Parenting in the pew : guiding your children into the joy of worship

Parenting in the pew guiding your children into the joy of worship Daddy I d like you to meet my children That s Robbie Castleman s attitude about taking her children to church She believes that Sunday morning isn t a success if she has only managed to keep the kids

  • Title: Parenting in the pew : guiding your children into the joy of worship
  • Author: Robbie Castleman
  • ISBN: 9780830823406
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
  • Daddy, I d like you to meet my children That s Robbie Castleman s attitude about taking her children to church She believes that Sunday morning isn t a success if she has only managed to keep the kids quiet And she knows there s to church for kids than trying out their new coloring books Children are at church for the same reason as their parents for the privile Daddy, I d like you to meet my children That s Robbie Castleman s attitude about taking her children to church She believes that Sunday morning isn t a success if she has only managed to keep the kids quiet And she knows there s to church for kids than trying out their new coloring books Children are at church for the same reason as their parents for the privilege of worshiping God.Worship, Castleman writes, is the most important thing you can ever train your child to do So with infectious passion, nitty gritty advice and a touch of humor, she shows you how to help your children from toddlers to teenagers enter into worship.In this expanded edition Castleman includes two new appendixes on the important issues of hyperactive children in worship and children s church for seekers She also provides a study guide for personal reflection or group discussion More than ever, Parenting in the Pew is essential reading for parents and worship leaders who want to help children make joyful noises unto the Lord.

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    1. Robbie Castleman Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Parenting in the pew : guiding your children into the joy of worship book, this is one of the most wanted Robbie Castleman author readers around the world.


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    1. While she had some good ideas, I found this in the end to be mostly unhelpful I was already convinced that my daughter needed to be in church with me and was looking for how to make that happen She had a few ideas for little ones, but in chapter four or five said that a child my daughter s age should still be in the nursery She did have good ideas for getting older children involved in their time in the pew, though.My main frustration is with her theology I didn t expect her to be Lutheran, but [...]

    2. What a breath of fresh air to give me a new perspective on family integrated worship For 11 years I ve attended churches with children included in the worship I ve been a parent for almost 4 of them And until now, I ve just gotten through it or begrugingly survived because that s how the PCA OPC churches we ve attended have done things But this book has changed my perspective on the matter and has given me a renewed resurgence to be a better parent at least in the pews and really introduce my ki [...]

    3. The philosophy behind Parenting in the Pew is that we don t go to church, but we go to worship When we do so, we are worshiping the Almighty God who saved us from our sins And so as Christians it is our responsibility to teach our children how to enjoy worshiping God In so doing, we ourselves learn to enjoy worship .The book is a quick read Robbie Castleman gives practical examples as to how to engage children in worship from toddlers to teenagers The book contains many anecdotes from her own ch [...]

    4. Yes, this book has things in it that I don t agree with However, it has changed my view on my role as a parent for the better I was frustrated when our church started to have the children sit in with us during worship I was constanly correcting my son who was having trouble sitting I was getting NOTHING out of worship Somthing had to give A friend gave me this book and said the same thing I just told you I don t agree with everything in this book However the author was very good at explaining ho [...]

    5. I chose this book for any practical advice I could get while realizing based on previous investigation that I probably wouldn t find much of value for our current situation and mindset So I wasn t too surprised when I didn t find the contents helpful This is a very specific type of book for those people who are in similar church settings and for those who believe the same way and the same truths this pastor s wife believes I didn t agree with some of her general conclusions about reasons for chu [...]

    6. As a frazzled father of three, I know how hard church can be While life at home is often pandemonium in church I feel like I have to reign those kids in At the very least keep them from kicking the pew in front of them Author Robbie Castleman challenges us parents to enlarge our vision of what our kids can experience in church Parenting in the Pew Guiding Your Children into the Joy of Worship, now in its third edition, brings together Castleman s skill as a theologian, and her experience raising [...]

