The Dead Of Summer

The Dead Of Summer It was hot everywhere that year During the long summer holidays the days rolled by in blue and gold the sun bouncing off the dustbins and burning into windscreens By the end of that summer three of

  • Title: The Dead Of Summer
  • Author: Camilla Way
  • ISBN: 9780007241729
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback
  • It was hot everywhere that year During the long summer holidays the days rolled by in blue and gold, the sun bouncing off the dustbins and burning into windscreens.By the end of that summer, three of us were dead.Anita s mother had just died The family has move to a new town, a new home, and a new neighbourhood and the summer stretches playground for restless kids with nIt was hot everywhere that year During the long summer holidays the days rolled by in blue and gold, the sun bouncing off the dustbins and burning into windscreens.By the end of that summer, three of us were dead.Anita s mother had just died The family has move to a new town, a new home, and a new neighbourhood and the summer stretches playground for restless kids with nothing better to do.But what they don t know is that these mines will form the scene of the most unsettling crime that this community has ever known This summer everything will change This summer, the dead days have come home to stay.

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      Camilla Way

    About Author

    1. Camilla Way was born in Greenwich, south east London, and studied Modern English and French Literature at the University of Glamorgan Her father was the poet and author Peter Way Formerly Associate Editor of the teenage girls magazine Bliss, she is currently an editor and writer on the men s style magazine Arena Having lived in Cardiff, Bristol, Bath and Clerkenwell, she now lives in south east London.


    The Dead Of Summer Comment

    1. An absorbing first novel about three loser kids in working class London a girl of half Pakistani heritage the narrator , an overweight, learning disabled black boy, and a thin pasty faced white boy with a commanding presence and haunting eyes We watch as their summer of friendship ends in tragedy and crime I thought the ending was a bit contrived and rushed, but the gritty London atmosphere is very good, as are the three main characters, and the author s tone is both compassionate and realistic. [...]

    2. This book took me by surprise a little as I wasn t expecting it to be quite as entertaining as it was With murder, mystery and twists and turns this story had a mixture of everything Three friends and their families spend the hot Summer holidays together, but as the story unfolds their Summer holiday takes a turn for the worse and their lives will never be the same again A quick and enjoyable read Recommended.

    3. The Dead of Summer is about a young woman who unfortunately is the only witness to London s infamous cave murders in the year 1986 Anita Naidu just moved in to their new house in South London Being new to the neighborhood she very much wanted to blend in but being a good misfit as she is, she landed on the hands of Kyle Kite who has a behavioral problem and his best dim witted uncanny friend Denis The trio, Kyle acting as the leader, do stuffs that favors Kyle which is to look and search for cav [...]

    4. This book started my Summer of Children in Peril I have found a variety of books about some rather unpleasant even befalling a child or children and having it come back some date in the far future This was a quick read, and while the subject matter is a bit disturbing I found it hard to put down.

    5. WowI am awful at writing reviews I d rather rate it and be on my way to the next book.I swear I will come back at some point and write a review for this.

    6. Reading this book is like watching a train wreck in slow motion You know a disaster is about to happen, and you know it s going to be gruesome and disturbing, but somehow you can t look away This is a dark and unsettling novel about children who commit violent acts Although it is well written, there were numerous times I wanted to put it down and not pick it back up again Only my curiosity and the author s adroit use of suspense kept me reading Usually I do not like books unless they have at lea [...]

    7. From the beginning of this story there is a subtle sense of madness to the underlying tone of it A chapter into it and I started turning back to the front cover, the back cover and even did a Google search to see if this book is based on true events People who had reviewed this books also sounded like they were talking about a series of real events, and to top that Camilla Way also happened to be a journalist Well, it is fiction I assure you But that does not stop you from enjoying it.The story [...]

    8. Dead of Summer is a marvelously gruesome thriller that plunges you into the dark and twisted psyche of the adolescent killer It s a compulsive and fascinating read, and it s causal narration and lightning pace make it impossible to put down And no matter how repulsive you find the subject matter kids killing kids you ll find yourself drawn to the misfits involved, not just out of morbid fascination, but out of affection too.The story is narrated by a foul mouthed outcast named Anita who isn t id [...]

    9. The story pulled me in from the beginning with the narrator s words, By the end of the summer three of us were dead But you already knew that Tell me, does your pulse quicken when you see the headlines The narrator calls out the reader just as she draws the reader in Here is a nasty little tale of murder and deviance, she says How awful How shocking But don t you want toknow I did I started reading and found myself unable to turn away.The Dead of Summeris the story of a thirteen year old loner, [...]

    10. I thought I was going to read a book that was a character study of three young adolescents Instead, I read a book that was a character study of one adolescent Everything I thought I knew about the other characters was colored because it was through the eyes of the protagonist At the end of the novel the reader finds out she s a liar and a psychopath , and everything the reader thought she knew was wrong I appreciate the attempt at literary technique by the writer I just don t think it was pulled [...]

    11. It is highly disturbing because it is about three kids dying and a fifteen year old kid killing them At the same time though there is something very poignant about it and the beauty contained in this book continues to haunt me until now than a week since I read it Here s an excerpt from the book By the end of that summer three of us were dead But you already knew that Does your pulse quicken when you see those headlines You know the type MURDER SPREE OF SCHOOLGIRL LONER BOY, 13, RAPES CLASSMATE [...]

    12. Good startdisappointing landingLove how Way writes It makes for an easy, fluent read, but I did NOT enjoy the unexpected direction it took at the endI d recommend Little Bird by far.

