The Almond

The Almond An autobiographical erotic novel written by an observant Muslim woman in contemporary North Africa The Almond is an extraordinary and pioneering literary work a truly unforgettable journey into the

  • Title: The Almond
  • Author: Nedjma C. Jane Hunter
  • ISBN: 9780802142610
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • An autobiographical erotic novel written by an observant Muslim woman in contemporary North Africa, The Almond is an extraordinary and pioneering literary work, a truly unforgettable journey into the sexual undercurrents of a world that is, outwardly and to Western eyes, puritanical.Badra is a young Muslim widow who flees the small town of Imchouk to take refuge with her UAn autobiographical erotic novel written by an observant Muslim woman in contemporary North Africa, The Almond is an extraordinary and pioneering literary work, a truly unforgettable journey into the sexual undercurrents of a world that is, outwardly and to Western eyes, puritanical.Badra is a young Muslim widow who flees the small town of Imchouk to take refuge with her Uncle Slimane s iconoclastic ex wife In Imchouk, it was expected that Badra s life should be limited by her husband s wishes, but at Aunt Selma s, Badra begins to think about how she wants to live from now on She recalls her youthful curiosity about sex what other girls and women s bodies were like, her first attempts to spy on men, her fascination with the two beautiful prostitute sisters who lived outside Imchouk When she develops a passionate, consuming relationship with a wealthy doctor, Badra remembers and rediscovers her own sexual being, in scenes that are erotic, revelatory, and sometimes bittersweet.C Jane Hunter s translation gives us a book of great power that resembles a Muslim Vagina Monologues The Almond is an inspiring and illuminating novel that reminds us of the transformative power of desire and pleasure.
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    1. Nedjma C. Jane Hunter Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Almond book, this is one of the most wanted Nedjma C. Jane Hunter author readers around the world.


    The Almond Comment

    1. I m sorry, but there was too much sex for me, and the book simply broke TOO many Muslim taboos for me I m a rather liberal minded Muslim, but I m not a fan of Muslim written books that seem to think taking on the roles of western women will somehow solve all of their problems rather than simply create different ones in many cases This book fits that type too much for me abused Muslim woman escapes to big, urban city embraces western concept of sex without defined relationship liberation and happ [...]

    2. Casi letterari la storia di Badra, una donna marocchina che, giovanissima, viene data in moglie a un uomo con pi del doppio dei suoi anni che desidera soltanto avere figli Dopo un lustro di sterile e schifoso matrimonio, salta su un treno e arriva fino a Tangeri, dove trova ospitalit presso una zia emancipata che, a suo tempo, ha gi lasciato il marito nello stesso villaggio dell interno Nella grande citt cosmopolita la protagonista trover , per la prima e unica volta, anche l a, appassionato e s [...]

    3. What was most disturbing about this book was how the other women in the village demanded that the narrator adhere to the social expectations of the marriage bed, to which she is committed shortly after hitting puberty.What follows is a story about how she is a slave to her husband and to her mother in law When she tries to escape, she is ostracized from her family The only course left to her is a cosmopolitan existence with an aunt who escaped years ago But even then, in the end, she only has a [...]

    4. While the story is an erotic tale of Muslim woman escaping her oppressive marriage to find freedom, sexual and otherwise in Tangiers, it reads much like a political commentary It reveals what happens when a society is restrictive against our natural sexual urges Do they disappear Of course not They just emerge in other ways, some healthy and some not so healthy, but always in secret Overall, a decent read Not quite erotica, but close enough The writing did not feel luxurious and lyrical, but ra [...]

    5. Then I heard his voice, this time filled with disdain Aren t you ashamed of what you have just written Without budging I answered, all you had to do was not read it An unusual glimpse into the sexuality of a moslem woman in a culture that you don t traditionally think of as being blatantly sexual It is reportedly semi autobiographical, in which case it is quite intriguing A tale of a woman who escapes the confines of her small town and an arranged marriage who winds up seduced into a relationshi [...]

    6. It is an excellent book Being a Muslim, i was fascinated by the author s view on sexuality It s chilling in its realism and implied conclusion that following one s whims and desires actually enslaves you It does not set you free Read through the lines and see that woman s disappointment and disillusionment in men and feelings and love and life She has become cruel It seems like there s no redemption This book affected me.

