The Barbarian Prince

The Barbarian Prince Paranormal Dragonshifting Romance Revised Expanded Anniversary Edition Breaking up was never so hard Going undercover at a mass wedding as a bartered bride Morrigan Blake has every intention of getti

  • Title: The Barbarian Prince
  • Author: Michelle M. Pillow
  • ISBN: 2940011089817
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Nook
  • Paranormal Dragonshifting Romance Revised Expanded Anniversary Edition Breaking up was never so hard Going undercover at a mass wedding as a bartered bride, Morrigan Blake has every intention of getting off the barbaric planet just as soon as it s over Or, correctly, just as soon as she captures footage of the mysterious princes rud to be in attendance AfterParanormal Dragonshifting Romance Revised Expanded Anniversary Edition Breaking up was never so hard Going undercover at a mass wedding as a bartered bride, Morrigan Blake has every intention of getting off the barbaric planet just as soon as it s over Or, correctly, just as soon as she captures footage of the mysterious princes rud to be in attendance After a euphoric night, Morrigan discovers her spaceship left without her, and Ualan of Draig is claiming she s his wife It s not exactly the story this reporter had in mind And to make matters worse, the all to seductive alpha refuses to take no for an answer Being cursed by the Gods was never so frustrating Prince Ualan is prepared to follow dragonshifter tradition and marry the woman revealed to him during the Breeding Festival When the stubborn, yet achingly sexy, Morrigan refuses to accept their shared fate and his supreme authority over her, it is all he can do to keep from acting like the barbarian she accuses him of being.

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    1. New York Times USA Today Bestselling Author of Romances and Cozy MysteriesMichellePillowMichelle loves to travel and try new things, whether it s a paranormal investigation of an old Vaudeville Theatre or climbing Mayan temples in Belize She s addicted to movies and used to drive her mother crazy while quoting random scenes with her brother Though it has yet to happen, her dream is to be a zombie in a horror movie For the most part she can be found writing in her office with a cup of coffee while wearing pajama pants Michelle M Pillow is a multi published, National Bestselling Author writing in many fiction genres including the Bestselling Dragon Shifter series Dragon Lords and Captured by a Dragon Shifter, and the mischievously magical Warlocks MacGregor Works also include Lord of the Abyss and Lords of the Var and the National RT award winning historical Maiden and the Monster She loves to hear from readers They can contact her through her website.Sign up for Updates michellepillow newsletterFacebookfacebook AuthorMichel


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    1. Michelle Pillow is a superb and creative author This was a fabulous series The problem I had with the first book was that I could not stand the heroine, Morrigan She was obnoxious as heck, childish and annoying You don t trash a man s house to make a point Plus she was useless This only served to make her disagreeble I LOVE spirited, tough and assertive women in my fiction but this woman just came off as being a jerk She made me like the hero than I liked her I felt he should have dumped her a [...]


    3. A very surprising book I enjoyed it very much Most alien romance books, at least the ones I ve read, end up following the same plot Alien dude kidnaps saves or kidnaps buys from somebody, a girl And books usually focus a lot on the sex part of the relationship This was different and refreshing Even though the couple is married, the author comes up with a believable reason for the couple to get to know each other better before bringing sex into the relationship I liked that a lot Especially since [...]

    4. Morrigan Blake is a reporter who joins the Galaxy Brides to do a story She has no intention to marry anybody When Ualan sees her the crystal around his neck glows which means she is his mate After the ceremony Morrigan tells Ualan that she has no intention of staying with him Too late she realizes that according to Qurilixian law she is now married to Ualan When he refuses to let her leave she declares herself a slave Now Ualan has to treat her as such until Morrigan asks his parents to pardon h [...]

    5. I really wanted to like the book based upon the premise, but I just ended up hating it My main problem was the heroine, Morrigan, who is supposed to be a successful undercover reporter This is the second book I have recently read where the author tries to make the heroine come off as smart and independent, but ends up failing miserably Morrigan ends up coming across as immature, not smart, and childish The way she treats the hero, Ualan, in some scenes is ridiculous First, I do not believe at al [...]

    6. What an frustrating book I almost ripped my hair out If only the damn couple would communicate with each other betterxp Hope there s books of Morrigan and Ualan Liked the side kicks as well.

