The Concrete Grove

The Concrete Grove Imagine a place where all your nightmares become real Think of dark urban streets where crime debt and violence are not the only things to fear Picture an estate that is a gateway to somewhere else

  • Title: The Concrete Grove
  • Author: Gary McMahon
  • ISBN: 9781907519956
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
  • Imagine a place where all your nightmares become real Think of dark urban streets where crime, debt, and violence are not the only things to fear Picture an estate that is a gateway to somewhere else, a realm where ghosts and monsters stir hungrily in the shadows Welcome to the Concrete Grove It knows where you live Book One of The Concrete Grove trilogy.
    The Concrete Grove by Gary McMahon Jan , The Concrete Grove is an inner city housing estate in the North East of England Dominated by drugs, crime, gangs and violence this is the place where teenager Hailey and her The Concrete Grove McMahon, Gary The Concrete Grove, serving as both title and setting for this book, is the English kind of estate, and a particularly grim, wretched one at that Drugs, crime, poverty, squalor, and dilapidation predominate. Silent Voices The Concrete Grove Book McMahon, Gary At the heart of Gary McMahon s second outing to The Grove is the stinking underbelly of working class citizens etching out a living in the harsh and unforgiving landscape commonly known as The Concrete Grove. Gary McMahon Concrete Grove Novels The Concrete Grove Published by Solaris, July The Concrete Grove is a tense, ghoulish, creeping horror guaranteed to give you recurring nightmares Brilliant characterisation, economic prose and with genius control of building tension, the climax of The Concrete Grove Beyond Here Lies Nothing The Concrete Grove Trilogy Aug , Much like in life Dread piles upon dread, leaving you waiting for the next book in the series then you realise that this is it, that beyond here lies nothing and that s the way it should be The Concrete Grove The Concrete Grove The Concrete Grove Trilogy The Concrete Grove, serving as both title and setting for this book, is the English kind of estate, and a particularly grim, wretched one at that Drugs, crime, poverty, squalor, and dilapidation predominate.

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      Gary McMahon

    About Author

    1. Gary McMahon lives, works and writes in West Yorkshire but posseses a New York state of mind He shares his life with a wife, a son, and the nagging stories that won t give him any peace until he writes them.


    The Concrete Grove Comment

    1. If this novel were a movie the filmmakers would have used the same bleach bypass film processing technique used for 1984 The action of this novel almost exclusively takes place in murky, gray interiors, and in dusty, crumbling city streets under overcast skies On film, the one scene that takes place on a sunny day would have been presented overexposed, all blinding light and shadows If this novel were a film, it would be one of those art house pictures where the blemished and unwashed characters [...]

    2. The book opens with this quote One of the widespread beliefs is that hummingbirds, in some way, are messengers between worlds As such they help shamans keep nature and spirit in balance Great Hummingbirds What s so scary about that you say Plenty about that is scary, which is why you should read this book.The Concrete Grove is described as what we here in the U.S would call the projects It s an urban area, filled with drug dealers, gang members and violence At the center of these circularly laid [...]

    3. I liked the plot concept and characters of The Concrete Grove, but by the middle of the book it really started dragging on and hardly picked up the pace again.

    4. This book appealed to me from the description, I liked the concept, the cover art, the promise of a new author Guess it just didn t quite live up to that, which isn t to say it wasn t good It was in fact very well written and really horrific, but something about ite opressive overwhelming bleakness, the morally questionable characters, the weirdness of their interactions, the overall for the lack of better word unpleasantnessn t think I can give it than 2 stars It reminded me very much of Clive [...]

    5. 4.5 starsWow, I haven t read anything quite like this for a long while, so few horror writers achieve that perfect fusion of the nightmarish with stark realism, my favourite kind of horror I ve always found the intrusion of something sinister into plausible everyday life to be effective the thought this just might really happen McMahon makes excellent use of the phenomena of urban decay in invisible sink estates the scary thing is such places continue to exist, and are often left to their own d [...]

    6. The Concrete Grove is a cast off place of society A place where the down on their luck people get shoved out to The question that immediately came to my mind was why this place What was it about this place that shut it off mentally from the rest of the world around it Gary McMahon is wonderful with building the most oppressing atmospheres, and with infusing his characters both good and bad , with unique traits that make them stand out I could so easily envision myself walking around his concrete [...]

