Change the Sky and Other Stories

Change the Sky and Other Stories None

  • Title: Change the Sky and Other Stories
  • Author: Margaret St. Clair
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
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    • [EPUB] É Unlimited É Change the Sky and Other Stories : by Margaret St. Clair ï
      Margaret St. Clair

    About Author

    1. Margaret St Clair February 17, 1911 Huchinson, Kansas November 22, 1995 Santa Rosa, CA was an American science fiction writer, who also wrote under the pseudonyms Idris Seabright and Wilton Hazzard.Born as Margaret Neeley, she married Eric St Clair in 1932, whom she met while attending the University of California, Berkeley In 1934 she graduated with a Master of Arts in Greek classics.She started writing science fiction with the short story Rocket to Limbo in 1946 Her most creative period was during the 1950s, when she wrote such acclaimed stories as The Man Who Sold Rope to the Gnoles 1951 , Brightness Falls from the Air 1951 , An Egg a Month from All Over 1952 , and Horrer Howce 1956 She largely stopped writing short stories after 1960 The Best of Margaret St Clair 1985 is a representative sampler of her short fiction.Apart from than 100 short stories, St Clair also wrote nine novels Of interest beyond science fiction is her 1963 novel Sign of the Labrys, for its early use of Wicca elements in fiction.Her interests included witchcraft, nudism, and feminism She and her husband decided to remain childless.


    Change the Sky and Other Stories Comment

    1. What do I say about this book I m kind of mixed about St Clair s stories the content is creepy and unique sci fi written in a bland and confusing way and the confusion of the writing is enhanced by horrible editing Typos and misspellings abound Most of the stories end with Night Gallery esque twists I found my inner monologue repeating a sarcastic HUH at every he d been dead for ten years sort of conclusion.Regardless, I think the weirdness of her stories intergalactic wine tours, carousels used [...]

    2. This is the third and final of Margaret St Clair s short story collections Published over ten years after Three Worlds of Futurity and almost ten years before The Best of Margaret St Clair Change the Sky consists mostly of her short fiction from the 1950 s When you consider she published over a 100 stories from the late 1940 s till the early 60 s, this was a very productive period for her The stories vary in quality, which is what you can expect from such a prolific author Only three appear in t [...]

    3. All but two of these stories were penned in the 1950 s The exceptions were from 1961 and 1974 In general Ms St Clair themes involved sex, aliens,human transformations, horror, and human alien conflicts where mankind generally comes off poorly The stories have the aura of tales from the Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits The flavor of the period comes through, an era where the world has changed and what passed for normal is suspect, what is real, safe, constant transforms into something scary.Four [...]

    4. Most of the stories were dark, strange and unsettling However, these mostly very short stories were so well written that I enjoyed them all I especially liked the last story in this anthology Lazarus Being a vegetarian, I wish meats were grown in vats from cloned cells Being a little twisted and liking Soylent Green , I had a great laugh at the ending, which was meant to disturb An interesting read, although the paperback book I had was so old it was fragile.

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