    7. This chick worked my very last nerve I can t handle stubborn to the point of stupidity and Morrigan has this down to perfection She is one of the most annoying characters that I have come across I actually felt sorry that Ualan s one chance at happiness is this bratty harpie But the world created is interesting Review to come.

    8. 30% DNFWanted to keep going to see if it improved, but I just couldn t.Really blah dislikable unrelatable annoying heroineHero is blank slate at this point.More erotica like so far with no character depth, emotion didn t expect that

    9. March 30, 2016 My taste in books has certainly changed since I first read this in 2011 I reduced this rating to 3 stars The choking incident was waaaaay worrisome to me now, and the whip business was a total non starter, too I think this book is still a little too short, even though I am reading the revised expanded version this time There s just not enough world building for me, although I know if that comes in subsequent books because I have read them 2011 Review4 stars I was expecting a tota [...]

    10. I Loved this book, bought it thinking it was a erotic book but it is of a fantasy romance with some sex, As you can see from the description Women from Earth go thru a Bride service who says they will place them with a prince on a Planet far away, What they don t say is they are shapeshifters called Draig or dragons 7 feet tall and hot.They are born with a crystal that will match them with a soul mate so when Rigan goes to this planet to get a story since is a reporter she thinks she will atten [...]

    11. Rigan is an undercover reporter, possing as a potential bride for a Qurilixen male Ualan is hopeful bridegroom who falls for Rigan at first sight They are married by Qurilixen custom but Rigan is unaware This sets up a light and quick romantic comedy The characters are not too deep, here is no angst I thought this was erotica, but there is not much sex Rigan had a month to learn about Qurilixen but she missed the most important parts, like the marriage customs Ualan didn t explain anything to he [...]

    12. For a star reporter the heroine was pretty lame not even doing the simplest research Hero was fun, but equally stubborn.Dragon Lords1 The Barbarian Prince 2005 2 The Perfect Prince 2005 3 The Dark Prince 2006 4 The Warrior Prince 2006 Related series Lords of the Var1 The Savage King 2006 2 The Playful Prince 2006 3 The Bound Prince 2006 4 The Rogue Prince 2006 5 The Pirate Prince 2006

    13. this is trash but the ending is super romantic huge character development, but not executed the best girls were required boob jobs before meeting any of the dudes somebody talk to me pls my brain hurts at this

    14. Look, I know that when I m reading these cheesy romances, I shouldn t expect poetic writing But whatever style of romance you like, it surely doesn t include the male protagonist threatening to commit domestic violence The following lines, for your perusal Strange yellow ferns passed under her trampling feet as Ualan followed what could only roughly be referred to as a forest path A purple bird flew past her head, and she automatically tried to jump back out of its way Ualan, misunderstanding he [...]

    15. To celebrate a decade of being published Ms Pillow has gone back to where it all began and has issued new anniversary editions of her famous Dragon Lords books These expanded and slightly revised editions hopefully show the growth that the author has gone through and it s a wonderful experience for this reader as this story was the first I read by Ms Pillow and I absolutely adore the new cover artwork Morrigan is a reporter and she s desperate to find out the truth behind Galaxy Brides and whils [...]

    16. Not much in know about the Qurilixens, they are a viking like, male dominated race however, journalist Morrigan is determined to get the story on their marriage practices especially about their royal family who are rumoured to be taking a wife from the latest batch of mail order brides supplied by Galaxy Brides Going undercover as a prospective wife, Morrigan never expects to be swept off by a handsome barbarian herself, especially when he starts calling her wifeI loves me a cheesy sci fi romanc [...]

    17. EROTIC, FUNNY SCI FI FANTASY ROMANCE Barbarian Prince was a light hearted, funny at times Sci Fi Fantasy It was a bit erotic too Morrigan is a reporter posing as a Galaxy Bride to get the inside scoop of the Royal Qurilixian Males and there breeding marriage ritual She never believed in a million years she would be chosen to marry a Draig Let alone Prince Ualan who one day would be King Ulan is a Dragon Shifter Prince and eldest son heir to thrown He has this crystal that lite up when he saw Mor [...]