    7. An interesting tale of what I ll call urban decay horror The Grove is a tainted place that contaminates not only those that dwell there, but anyone who dares enter it s environs An atmospheric story, where the bleak shadow of despair hangs like a fog, mysterious and chilling.

    8. Possible Spoilers Hailey and her mother, Lana, are living in the Grove projects after Hailey s father runs them into the poor house, bails, and leaves them in serious debt, fending for themselves Their relationship is strained and it doesn t help that the loan sharks still expect to be paid one way or another Tom, a man drowning in his role as caretaker to a wife he no longer loves, happens upon Hailey unconscious on the ground during his jog Hailey doesn t remember exactly how she ended up ther [...]

    9. I am so angry I started this book Let me be fair the writing is not bad this is for those who are satisfied with only that It has a great first chapter, a promising chapter It comes down to expectations I expected a horror story The only horror I got is the lives of these pathetic, weak, broken people Sure, there are supernatural elements, but they are swallowed by the misery I can t even begin to explain how this book made me feel view spoiler I wish this book had some kind of warning for the t [...]

    10. The word concrete, the overpowering image of the Concrete Grove, the shear struggle for survival in a world full of harsh, bitter and destructive influences is what flows through this book making it an unbelievable and at times difficult read The content is bleak, the subject matter is bleak and the characters we meet, for the most part are people at the bottom of the food chain struggling for some form of survival and existence The story takes place in a run down council estate somewhere in Nor [...]

    11. What can i say This was a winner for me The writing flowed and descriptions were a little poetic Story was a little slow, but towards the middle it didn t let go I was surprised at how dark it got, but for me the darker the better I also enjoyed themes of redemption and sacrifice for a place where you don t hurtm kinda sounds like heaven I enjoyed this and can t wait to read from Gary This makes my second read from this author and I m glad i stuck with him Talented writer for sure

    12. The Estate had no formal name, it was just a grouping of streets But the locals called it the Concrete Grove Lana Fraser has been forced to move there, along with teenaged daughter Hailey, following the death of her husband Quickly getting herself deeply in debt with the local crimeboss, Monty Bright, she gives him her body to help pay off the sum But he wants , specifically Hailey, who may just know about the supernatural powers in the Grove than anyone realises.This is Gary McMahon at his bes [...]

    13. Imagine a place where all your nightmares become real Dark urban streets where crime, debt and violence are not the only things to fear Picture a housing project that is a gateway to somewhere else a realm where ghosts and monsters stir hungrily in the shadows Welcome to the Concrete Grove This deprived area is Hailey s new home, but when an ancient entity notices her, it becomes something much threatening She is the only one who can help her mother as she joins in a dangerous dance with loan s [...]

    14. A ghost having sex with a manatee Strange imagery abounds in Gary McMahon s The Concrete Grove, the first part in a trilogy about a rundown housing development that s apparently also a portal into another dimension.Single parent Lana, her daughter Hailey and another resident of the area called Tom come into contact with the effects of this another realm while dodging a local loanshark and dogs wearing human faces It s a slow boil, and murky throughout things progress very slowly and not much is [...]

    15. In the Concrete Grove, Gary McMahon successfully fuses grim urban realism with the spiritual mysticism of Machen and Blackwood There are other echoes here too creatures wander abroad in the grey environs of the Grove that made me recall late night sessions of playing Silent Hill and a particular breed of demon evokes the grotesque visuals of Aphex Twin The characters who inhabit The Concrete Grove are, on the face of it, familiar types but they are soon fleshed out as the story goes on until the [...]

    16. The Concrete Grove is an inner city housing estate in the North East of England Dominated by drugs, crime, gangs and violence this is the place where teenager Hailey and her mother Lana find themselves following her fathers death and subsequent debt issues Thrown in among the violence it s not long before they are drawn into the dark underbelly of the place At the same time Tom is struggling to come to terms with his wife Helen s illness which has left her confined to bed Lana and Tom find salva [...]

    17. Tom Stains is trapped in a loveless marriage to a crippled wife who never leaves her bed Lana Fraser is a widow saddled with a large financial debt and a teenaged daughter named Hailey One night Hailey wanders into the Needle, the monolithic tower at the center of the urban wasteland known as the Concrete Grove, and is entered through a bloody orifice by a dark force, which causes her to undergo changes not usual for a fourteen year old girl.This is a bleak novel It s not that it s particularly [...]

