the truth when she hears it Lara hears the truth like music and a lie like horrible discord She has always heard the difference and it has shaped her world such that she is practically incapable of telling a lie She even has trouble with common sayings and harmless exaggeration, as both sound as lies to her She lives a very simple life, surrounded by a few friends that understand her situation Her job as a c [...]

    26. As an avid fan of the Walker Papers series, I was pretty excited when I ran across another C E Murphy series while perusing the Overdrive Online Library app on my phone Which perhaps makes the disappointment all the sharper I simply could not make myself finish Truthseeker.It s starts rather abrupt Yeah, we ll go with that abrupt Yup, nice tidy logical and normal life you got here, you have an excellent eye for clothing and oh by the way magic is real, I m a fairy and though you re only human, y [...]

    27. I believe Lara has got to be one of the most dour protagonists I have ever had the dubious pleasure of reading I understand that there is a specific reason that she is portrayed the way she is, however, that does not mitigate the fact that Lara is justt fun I was tempted to stop reading but since I had spent money on my copy, I decided to persevere till the end and I am sort of glad I did since she does ease up by the end of the story The story itself did not resonate with me as much as Ms Murph [...]

    28. Warning This review is for both Truthseeker and Wayfinder.I had such high hopes for this series, though truthfully I m not sure why I did I d heard of C.E Murphy before, but hadn t read any of her books before these Maybe it s because of the inclusion of a fey prince and I was likening it to the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning, who writes the fey princes as walking sex sticks and inhuman to the point of being alien But that s not how he was written at all I was actually generally confused whe [...]

    29. Imagine living in modern times and having to speak the truth all the time, imagine also getting really uncomfortable every time someone told an untruth, to Lara Jensen, each truth told was music to her ears, and each untruth caused bad vibrations By carefully choosing her profession and friends, Lara had managed to iron out a lot of the disharmony and was successfully living with this problem Until the day her best friend decides that Lara should meet the local weather reporter, a guy Lara likes [...]

    30. Lara has always had the ability to tell when someone is lying This has always made her life challenging than easy Then she meets David He reveals that he is a prince from Faerie and he has been searching for someone with her ability for almost 100 years He sounds crazy but Lara knows he is telling the truth He asks her to come to Faerie and help prove that he did not murder his brother Because time moves differently in Faerie it should only take the equivalent of one night on Earth She agrees a [...]

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