    13. A creeping British thriller that keeps you guessing just what did happen that summer to those kids Heart wrenching and could potentially enact triggers.

    14. Absolutely fuckin amazing Wasn t expecting it at all Got so many emotions about this story I actually want to recommend it to the world

    15. A great first novel, loved the characters, the story just when I thought I knew what was going on, the story would go in another direction.

    16. Anita ist 13 und nach dem Tod der Mutter mit der Familie in eine Sozialwohnung in einen neuen Stadtteil gezogen Vor ihr liegen Sommerferien in einer ihr fremden Gegend ohne Freunde Doch es dauert gar nicht lange, bis sie Kyle und Denis kennenlernt, die beide selbst ziemliche Au enseiter sind Kyle ist gro und d rr mit fettigen Haaren und sehr verschlossen Wenn er allerdings mal etwas sagt, dann ist er unfreundlich, unfair und nur auf sich bezogen, trotzdem findet Anita in faszinierend, verknallt [...]

    17. Inhalt Anita zieht, kaum haben die Sommerferien begonnen, nach London.Gegen ber wohnt Kyle, ein seltsamer Junge Sie sieht ihn nachts aus dem Haus kommen Gerne w rde sie erfahren was er nachts tut Sie h rt das seine kleine Schwester verschwunden ist.Am ersten Schultag lernt sie au erdem Denis kennen Ein Au enseiter Sie freundet sich mit ihm an Kyle, Denis und sie streifen fort an durch London.Erforschen die Gegend und kommen auch der Polizei in die Quere.Ein schreckliches Ende zeichnet sich ab Al [...]

    18. I took two evenings to read this, but it could have been done in one While it was a quick read, it wasn t enthralling The character development is, in my opinion, lacking Maybe that was part of the design the characters purposefully didn t have that much to them I don t know What I do know is that the novel starts off by telling you that by the end of summer, three of us were dead and by the end of the book, you don t really care.There was an attempt at a twist shocking revelation in the last co [...]

    19. 23rd January 2010.A very disturbing little book You know from the outset that things are going to end badly It has a very dark and creepy atmosphere and you feel compelled to keep reading even though it is slightly unpleasant I wouldn t say that it is particularly well written but it does provide a view into another world, one which I would prefer not to linger in for too long The conclusion is somewhat unexpected and very grisly The characters are all flawed people most of whom seem fairly norm [...]

    20. I found this a captivating read the character tells it like it is all foul language included The style of the book takes you from past to present, but the narration remains a constant first hand account from the main character The plot is full of intruige, and you are led to believe one thing about the murders , only to have the whole theory upheaved towards the end, resulting in an unexpected culprit This book is one of the few books that actually has a satisfactory ending Most books end abrupt [...]

    21. Disturbing, Provoking, Surprising Okay I shouldn t have been surprised at the conclusion to this novel but I was What a fascinating first work This is of a novella, than a novel which makes it a great in between read It was good enough to make me immediately order the author s other book Little Birds However, I have to admit that Little Birds didn t hook me in the same way The Dead of Summer did It s almost gothic in a weird way you have this impending sense of doom, which the structure of the [...]

    22. Tj , na een paar hele leuke boeken gelezen te hebben moest het er natuurlijk van komen, dat het ook weleens een keertje tegen kon gaan vallen En die tegenvaller had ik vandaag met het boek van Camilla Way Hartje zomer, een psychologische thriller als je het mij vraagt Dit boek begon me pas te boeien, toen ik ver over het midden was Heel lang wist ik niet welke kant het nu op ging en dat stoorde me dus vreselijk op n of andere manier Ik hou van boeken die me direkt vanaf de eerste bladzijde boeie [...]

    23. This is a dark tale about 3 young teenage misfits Kyle, whose little sister mysteriously vanished from her home one evening, Anita, whose mother has just died and Denis, a special needs child, who is Kyle s shadow We hear how their friendship eventually leads to 3 brutal murders, and learn about the events that led up to these chilling murders 7 years after the tragedies took place One of the group is the only witness and it s their tale that tells the reader the details of how and why these dea [...]

    24. There s almost nothing I hate in a novel than wasted potential With the possible exception of having my time wasted I was going to give this book zero stars, because after a semi promising build up, the climax not only fails to deliver, it presents a cliched resolution so grotesque in its badness I ll call it bankrupt But I ve decided to give it one star instead Camilla Way understands how to write competent prose, and if she had tried harder, she could have turned an acute awareness of teenage [...]

    25. Creepy Creepy Creepy Creepy Shall I write creepy as many times as it takes to make a Super Review Naaah.but I could This is very well written, but disturbing from beginning to end I put true crime forensics shows on the TV if I want to nap on the couch something about the calm, serious, measured tones of the narrrators always puts me to sleep and yet I could not, would not read this book as my bedtime reading That should show how creepy this book is I had to go get another book for my bedside ta [...]

    26. I saw this book on a list of Hidden Gems recommended by reading groups A new variation on the usual child death disappearance novel And a twist that I didn t anticipate Generally a quick and easy read although I grew tired of the over abundance of 80 s cultural markers there s only so many references to the likes of Rentaghost, Wimpy, Anais Anais that I can cope with It reminded me of a cross between Sophie Guy Burt and What Was Lost Catherine O Flynn.

    27. What an interesting book From the very first page I was drawn into a book that featured a unique writing style and captured it s audience I think that if you re looking for something dark twisty this would be the book for you However, I rated it lower because I felt like at times there were lines or scenes that felt pressured to be darker than your average gritty thriller This book leaves you feeling like you need to take a shower after but it definitely will take your breath away with its twist [...]

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