    7. As with any book of erotica attributed to a pseudonymous author, I am a bit suspicious of its origins and the circumstances concerning its publication certainly it was marketed promoted for all the wrong reasons when first it came out The feminist political commentary of this narrative is far prominent than any titillating value the novel may have Badra, the narrator of The Almond, is a contemporary Scheherazade But her stories are not fairy tales Instead, she tells us about her life, to dispel [...]

    8. This book is kind of amazing I think the subtitle is slightly misleading to Western audiences, though It is about the sexual awakening of a woman in a culture very different from ours, and she happens to be a Muslim woman However, the sensory and experientially descriptions in the book are incredible I highly recommend it.

    9. You can t always get what you want, and if you try sometimes you don t get what you need, either Sigh I just wanted from this I think I ll go eat some chocolate.

    10. Happiness Happiness is making love because of love It is when the heart threatens to explode because its beating, when an incomparable look lingers on your mouth When a hand leaves a bit of its sweat in the hollow of your left knee its your back becoming delirious and inventing sounds and shivers to say I love you its the terror of having to open up and the incredible power of giving yourself when everything in the world is a reason to weep Happiness is Driss hard inside of me for the first time [...]

    11. Nisam se ba usre io ovom erotskom pri om u slu bi stvaranja dru tvene svijesti o lo em postupanju prema muslimankama u seksualnoj domeni ivota kao i svim ostalim segmentima ivota jedne muslimanke Ovo mi je prvi roman erotske tematike, ali ni ega erotskoga ovdje nije bilo Prevulgarno, da mene pitate Roman barem dokazuje da i ene mogu imati pogane jezike, barem jednake ako ne i gore od mu kog izri aja Hehe Stvarno smo u svemu jednaki, a to mo da i nije dobro Sve to dolazi iz usta jednoga mu karca [...]

    12. This is less an example of erotica and an adult novel in the real sense of the word adult about sex from the point of view of a Moroccan Muslim woman In other words, there is a point to this novel beyond titillation Its comparables are D.H Lawrence and Miller, not Anonymous or Anias Nin The Almond is also a political novel, which is why its female author uses a pseudonym She challenges Muslim fundamentalist views on a woman s place in society and the role of sex in an individual s life The nove [...]

    13. Lumea araba si statutul femeilor asa cum nu le am intalnit in nici o carte, in nici un film, iar de realitate nici nu mai vorbesc Badra e o araboaica la fel ca toate celelalte pana isi paraseste barbatul libidinos si fuge in Tanger Si pana incepe sa si povesteasca viata, atat cea de dinainte de casatorie, din timpul ei si dupa ea E fortata sa se marite la 16 ani cu un notar de 40, dar dupa 5 ani fuge la matusa sa si descopera un cu totul alt stil de viata Mai precis, unul scaldat in sex, desfrau [...]

    14. I picked up this book because I wanted to be open minded and read something different I don t usually read erotica, but I bought into all the hype around this book The novel revolves around Badra, a young Muslim woman who comes to Tangiers to escape a failed marriage and moves in with her progressive aunt She falls in love with playboy doctor Driss who opens her to a world of all types of sexualities After reading it my mind didn t change about sexually graphic writing, as I seem to be conserva [...]

    15. bri del genere La parte positiva Il coraggio di affrontare certi argomenti, essendo donna, in paese dai costumi non proprio liberali La storia di emancipazione e di controllo della propria vita e dei propri desideri La parte negativa Il solito libello che fa pensare ad una esca per voyeur, sebbene ben scritto a differenza del terribile libro di MelissaP Forse conviene prenderlo come ritratto di donna araba di ceto medio e che anela al controllo della propria vita Forse un po poco

    16. This was somewhat different from the other erotica I ve read I liked the narrative style, but the over dramatic exclamations and weird conversations made it difficult for me to actually picture this as real Instead it reads like a symbolic dream like attempt at giving Muslim women an erotic voice Definitely worth reading

    17. A woman who flees a life determined by her cultural norms and ways to live in MoroccoShe finds her own sexual awakening when she decides to live her life the way she chooses Interesting view point from an unknown author since she had to cover her real identity from being persecuted Important to a woman reader in the US Beware it s sexually graphic.

