Five Little Monkeys Sitting In A Tree Signed

Five Little Monkeys Sitting In A Tree Signed Brightly colored cartoon style artwork done in mixed media spread across wide pages captures the antics of the mischievous critters whose colorful garb makes them easy to spot as they hide in the

  • Title: Five Little Monkeys Sitting In A Tree Signed
  • Author: Eileen Christelow
  • ISBN: 9780440831143
  • Page: 329
  • Format: None
  • Brightly colored, cartoon style artwork, done in mixed media, spread across wide pages, captures the antics of the mischievous critters, whose colorful garb makes them easy to spot as they hide in the foliage of the big old tree ALA Booklist.
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    1. Eileen Christelow, Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree Clarion, 1991 Amusing, if lightweight, little book that undercuts its message in hopes of becoming a series It did, and an exceptionally popular one, at that A good one for reading to the kids if you like playing it up this one would definitely be better sung than simply read.

    2. Strange that all through the book, the author made sure to show that the crocodile wasn t really eating the monkeys, and at the end, mother scolds them for teasing Mr Crocodile and then the final page has the monkeys feeding the crocodile cake.

    3. Man do kids ever like it when those monkeys get snapped out of the tree I like to act this out with a crocodile puppet and let five volunteers be the monkeys when sharing this with groups.

    4. A cute addition to the Five Little Monkeys series but a bit violent for a young age While you can still see all 5 monkeys in the tree throughout the story and you know they did not actually get eaten by the crocodile, it is hard to see them hidden with this choice of illustrations The mischievous monkeys are known for not listening to what their mother says but it teaches children that in dangerous situations its alright to not listen to an adult The book would be a great read aloud book because [...]

    5. Personally I don t see the appeal of the Five Little Monkeys, I personally find every story repetitive and lacking in imagination However, young readers love them The sentences are simple enough that when they are learning to read they can put their skills to practice.In this little adventure, the monkeys are sitting in a tree teasing an alligator Personally I was rooting for the alligator to eat those annoying little monkeys.Rating 3 out of 5 Read Book

    6. Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree Board Book by Eileen Christelow learning not to tease others, and play safely, using the nursery rhyme.

    7. My 4 year old loves this book Wants to read it over and over again So I ve read it than once Great book for counting and subtracting practice for toddlers.

    8. Title italicize Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a TreeAuthor Eileen ChristelowIllustrator if separate from author Eileen ChristelowGenre Nursery Rhyme Theme s Animals, Family, Mother, Kindness, Teasing, Authority figureOpening line sentence Five little monkeys, sitting in a tree, tease Mr Crocodile, Can t catch me Brief Book Summary This story is about five monkeys who are sitting on a branch teasing a crocodile As the story develops each monkey falls out of the tree and disappears By the end of [...]

    9. Many of us have all heard the little singsongy tale of the five little monkeys This is Eileen Christelow s second most popular book in the Five Little Monkeys series I loved that this book was full of humor and relatable problems that children go through The five little monkeys tease a crocodile and there is a moral at the end of the story This hilarious fable not only teaches kids from right and wrong, but Christelow s writing makes the book crafty and fun to read After reading the book a coupl [...]

    10. This type of predictable book could be repetition or flowing language An example of why it is repetition is because every time a monkey irritates the crocodile another one does the same thing An example of the it is flowing language is because every time it says how many monkeys are left, it could almost be read as a chant I believe this book could also contain familiar sequence because as it introduces the monkeys it says five little monkeys but every time one leaves it says four little monkeys [...]

    11. This book is fun, if perhaps a big suggestively violent But the threat of violence looms large in the best children s stories ever written Grimm s fairy tales, the English folk tale of Titty and Tatty Mouse, this German nurery rhyme about the barber that cuts off kids fingers when they can t stop sucking their thumbs Children respond to hyperbole and drastic outcomes And so with that in mind, we enjoy teasing Mr Crocodile for the impending SNAP But I feel like the Mama monkey goes to easy on the [...]

    12. This book counts down from five in a creative way It sings about each monkey being snapped out of the tree one by one The rhyming technique seems very beneficial to helping a child memorize 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 It will also keep the kids interested by seeing these misbehaving monkeys tempt the crocodile while their Mother is unaware The illustration went hand and hand with the text While each snap happened a small sight of a monkey appeared hidden behind the tree branches This allows the children t [...]

    13. I grew up singing the five little monkeys songs and now sing it to children that I work with Since I knew the songs and knew children loved singing a long with those I thought that the books would be just as good for children Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree by Eileen Christelow is a great book to start teaching children how to count and also to teach them not to pick on others The book is very colorful and the images really add to what is going on in the story The colors are also very ligh [...]

    14. A spin off of the classic Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree is a fun counting book by Eileen Christelow While I believe this book is not as fun and singable as the original, it is definitely different than most other counting books The illustrations are simple and portrays the text extremely well The SNAP of the crocodile coming after the little monkeys almost makes the crocodile come off the page towards the reader Because this book only counts from f [...]