    7. I found this book one frustrated Sunday while I was wandering our church building with my toddler instead of sitting in the service The title jumped out at me since the burden of dealing with my kids at church has been heavy on my mind all year.Like the author, I am a single parent on Sunday mornings while my husband an ordained Anglican deacon is up front I have three kids, ages 6, 5, and almost 2, and we are the only family with small children in the congregation Most weeks there is a Sunday s [...]

    8. I found this book helpful and thought provoking a good starting point for considering how to train children to worship in church It convicted me that I haven t been making a consistent, well thought out effort in this important aspect of parenting Yes, I focus too much on for heaven s sake would you please sit still so the rest of us can worship and too little on helping my children become active participants in the service So I m grateful that the author gives good rationale for training childr [...]

    9. Parenting in the Pew is part memoir and part practical theology as a pastor s wife grapples with issues regarding children and the public worship service For individuals and churches who are questioning participating in children s ministry programs through elementary school, Parenting in the Pew will provide food for thought and conviction that it is good, right and worthwhile for children to worship with their parents.For those who already worship as a family or have minimal children s programm [...]

    10. I was really excited to read this book I have three kids ages nine, six and three The older two are now in church with me, and I found myself focusing on discipline and losing the heart of why we were there I enjoyed the first couple of chapters of this book, but after that it went downhill She talks about guiding them into worship, but then she goes on to talk about a bunch of rules and requirements It felt very overwhelming to me, and I stopped reading because there were a couple stories that [...]

    11. I found this book valuable because it s one of the few resources out there on the topic of teaching children to worship alongside their families Sadly, it s pretty short and basically limited to the author s personal experience with her own children While I found her insights and practical advice to be helpful, I wish the book had included a theological philosophical approach to the topic as well Also, she recognizes that generational segregation and the creation of child centric church programs [...]

    12. This is a great resource for parents with the theological philosophy behind why it is important to include children in worship, as well as the nuts and bolts of how to train your child in and for worship It challenged me to think about the goal of including children in worship it s not for them to be quiet, it s for them to worship and experience God Some of the recommendations don t work for a church setting like ours no church bulletins or hymnbooks , but most of what she talks about can be ad [...]

    13. I wish there were half star ratings I could give this book a 2.5, because I felt like I was divided equally between liking it disliking it While the author is certainly on point theologically, her verbiage teetered on being condescending left me with the distinct feeling that her two sons who are now adults, but whom she developed this method with as children were never distractions in church were so much better off because of what she had done I certainly agree that training children in worship [...]

    14. Great Mrs Castleman does a wonderful job encouraging parents to not just go to church but learn to worship together Not only does she admonish parents to leave behind coloring books, games, and Where s Waldo books, she gives gentle, practical wisdom of what to do as well I love that she advocates all children, regardless of age, to worship with mom and dad in the pew She instructs with age appropriate guidelines for toddlers to teens The only place I part with the Castlemans is on communion She [...]

    15. First, I think the target audience for this book is a member of a family integrated church, and we do not attend one.Second, there were quite a few things in this book that were clearly the author s opinion and not biblically supported in any way For example, the author would not let her children participate in communion until they had written and then shared their testimony in front of the church I don t find this requirement in the Bible at all I m sure this was just a suggestion but it felt a [...]

    16. There were things I really liked about this book I was convicted about my attitude towards worship mainly in thinking I needed to get something out of it, or that the Osan base chapel service needs to be Redeemer San Antonio instead of what it is and my lack of preparation toward Sunday service in general Other parts of the book rubbed me the wrong way, in the sense that a the author is a deeply spiritual person that puts a lot effort into instructing her much fewer children than I ever could a [...]

    17. Growing up in church, I found myself mostly busied being occupied so as to be kept quiet and less of an unruly distraction if not shuffled off to a children s church that was well led, but not exactly geared to transition us into the main worship service I feel this book is a great place to start as parents find themselves feeling led to keep their children with them in the pew while doing than just occupying their kid s time but instead, leading their kids into worship It s not an easy road I [...]