    18. I liked this book when I was reading it,but when I think about it after, it just seems odd Still, there was a lot of sexy writing in it and I did learn some details about Arabic life and the lives of women in the Middle East Some of the details were very sexy, while others bordered on S and M I wouldn t recommend this book to everyone, but I definitely enjoyed it.

    19. Wow there s a lot of sex in this book A book not for the modest The book chronicles the sexual journey of a muslim woman from her adolescence, into a loveless marriage and finally to her sexual awakening after leaving her husband.Very interesting read to get a taste of how sex is treated in a muslim north african culture.

    20. I really wanted to like this book And I wanted to believe that this woman who had escaped from a loveless marriage in a traditional Muslim village in Eygpt would become her own person in Modern Cairo But she seemed to go from one kind of miserable to another Granted she had choices in Cairo, but she seemed to make bad ones Although the sex was considerably better.

    21. twice in a row i read this twice in a row fabulous bought it in egypt carried it with me through the rest of the middle east so i could look back at it when i saw muslim women walking in the streets well written, and i can tell why she needed a pen name to publish it.

    22. Odavno sam pocela da citam ovu knjigu i nije me previse dojmila prica je o zeni, arapkinji, i njenom poimanju i prozivljavanju sopstvene seksualnosti, kao i o zenskoj seksualnosti uopste skoro sam i odustala od citanja, ali sam nekako pretrcala do kraja tek da bih videla sta je bilo na kraju.

    23. Very fast read that is than just a little tittilating The book is an interesting case study in sexual dynamics kind of a muslim 9 1 2 weeks For a woman who has a sexual awakening , she sure does have some interesting anecdotes about childhood sexual experimentation.

    24. Good No, better than good It s a coming of age story of a young muslim girl Reads like erotic literature set in and around Morocco I absolutely loved it.

    25. Il libro scritto abbastanza bene, la storia interessante, ma non mi prendeva Il racconto abbastanza statico Ci sono stati due punti che mi hanno colpito particolarmente e non dimenticher perch leggere che una sposa diciassettenne, prima delle nozze, viene praticamente trattata come una vacca da macello forte.Sono sicura che, proseguendo la lettura, avrei trovato altri punti forti, ma ho deciso che non ne valeva la pena Continuare a leggere lo sentivo un peso.Il libro non mi ha catturato e ho dec [...]

    26. Ha la fama di testo erotico, ma in realt l ho trovato incredibilmente drammatico Reduce di un matrimonio a dir poco insoddisfacente, Badra questo il nome che la scrittrice si attribuisce, ma anche Nedjma uno pseudonimo, la sua vera identit non nota scopre il potere del sesso, il piacere del corpo, ma invece di appagarlo e gioirne finisce preda di Driss, amante freddo ed egoista, che le giura a e la tradisce continuamente Mi ha resa triste, ci ho trovato ben poco del messaggio liberatorio, dell i [...]

    27. Mandelen er en dampende skildring av en muslimsk kvinnes erotiske liv Men samtidig er dette en fascinerende beretning om en ung kvinnes oppvekst og utvikling i et samfunn som i vestlige yne er sv rt puritansk.Boken ble f rste gang utgitt i Frankrike, hvor den umiddelbart ble en bestselger Romanen er blitt sammenlignet med Marguerite Duras Elskeren og Catherine Millets Catherine Ms seksuelle liv.

    28. kada sam uzela da citam ovu knjigu ocekivala sam nesto sasvim drugacije,medjutim iznenadila sam se nacinom pisanja jedne zene koja ipak pripada Arapskom svetu,ruseci sve tabue,i sa takvim recnikom.ipak moram da kazem da fali dosta toga da bih rekla da sam odusevljena kao sto je slucaj sa knjigama od Jean sassondostaje malo vise opisa same istorije i kulture mesta,kao i same drzave Maroko.u svakom slucaju moze se reci da je dobra onako da se preleti,jer drzi paznju do samog kraja.

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