    18. This is my fourth Gary McMahon book after reading Nightsiders, Rough Cut and Reaping the Dark, all of which were five star reads Could this book achieve another five star rating The answer is a resounding yes The book is set on a British sink estate where life is grim and bleak McMahon writes a gritty realistic picture of this run down decaying place and the characters that live their lives in this awful environment.The Grove is not all it seems It is also a gateway to another dimension or world [...]

    19. Unfortunately, this one is a nope I m far enough in to know that the writing style will not work for me, but not far enough in to be able give it any kind of a rating Ordinarily, I d persist until at least 50 pages before making a decision about the book one way or another, and to feel comfortable assigning a rating, but as I m going out of town this weekend, I just don t want to deal with it So, DNF, no rating I was reading this for the 2017 Booklikes opoly square Cars Land 18 Read a book that [...]

    20. British supernatural horror seems to be booming these days Names like Adam Nevill, Simon Bestwick, Reggie Oliver, and Gary McMahon spring to mind Nevill has been a favorite of mine and his fifth novel comes out this year Bestwick won me over with his short fiction and then had a hit with his first novel The Faceless which was published last year Gary McMahon was another author who first snagged my attention with some of his short fiction and has been keeping busy, with an impressive output of no [...]

    21. It seems that, lately I am focusing on UK horror the next load of books in my reading pile are all UK authors There is a welcome renaissance in the genre, and leading the charge, in my opinion, anyway, is Gary McMahon Gary is an author with an exceptional talent, his stories are in the main very downcast, gritty that elicit powerful emotions in the reader Up hear we have a word that sums up this sort of thing dour At times Gary s work his hard to read, he doesn t shy away from the darker side of [...]

    22. This is a very disturbing read.I will confess that I m not sure if I like this book or not It s a very strange, creepy, yet compelling read.The things that are happening are disturbing, weird, and nightmarish Reading this book felt like being trapped in a dream that seemingly makes no sense, but at the same time tells you dark and scary secrets.There are several characters who take the stage Some are likeable, others are despicable, and there are those who are just plain pathetic All are linked [...]

    23. I ve never had to do this with a book but the formatting was so bad it gave me too much of a headache to continue The indentations on my Kindle are so slightly it reads like an endless paragraph Not expecting to try again since some reviews indicate the horror is sparse and story focuses a lot on character problems drama

    24. I love horror stories in which our reality blends with the fantastical and this hits all the right buttons Good characterisation, well written and full of horrific moments this is one of the best horror novels i ve read this year.

    25. This was an okay horror I didn t have any feelings for the characters either way , so that kind of made the whole concept a little wishy washy for me.The story is good The plot flows along nicely I just wish I d been able to connect with at least one character.

    26. The Concrete Grove is the first novel in Gary McMahon s acclaimed trilogy of the same name, and I m thoroughly ashamed that it s taken me so long to get around to reading it.Once I finally started it though, it took me less than a day to get through, as I absolutely could not put it down It s one of those.It s an overwhelmingly bleak novel, absolutely bursting at the seams with misery and despair Definitely NOT for anyone who s misplaced their Prozac, this one It s jam packed with disturbing ima [...]

    27. Much in The Concrete Grove reminded me of Clive Barker s work I don t know if it s a British thing, but McMahon manages, like his famous for now countryman before him, to blend sensuality with horror I m not talking here of your usual sex and violence, rather I speak of a blurring of the line between lust and loathing, between tenderness and terror At its heart, The Concrete Grove is a haunted house story with strong ties to The Turn of the Screw, The Haunting of Hill House and, recently, Hell [...]

    28. I m having trouble writing a review of The Concrete Grove by Gary McMahon.It is, as I see it, a novel of two parts The first is a gritty, real life drama about a mother trying to protect her daughter in a harsh world of gangs and loan sharks Into this grey life steps a small ray of light, a kind man who might well be the salvation they desperately need but this would be saviour has his own dark secrets.The second is just as dark as the first, but instead of being grounded in the real it is a str [...]

    29. I m not entirely sure what I think about Concrete Grove It s dismal, to be sure It s disconcerting as well Somehow between the dark fantastic and the horrific realism of the slums, there is a conjunction that develops into McMahon s Grove It s uncomfortable, to say the least It s terrifying if you realize much of the hyperrealism of the story involve episodes that happen in real life already Concrete Grove is brutal In many ways, it s brutal in what it doesn t actually say but only intimates in [...]

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