    15. Christelow adds another rhythmic, repetitive troublemaking adventure as the Five Little Monkeys climb into a tree and tease a crocodile, while Mama trustfully naps by the bank This book, like some others in the series, can be either read aloud or sung, and there s a finger play for this one too unfortunately hard to do while you hold a book, but oh well In Christelow s version, instead of having the alligator actually eat the monkeys, they leap into the tree branches, to be revealed in the end f [...]

    16. I absolutely love this collection of books by Eileen Christelow about the 5 little monkeys because it s an easy book for preschool and kindergarten aged children to read and learn how to count number 1 through 5 This is also one of those books that kids can read in a jump rope rhythm What I mean by a jump rope rhythm is that children read it to the rhythm of jumping, so a constant beat, and it helps the kids remember the words in the story and they count down from 5 to 1 by reading through the b [...]

    17. Five little monkeys sitting in a tree discover, one by one, that it is unwise to tease Mr Crocodile.This book has extrodinary in its pictures The colors of the book is almost like a watercolor paint The brush strokes on the monkeys show which way their fur moves Their movements are shown because of the paint stokes in their fur Their is no title page and I think this is hard because it jumps right into the story and this takes away the importance of the book The shapes of the monkeys are all the [...]

    18. The colorful cover for Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree made it look like it was going to be an exciting story I feel like the climax of the story starts up too soon We have all the sang the songs or read other books about monkeys jumping on the bed as well as doing many other things and this story did not add anything at all Bright colors continued to be used throughout the story with the illustrations but, the story ended pretty abruptly just like it began The monkeys went right to gettin [...]

    19. This book clearly aims to teach young children just learning to count their numbers I think the book does a good job with teaching the counting, but I was slightly disappointed with the moral I felt that it was embarrassingly straightforward Maybe for young children this is appropriate, but I still thought it could have had a intelligent ending This illustrations were fun and brightly colored They were definitely in a style that would appeal to young children My only concern with the drawings w [...]

    20. The five little monkeys series is such a fun series for students of all ages Five little monkeys wait until their mother takes a nap and start to disturb Mr Crocodile oh what an unwise decision This book teaches sequencing to students, story elements, and the moral of listening to adults In my classroom, I would create an anchor chart for students to categorize the characters, problem, solution, theme, setting, and other story elements I would also use this book to practice sequencing and put th [...]

    21. This story is a fun book to use with young children that are trying to get involved with reading The reparative phrases and rhyming text will keep children following along This book is a good tool to practice teaching children the flow of events in a story by counting down the monkeys When using this story in the class room, have the children use their dramatic play skills to re act the story This will help children practice the sequence of events in the book on an easy level This can be done u [...]

    22. Synopsis When the Five Little Monkeys go to the river for a picnic with Mama, they discover that it isn t very nice to tease Mr Crocodile it might even be dangerous The follow up to the bestselling classic Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, featuring Eileen Christelow s irrestistable monkey art in a sturdy board book, perfect for repeat readings My Review One of Munchkin s favorite songs from circle time is Teasing Mr Alligator This book elaborates on that little song though it is Mr Croco [...]

    23. This book is a favorite book of mine Children enjoy acting out teasing the crocodile and clapping their hands together as the crocodile goes SNAP It is repetitive which makes it easy to remember and easy for early readers to grasp the words The book focuses on counting backwards and subtraction and then counting forward when all the monkeys appear in a tree I like the way the mother monkey loves and disciplines her 5 monkeys with hugs and scolding What a fun book L.E.I would have a discussion on [...]

    24. This is an interesting story that incorporates counting for young children The book also incorporates rhyming, but it doesn t seem to be the main point I remember reading a similar book as a small child about monkeys jumping on the bed and I loved it because the silly story, so I m sure kids now would love this book as well I would definitely read this to a lower level elementary class, most likely kindergarten You could also show this book to preschoolers, as they typically are learning to coun [...]

    25. We picked this book up from our local library.Here we are again jumping into the adventures of the monkeys When momma monkey decides to take them on a picnic dinner I don t think she planned on her monkeys teasing a crocodile Don t these monkeys know that teasing a crocodile is not fun They like to SNAP We had a good time reading this book along with every time the crocodile would SNAP We would yell it out, and then try to find the monkey afterwards Perfect book for all ages I think they would a [...]

    26. Five spunky little monkeys going to the park to have a picnic Despite mothers wishes go playing in dangerous territory and almost get hurt.This book is wonderful for displaying what happens when we don t listen to adults It has wonderful colours and illustrations that seem to come alive The five little monkey s after going through all the drama get not only learn a lesson but a friend in the process Children and adults of all ages can read this and spend hours laughing and playing along with its [...]

    27. The book Five Little Monkeys Sitting in the Tree by Eileen Christelow is a tremendous book that could be used for counting Although, the book only counts to 5 down to 0 back up to 5 this is different than a typical counting book This book is fun and cute with the saying, Five Little Monkey s sitting in a tree, but should probably be used for a little older group because of the Snap of the crocadile making the monkeys go missing Also, this book would be good for an older group who is learning sub [...]

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