    18. What a fab book I read it several years ago when my eldest was a toddler and found it really thoughtprovoking so I lent the book to someone and it s never come back Reading it again now my children are both at school has been really good the emphasis on teaching children to worship rather than how to behave in worship is striking and the encouragement not to make too much of every small bad habit they have is a real challenge It s certainly helped me to look at how we behave in worship and the m [...]

    19. This one goes by fast Here s what I liked 1 I agreed with her that parents should be teaching their children how to worship 2 She has a lot of stories, and they re not just success stories either 3 She has a lot of practical wisdom for parents and, frankly, for pastors too 4 The point she emphasizes several times in the book is that we don t come to church to be passive receivers, but to worship the almighty God It was a helpful read for me because we re in the process of rethinking our children [...]

    20. This was a joyful, encouraging support for parents who desire to parent in the pew In the author s words we need to teach our children to go to worship vs.just going to church She had alot of inspiring examples that she shared from her experience and addressed specific topics throughout the book I liked that this book brings attention to the need and directs parents in some of the basics I would have like examples, articles, studies, etc to reference for my own needs beyond just the author s pr [...]

    21. I got this for a Christmas present, and read it in two days while we were on vacation The points made by the author totally changed my perspective on how we should view worshiping with our children This was a very timely read for me, as our oldest is just getting to the age where he joins us for worship I want to train our children to worship, not just to behave while sitting in big church This is going to be a book that I read than once, as we enter new stages of parenting, and as I need a ref [...]

    22. I really like the central message of this book that children need to be in church with their parent s to learn to worship, as opposed to learning to attend church The how to about how to teach your children to learn, listen, etc during the service was a little lacking We ve always had our son with us in church as the churches we have attended don t have a nursery or children s church, but it s still a struggle each week to keep him occupied and engaged, but make sure we both get something out of [...]

    23. I read this book the year before I became a parent and loved it I re read it this summer, now the parent of an active preschooler and toddler, and found it a bit less helpful I still agree with and appreciate the overall message of the book, but my experience now makes me see that the book needed troubleshooting help than the very brief appendix on helping hyperactive children enter into worship.

    24. While I enjoyed the content and the overall message of the book I could not completely recommend this book due to the differences the author I have in some of our Biblical views However, if you read it to gain a general idea and not specific knowledge on certain topics I think it s a really good book about how to train your child in church and the attitude we need as parents towards this God given task.

    25. I never really thought about the importance of training a child to worship I just supposed it was something everyone learned on their own Of course when I was young we had a thing called children s church Matthew is 6 and I feel better prepared to help him in worship It will probably be a while before I know whether these suggestions work or not I do think it s an excellent concept.

    26. I found this book insightful, practical, and uplifting As a pastor s wife myself, I am in practice a single mom on Sunday mornings, and it s often a challenge to get out the door However, I don t want to teach my kids that Sundays are a hassle, church is a lot of effort, or that worship is boring I appreciated Robbie Castleman s encouraging words from someone with a lot of practice parenting in the pew.

    27. Practical tips on how to incorporate your children into the worship service and not just to teach them to be quiet while they sit next to you Best quotes Don t judge my September apples in June It s hard to pay attention to God when you want to pay attention to your friends regarding letting kids sit with their buddies Easy read.

    28. This book is a great foundational resource for guiding your children into the joy of worship I have been using some of the tips in the pews with my own young children to various degrees of success on any given Sunday morning I am thankful to be in a church where children are welcomed in the pews as part of our family of faith

    29. This book is not written by an LDS author, but so it didn t apply completely in every detail to our worship services, but I appreciated the insight that it gave into teaching children to worship rather than to just sit quietly during church I am excited to implement some of the ideas to help involve your children during church.

    30. I found her section on worship near the beginning of the book to be most helpful There are a few parts that I found difficult to relate to, as I am not the same denomination as the author Overall, this book does a fair job at calling parents and churches back to the importance of involving and instructing children in worship of God.

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