    18. Ahh, this aggravated me I do like the fact that the heroine was strong and would NOT change for anyone even a hot guy That s a plus But damn no smut until like 80% of the book And there s strong then there s just stubborn _ And why Why is it that couples never talk WHY lol A lot of probs could be avoided had they just talked instead of ASSUMED Well, guess it happens in real life too _But I really like the beginning to this series 0

    19. What a great world Ms Pillow has created with this new series The Dragon Lords It is about four brothers, princes, and the trials and tribulations they encounter on their way to a happily ever after All of the brothers meet their life mates through a mail order type system where Earth women are invited to come to their planet which is mostly populated by men There they participate in a ceremony where the men will or will not choose one of them for a bride The series starts with the oldest brothe [...]

    20. So this is actually beyond bad, it was actually quite good, I disliked the heroine but could deal with her up until the scene where they spend the first night together and I was looking and getting the next book in the series so I can read it straight after this book but alas too soon First of all she is somehow roofied or something and basically teases her body and tries to use sexual tension to get her to bend to his will and he actually continues to do this when the heroine as annoying as she [...]

    21. Reporter with no questions This female lead was not likeable at all She s supposedly a clever news reporter, but yet she never asks any important or necessary questions This woman, if you can call her that shows no inclination or intelligence to research and get to her new planet whatsoever Inquisitive reporter my butt, that back story didn t fall inline with the pampered princess attitude she had from the very beginning Spoiled, hurtful, childish, lazy, bad tempered, these were not actions of a [...]

    22. oK.I understand that some folks don t like listing things as BDSM because apparently that is very specific However, perhaps it would be better to just list some of the things found in the book and let readers make their own decision This book contains, not just graphic sex, but spanking, blindfolds, drugging use of whip hitting and bruising the main fem char by the main male char as punishment and in anger forced slavery or close to it of the main fem char main fem char forced to obey the main m [...]

    23. Audible Book Barbarian Prince Dragon Lords, Book 1 Anniversary Edition Author Michelle M PillowNarrated By Mason LloydReviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook Nuts My Rating 4 Stars REVIEW You are my Wife What did you love best about Barbarian Prince I am an avid dragon shifter book lover and was excited to listen to this I like that we not only meet the two main characters but also others in the family I loved the last few chapters most of all.What other book might you compare Barbarian Prince to and [...]

    24. Morrigan s latest undercover mission as reporter was meant to be just to observe and write a great article about the Prince brides, she never thought she d end up one of the married couples Prince Ualan never thought this breeding festival would bring his better half, but it seems to be just what s happening Life together with a woman who knows nothing about their customs, though, isn t a walk in the park, and when secrets starts to uncover, things get even trickier Miscommunications is just the [...]

    25. Resmen n yarg l oldu um bir yazar okutturdu bu t r bana Hatunun daha nceki okudu um kitab nda da oldu u gibi kurdu u d nya tamamen ilgimi eken iftimizin aralar nda olanlar bazen cidden olay olsun da kitap dolsun tad verdi K z m z sinirlerime dokunan cinsten Resmen e ek inad var D nmemde davamdan da d nmem diye y rt nd durdu O landa dengesiz Bir yumu ak bir sert resmen birbirlerinin beyinlerinin can na okudular Hikayeye yar dan sonra al abildim ama hala bu t rde iyi bir kitap aray nday m Y lmad m [...]

    26. gahhhh i had to force myself to finish this one the first eighty percent of the book was her fighting against being claimed as his wife that was it just her fighting, and him letting her, essentially, treat him like crap then at the eighty percent mark she decides she loves him, and all is wellwhat a horrid book and its sad because i really liked the other book the Lords of Var book one but after reading this one, im very hesitant to read another book by this author.

    27. Not too bad as the first book to a sci fi paranormal series It felt like it didn t scratch the surface of the story that it could have been Like Rigan s loneliness throughout her life and Ualan s sadness that she wanted to leave him I think it could have been emotional something Hopefully the next books in the series will be better.

    28. This book was like a horrible train wreck, I HATED Regan she was sooooooooooooooooOOOOOO HORRIBLE she is the WORST femal character in the history of me reading books Gahhhh The Prince was so easy and put up with so much CRAP, but I understood him and his PAIN in the A ohh my effing Gawd I need two pain pills and a nap after this wreck I wont continue the story Gheeesh

    29. What, can I say This book will definitely infuriate you but it is also a funny interesting take on Dragon shifters I would have liked some world building to be done However, it was fun being able to read about the couples growing love This shall be an interesting series.

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