Anarchy After Leftism

Anarchy After Leftism A reply to and an assault on Murray Bookchin s Social Anarchism Or Lifestyle Anarchism Bookchin himself Bookchinism and so called anarcho leftism

  • Title: Anarchy After Leftism
  • Author: Bob Black
  • ISBN: 9781890532000
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Paperback
  • A reply to, and an assault on, Murray Bookchin s Social Anarchism Or Lifestyle Anarchism, Bookchin himself, Bookchinism, and so called anarcho leftism.

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      Bob Black

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    1. Bob Black Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Anarchy After Leftism book, this is one of the most wanted Bob Black author readers around the world.


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    1. Reading Bob Black s Anarchy after Leftism, I am struck by how relevant his critique of Bookchin is almost 20 years hence, and his description of why certain forms of primitivisms should be taken seriously, and yet how wrong his prediction of the death or dwindling of certain kinds of anarchist leftism, which have seen several cycles of death and rebirth whereas most of the non primitivism post leftists outside of CrimethInc have disappeared or at least retreated from polemics Indeed many of the [...]

    2. It s a response to an essay by Bookchin, but it very briefly and densely and creatively and fiercely directly describes many different kinds of anarchism and their history throughout the 20th century and slightly before summary from the last chapter The old anarchism the libertarian fringe of the Left That Was is finished The Bookchinist blip was a conjunctional quirk, an anomalous amalgam of the old anarchism and the New Left to which Bookchin fortuitously added a little pop ecology and his wei [...]

    3. So this is a very engaging read Black attacks Bookchin for the entire book, but as someone who s been memed into reading The German Ideology, I was shocked to find that polemic could be readable.But I d hoped from seeing the reception and title of the book that the attack on Bookchin was just a front for a broader critique of leftism as a whole I m writing this in 2017, when the black bloc is congratulating itself for smashing up a college campus, and see quite a bit wrong with leftism and anarc [...]

    4. In this book, the professional character assassin, snitch, disillusioned SubGenius cultist, white supremacist , and misogynist is on full display.This is the text where Black lays his ugly little ideology naked for the world to see Cleansed of its leaftist residues, anarchy anarchism minus Marxism will be free at being what it is Black goes on to lay out his specific complaints about Marxism Bakunin considered Marx, his capacity as a Jew to be a hopeless statist D oes this sound like anyone fami [...]

    5. Liberals be warned Bob Black is out for your babies.Caustic, inflammatory, and spot on.Despite others attempts at character assassination, Bob has always managed to do an amazing job pointing out the failings of anarcho liberalism We re again entering another waning period of reformism disguised as anarchy, and it s time again to put nails in the coffin.

    6. This is a fun, but probably not all that productive, diatribe against Murray Bookchin, the founder of the school of thought known as social ecology , and his ideas.I enjoyed it for the general rejection of leftism because of its authoritarian, technophilic tendencies.

    7. To start with, this book is a lot of fun to read Actual content aside, Black is an entertaining writer though he sometimes plays fast and loose with punctuation and grammar His exhaustive dismantling of Murray Bookchin s Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism is nothing if not enjoyable Black s arguments are nasty, personalized, and not terribly fair, but that s been a characteristic of the debate for a rather long time, so one shouldn t hold it against him.I will admit that I tend to be predis [...]

    8. Bob Black thoroughly debunks Murray Bookchin s Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism An Unbridgeable Chasm while meticulously exposing the inconsistencies in Bookchin s Social Ecology Black has the gift of being able to get complex ideas across in a humorous and easy to read style Anarchy After Leftism is a great introduction to Post Left Anarchist thought Anyone seriously interested in understanding modern day Anarchism would do well to read this book.

    9. Can a dude hate on Murray Bookchin any This book is actually pretty crucial to the idea of post left anarchy ism Writing style like the man himself is abrasive, full of humor but also deadly serious.

    10. He uses the term post left anarchy a lot, but he doesn t give many clues as to what it might be Plus there s sone random anti Semitism at the beginning and some random misogyny at the end Other than that, a decent book.

    11. i m not a fan of bookchin or any social ecologist shit but this book is just an attack on bookchin valid points but kind of lame

    12. This is a book born out of frustration Bob Black was hurt by the pain of his dead idols So he generates a work of christian apologetics to defent those dead.

    13. What Rants and raves but never gets too boring Why it s Bob Black commentator and Lewis Black of the anarchist community.

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